Atv Design Report

ABSTRACT The extrinsics of the mini-Baja two-of-a-trade are to contrivance and production a “fun to despatch”, mobile, certain, constant, and proud accomplishment off pathway gait. Team members must fix that the gait satisfies the periods of set administrations, space besides to generating financial govern for the purpose, and managing their educational responsibilities. This gait must be capcogent of negotiating the most immodescold terrain delay self-reliance and refreshment. The 2012 SRM UNIVERSITY Mini-Baja Team, THE CONRODS met these extrinsics by dividing the gait into its senior rudiment subsystems. By examining the 2011 memorandum, the team was cogent emend on numerous contrivance features to melioscold converge the formal exactments. Function Diagram (QFD) to indicate which parameters were the most important. These key parameters ranging from most important to meanest important are certainty, reliability, low exact, refreshment of action and defence, and balanceall accomplishment. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: ENGINE Type Dismemberment Compression Kinsman Max Command Max Torque DRIVE TRAIN Transmission Resources Change Mechanism SUSPENSION Face Deprivation Counterfluctuate Deprivation Foundation Colliquation Shocks and Springs Face Susp. Tramp Counterfluctuate Susp. Tramp WHEELS Face Tyres Counterfluctuate Tyres BRAKES Wordespot Fluid Type Pedal Kinsman M C Bore Dia W C Bore Dia Entanglement Disc Dia STEERING Type Mechanism Steering Kinsman Lock to lock bias 4 Stroke, OHV,B&S 304 cc 8:1 7. 5 KW @ 3600 rpm 18. 5 Nm @ 2600 rpm Mahindra Warrior Alfa (progressive Orientation) Sequential Double Wishbone Double Wishbone 11. inches Customized 5 inches 6. 5 inches 22*8-10 22*8-10 Dot-3 Oil All Rotate Disc 4:1 0. 8 inch 1. 6 inch 6 inch Ackermann Torture and Pinion 10. INTRODUCTION&CONSUMER INFLUENCES THE CONRODS BAJA SAEINDIA gait is contrivanceed as a prototype for production by an outdoor holiday fast. The imaginative gait is certain, pure and low-priced. Additionally, the gait is inviting to immanent buyers in twain its visual advent and accomplishment. These characteristics are considered in contrivance of the forthfuture senior gait subsystems: bring-about, deprivation, guideing, and braking. Before any contrivance could initiate, we had to learn correspondently who our prescriptioners are and their insufficiencys. To bring-about this learning, we did bulky investigation that intervening barbring-about superintend and interviewing twain administrative and nonadministrative national off-pathway bigots. Delay this investigation, we indicated that our prescriptioners are the BAJA SAEINDIA incident and non-administrative weekend off-pathway bigots. We felt it inevittelling to discern betwixt the two to fix that we followed all administrations set by SAEINDIA INDIA and to adjust the weekend off-pathway bigots in a certain sort delayin the SAEINDIA administrations. With all inevittelling contrivance parameters indicated for each prescriptioner sordid, we were cogent to associate them for an balanceall register of contrivance specifications that met all SAEINDIA exactments. We used these parameters to compose a Qualitative 1|P ag e Turning radius 2. 7 meters CHASSIS/OVERALL DIMENSIONS Chassis Representative IS 3074 CDS1 Tubular Bring-about Overall Prolixity 2100 mm Rotate Sordid 1490 mm Rotate Ttorture 1143. 2 mm Apex of Gait 1520. 0 mm WEIGHTS Face Rotate Parterre 10 Kg Counterfluctuate Rotate Parterre 11. 8 Kg Engine(delay engine oil) 23 Kg Transmission(delay 17 Kg lubricant) Chassis 55 Kg Dampers 8 Kg Expected Kerb Ponderosity 260 Kg TARGET SPECIFICATIONS: Parameters Urge Stopping Distance Succor Gradhardness Turning dispersion dia. Foundation Colliquation Emissions Values 40 km/h 7m 11. 6 nullifys 82. 2% 5. 4 m 11. 6 inches BS III the planes composed by the lifelessten confine and the despatchr’s helmet. SAEINDIA besides exact a 3 inch restrict when a undeviating-edge is applied to any two tubing. Emphasis was situated on creating an amply productiond lifelessten confine delay few calibre, minimal welding and yet is tranquil twain scanty and sinewy, heresucceeding the quantity of tends were kept to a restriction. Roll hoop Overhead members and Progressive Bracing Members are one faithful prepossession tube. Inferior Bring-about Policy tubes are undeviating and are prepossession inwards to converge to the face deprivation mounts. The Policy Impact Member is a simply tube delay a simply tend that circumscribe the car from the Counterfluctuate Flatten Hoop progressive. The floor box of the gait is shaped by the LFS, SIM and undeviating tubes welded to the remarkeffectual policy impact tube forming a hexagonal face bulkhead vestibule into subsidy the deprivation contrivance and wane in deserted intervenience sordidd on habit from the 2011 memorandum. A 3-D inspection of the car is shown adown: FRAME DESIGN OBJECTIVE & FRAME CONFIGURATION The extrinsic of the chassis is to encapsulate all Components of the car including a despatchr efficiently and certainly. Delay a poor aggregate of command, the standpurpose is largely on the command to ponderosity kinsman of the gait. The simply instrument to emend this important parameter is to curtail the balanceall gait ponderosity. Great prudence is captured in laying out the chassis. SAEINDIA exacts each gait consent to a 95percentile manful for all ergonomic evaluations of the contrivance. The appliceffectual counsel is captured from “Body-intervenience Anthropometry, Ergonomics and Design” by Stephen Pheasant. Several key certainty factors in the contrivance sequence adjust chassis lifelessten confine layout and floor box contrivance. For the lifelessten confine, SAEINDIA exacts 6 inches of colliquation measured from the inpolicy of Principal aspects of the chassis standpointed on during the contrivance and implementation intervening despatchr certainty, deprivation and despatch-retinue integration, structural rectilinearity, ponderosity, and operator ergonomics. The reckon one coerce in the chassis contrivance was despatchr Page | 2 certainty. Delay the succor of the 2012 Baja SAEINDIA Two-of-a-trade Rules and Finite Element Anatomy (FEA), contrivance assertion was cogent to follow situate. Rear Impact Proximate counterchange, impact anatomy was produced space turgid 15,000N as the impact hardness. STRESS: SMX-172. 22 N/mm2 FOS:2. 43 MATERIAL SELECTION: Two representatives were considered for the edifice of the chassis: AISI 4130 and IS 3074 CDS 1. IS 3074 CDS 1 steel delay an OD of 25. 4 mm and a bastion lumpishness of 3 mm was chosen accordingly it exceeds the tending inelegance and security exactments of SAEINDIAINDIA which presents increased defence to despatchr. PROPERTY Tensile security(N/sq. mm) Yield security(N/sq. mm) Elongation on 50 mm G. L Density (g/cc) IS 3074 438 376 32% 7. 872 AISI 4130 760 460 27% 7. 5 Policy Impact The proximate stride in the anatomy was to analyse a policy impact delay a 5000N impeach. As a policy impact is most likely to befall delay the gait substance hit by another MiniBaja gait it was inconsequent that neither gait would be a unroving end. STRESS: 237. 49 N/mm2 FOS: 1. 77 It was establish out that the tending inelegance and tending security of IS 3074 CDS are superior than those of 1018 steel having a round morose individuality of 25. 4 mm and 3 mm lumpishness LOADING ANALYSIS: To correctly badjust the impeaching that the gait allure face, an anatomy of the impact impeaching seen in the manifold types of impact scenarios was exactd. To correctly example the impact hardness, the deceleration of the gait succeeding impact is generally inconsequent to be nothing. To badjust the conquer state scenario that the gait allure see, investigation into the hardnesss the connectionnal collection can live was accomplishedd. It was inconsequent that this conquer state impact would be seen when the gait runs into agricultural, exact end. Face Impact The chief anatomy to be accomplishedd was that of a face impact delay a agricultural end. In this state a deceleration of 20,000N was the inconsequent impeaching. STRESS: SMX-177. 81 N/mm2 FOS: 2. 36 Rollbalance Impact The Final stride in the anatomy was to analyse the validity on the lifelessten confine caused by lifelesstenbalance delay a 5000N impeach on the confine. The Loading was applied to the two remarkeffectual progressive recess of the perimeter hoop delay a alliance vector policyways and downward. The impeach was chosen to be on two recesss as this would be a conquer state scenario lifelesstenover. STRESS: 267 N/mm2 FOS:1. 57 FABRICATION To maximize the geometrical solidity of the artful chassis, all fixturing and delineations were sordidd on a simply unroving coordinate plan not-absolute to a exact tcogent on which the chassis and all rudiments were bolted. Through the use of this tcogent and cheerful fixturing practices, the team was cogent to best inform that the chassis geodesy, especially Page | 3 in important individualitys such as the deprivation pickup purposes, correlated closely delay the contrivance specifications. In adduction, measuring from aFixed residuum minimized tolerance stack-up due to delineation falsity and rudiment tumult results. We bear administrationd to form the nullify hub past it has restriction ponderosity and optimized FOS. *Material Used to production the hubs-High Carbon Steel *Hardening Sequence Done-Cyaniding SPACE IN DRIVER COMPARTMENT: DRIVER EROGONOMICS Driver ergonomics has been our senior sympathy during contrivance of the bring-about and besides during positioning of manifold plans in despatchrs confine. Confine is made broute for certain and snug. All the cables and wires are routed correctly so that they would not quarrel delay despatchr legs or hands. all the routings are produced in contrivance stage itself and ROH is rising to a suitcogent apex so that it would present suited longing to the despatchr DRIVERS VISION WINDOW: SUSPENSION Objective: A Mini-Baja deprivation plan must suffice the forthfuture contrivance exactments. Control tumult at the rotates during perpendicular deprivation tramp and guideing, twain of which govern handling and sealpage. Stipulate tit sprung heap oscillation self-containedness to support jocular ride nature, space supporting proud harass-foundation adjunction scold and low harass perpendicular impeach space scold to emend pathway possession and handling. Emend jumping accomplishment by perioding sprung heap shake dismemberment space the gait is airborne. Period chassis lifelessten during recessing to princident lifelessten-over, decrrefreshment lifelessten camber, and hence, decrrefreshment guideing reaction space and slip bias promotive draw hardnesss. Princident excessively proud jacdespot hardnesss by managing static lifelessten courage residuum and lifelessten courage locomotion. Period colcolincidental harass rinse to support undeviating sequence sealpage and minimize horsecommand droppinges at the counterfluctuate deprivation. Coerce colcolincidental impeach bestow dispensation to govern twain undeviating propound and period of adhesion balance guide/under guide handling characteristics. The non-administrative weekend off pathway bigot exacts a gait which exhibits twain certain, secure, answering handling; and a delicate, easecogent ride . DRIVERS VIEW OF THE CABIN: Alternatives considered: Several unanalogous types of deprivation plan were considered antecedently selecting the fractions insufficient arm double wishbone deprivation plan for twain face and counterchange. Insufficient double A-arm: In the contrivance, deprivation is governed by triangulated Aarm at the top and plantation of the knuckle. Advantages: *Improved ride nature *Good pathway possession *Rigid links *More coerce balance geodesy *Wheel coerce is correct *Negative camber bring-about during perpendicular deprivation tramp. Page | 4 FRONT SUSPENSION Setting static lifelessten Centre: A two lumpal delineate was made succeeding estimating the Centre of heap of the gait on monograph. Various references were captured to perform a 2D delineate these include: ? ? ? ? Ttorture width of gait Face hub despot pin axis tendency, despot pin prolixity, globe knee lump Rim off set(for despot pin positioning) Wishbone mounting purpose prolixitys burst-back. Past we could not furnish bursts that were near unpliant than this we administrationd to go for the Auto bursts as it content our ride ease exactments. A unplianter burst was exactd in the counterfluctuate to conclude the coupling good-tempereds of deprivation so as to transmute the shakeing tumult into a courteous-conditioned tumult. REAR SUSPENSION: The earliest sympathy in contrivanceing the counterfluctuate deprivation was to get the climax potential tramp (jounce and burst-back) such that the counterfluctuate driving rotates were frequently kept in adjunction delay the plantation. The camber fluctuate in the counterfluctuate rotates should be such that there is not fur apprecicogent fluctuate in camber throughout the tramp of the rotate. The other factor captured into recital was that we were having ends delay the counterfluctuate deprivation in latest year’s contrivance as it was observed that the despatch stock coupling was future in adjunction delay the inferior wishbone in the burst-back state and this end has been addressed and rectified in this year’s contrivance. The counterfluctuate deprivation rotate scold was unroving such that the unless abundance of the counterfluctuate deprivation is 20% superior than the face deprivation thus providing a lifeless ride balance bumps by transmuteing the shakeing tumult of the gait to be transmuteed into courteous-conditioned tumult. DAMPER SELECTION: Method for selecting bursts The sequence began by selecting an alienate rotate scold for the face axle. A illustrative pathway abundance of 3. 7 Hz may be faceed at the two-of-a-trade. This is sordidd on a gait urge of 40Km/h and a pathway deportment delay bumps intervenienced 3m secret. The unless abundance of the deprivation should be kept courteous adown 3. Hz in adjust to forsake any unwanted motive. A face deprivation unless abundance of 1. 20 Hz was deemed to be suited. The rotate scold exactd to achieve this unless abundance was formal using the forthfuture equation (turgid sprung heap of 72kg/wheel) . 2 ? ? We insufficiency to estimate the damping kinsmans for the face and counterfluctuate deprivations. The contrivance sequence allure initiate by harping simply. Chief we furnish the kinsman for sprung and unsprung delay reference to the example. Sprung heap was establish to be 71. 456kg the sprung ponderosity was indicated space the sprung heap was 288. 54kg. The kinsman is 0. 247. The unless abundance of the face deprivation is set at 1. 2Hz. Ponderosity on each face rotate is 57. 71 kg. The max hardness of damping is presentn by Fcd =2*Msp*wn. Important damping hardness for the face deprivation plan is 1085. 73 Ns/m. For the un-sprung heap unless abundance would be Wn=((Ks+Kt)/Ms)^0. 5 The associated inelegance of harass and rotate is 53. 24N/mm. Liberality kinsmans were estimated for a file of damping kinsmans. These liberality kinsmans enact the kinsman of applied dismemberment and the dismemberment that really reaches the sprung heap. Amplitude kinsmans were plotted opposite the kinsman of applied abundance and unless abundance of the sprung heap. This graph shows the imaginative damping kinsman that should be used. This compute as achieveed from graph is 0. 7 which presents a damping co-efficient compute of 760 Ns/m. In the correspondent sort the counterfluctuate deprivation has a ride scold of 1. 56Hz. The important damping hardness is 1960 Ns/m. The graph of liberality kinsman vs abundance kinsman shows an imaginative damping kinsman of 0. 7 the damping co-efficient is = 0. 7*1960=1372 Ns/m. ? fn ? k rotate ms The imaginative rotate scold for the face deprivation was estimated to be borderly 40N/mm. The skinred betwixt rotate scold and tumult kinsman (MR) was used to gather the residuum of the astound actuation purpose on the inferior coerce arm. k rotate ? (MR) 2 ? k burst We insufficiency to set the tumult kinsman according to the rotate tramp we exact for our deprivation. A tramp of 50 mm was exactd and a register of bursts were serene and measured for their inelegance characteristics. According to this remuneration the tumult kinsman for auto burst A’s (Ks=58. 57N/mm) rotate scold (Kw=41N/mm) the tumult kinsman was 0. 8366. Tramp of burst per deal-out-among-among rotate tramp)The tramp achieveed by this burst was nearer than was exactd we could simply achieve 26mm of tramp in Page | 5 STEERING DESIGN: Extrinsic of guideing plan in Baja gait ? ? ? To stipulate quiet maneuverhardness of the gait balance the polished terrain. It must be constant to maintain the gruff off–pathway racing sequence. Near bump guide and render hardness in guideing Customer exactment: DESIGN OF WHEEL HUBS Our rotate hubs bear been contrivanceed and artful succeeding an bulky investigation. Trial has been made for restriction rinse radius and achieves the best potential rotate geodesy. Adams and Ansys bear been used to Simulate and analyse the demeanor of these hubs referenceively. We bear two senior contrivance concepts: 1. 2. 3. 4. Optimum sensitivity Low turning radius Restriction feedback Low exact and quiet defence Basis of our contrivance: We bear administrationd to opt for a 400 measure lock to lock torture and pinion guideing delay Ackerman geodesy. Helical cut teeth allure be used for the torture and pinion due to the forthfuture advantages balance goad resourcess: ? ? ? ? They follow prouder impeachs. They are quieter and calmer. HUB 1 SCRUB RADIUS FACTOR OF SAFETY HUB 2 8 mm 4. 6 1460gm. 15 mm 5. 2 2506gm Rulework Constraints: All gaits must be equipped delay dogmatical rotate lock? to? lock seals and adjustcogent tie rod ends must be firm delay a jam nut to princident explication Tie rod of gait should be secured by bumper in face or any other certainty plan in counterfluctuate in adjust to forsake detriment of tie rod during impact. WEIGHT Heresucceeding vestibule manifold factors in to subsidy HUB 2 is considerd for fallacious and validity anatomy is produced on it. ALTERNATIVES CONSIDERED: STRESS DEFORMATION Rack and Pinion Cheerful Proud Low Scanty 1. Extermely Pure 2. Gives cheerful driving arrive-at Recirculating globe clutch Very Proud Low The draw of the accomplished torture deal-out-amongerre Page | 7 Values No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Item Symbol Formula Goad Resources 2 20° 11 zm/2 + H zm D cos? 35 22 Db 20. 67 23 24 Torture Module Constraining bias Reckon of teeth Apex of Shake Sequence Centre Distance Shake Bisection Sordid Bisection M ? Z H Ax D Adams results : CALCULATION OF FORCES ON RACK AND PINION R=steering rotate radius = 165mm r=pinion shake-dispersion radius t=reckon of pinion teeth = 6 p=linear or round shake =22mm E=input guideing-rotate trial = 2 * 20N W=output torture impeach If the pinion performs one revolution; input guideing rotate tumult Xi = 2? Output torture tumult Xo = 2? R = txp = 82. 86mm Therefore; Tumult kinsman (MR) = Xi/Xo=2? R/2? r=2? R/tp=R/r= 165/11=15 15= W/E, w=600N hardness is to be applied on to the pinion to propel the torture. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Ft = Pestilential hardness Fn = Normal hardness. Fr = Resultant hardness ? = constraining bias Fn = Ft tan ? Fr = Ft/Cos ? Here ? =20 measures hence Fn=194. 95NFr=630N Opposite rotate tramp Fig 3: Graph 1: camber bias vs rotate tramp Graph 2: lifelessten centre apex vs rotate tramp Graph 3: rotate scold vs rotate tramp Fig1:Shows the simply rotate tramp vs toe fluctuate and rinse radius To curtail oscillations bestowred to the chassis from the engine, it is mounted on rubber bushes. The despatch stocks are welded correctly so that they are insequence and no oscillations befall during series. The resourcesbox is mounted fastly in such a way that there is a restriction adjunction betwixt resourcesbox and chassis which instrument restriction bestow of oscillation to chassis. The fuel tank accommodation is 4 litres.  Fig2: Shows lifelessten guide vs rotate tramp Drivesequence Command is pestilential from the engine to the rotates in the forthfuture way Engine Stub Axle Tie Despatch Wheels Gearbox Driveshaft Opposite rotate tramp fig 4: Graph 1:flatten centre vs lifelessten bias Graph 2: camber vs lifelessten bias Graph 3: lifelessten inelegance vs lifelessten bias The Drivestock consists of dowel pin on the resourcesbox policy and rzeppa knee on rotate policy . This contrivance fixs transmission of command delay minimal droppinges and allows transmission at longer rotate tramp. Reverse engine orientation resulted in amount delay ponderosity dispensation and increased gait prolixity. Using the transmission in progressive succored to change the courage of dismally towards gait’s courage. Due to waned wane it besides results in increased gait urge. It besides stipulates faster succor and prouder top urge due to this discuss we administrationd to use the transmission in progressive orientation. To estimate gait urge at unanalogous engine urges in unanalogous resourcess, we used the formula V= (2*3. 14*engine urge*radius of rotate/Gear kinsman)*(60/1000) km/hr. The resources kinsmans achieveed are: Tie Despatch resources kinsman = 28/28 =1 1083 818. 36 1708. 91 The forthfuture graph is achieveed: Tractive trial is estimated by formula F=Engine torque*Gear efficiency/rotate radius The curves achieveed are: kinsman*transmission Chief Resources Nullify Resources Third Resources Fourth Resources Reverse Resources Proud urge for succor and urge trials. Proud torque for towing and hill climbing incidents. It should be relicogent and scanty ponderosity. It should bestow command in any driving states. ? The resourcesbox action should be calm and quiet for driving ease. The engine used has low command to ponderosity kinsman, so its inevittelling to bestow command delay minimal dropping through despatch retinue. It should be such that it can be amply stranger delay the engine. Alternatives considered: We had three options space deciding the transmission plan cvt mated delay Mahindra resourcesbox. A prescription made manual resourcesbox. Use of Mahindra warrior resourcesbox strangerd delay tie despatch. 3000 2000 1000 0 0 2000 4000 ractive trial in 1st resources tractive trial in 2nd resources The climax Tractive trial achieveed is 2240N at 2600rpm in 1st resources. Providing an succor of 5. 6 m/s^2. The alteration of liberal suffocate command delay pathway urge is shown adown delay unanalogous resources kinsman Our foregoing habit delay cvt had amount of hem slipping at proud torque states. Besides it resulted in increased ponderosity. So we administrationd opposite using this. As we already had 2 warrior Alfa resourcesboxes, we administrationd on using this resourcesbox alongdelay a tie despatch due to the forthfuture discusss: Reduced chassis width. Can be amply strangerd delay the engine. Equal despatch stock prolixitys; increased plantation colliquation. Restriction counterfluctuate balancehang; melioscold gait dynamics. 60 2nd resources 40 1st resources 20 0 0 2000 4000 3rd resources We had 2 options for the orientation of resourcesbox: A) Progressive engine delay engine in the face counterfluctuate axle. B) Reverse engine orientation delay engine changewards of the counterfluctuate axle. Sum hindrance of the gait at 3600rpm is establish out by the formula R=k AW^2+KW+WsinO. Where k= coefficient of air hindrance N-m^2. Page | 10 A=frontal area of the car, m^2. V= gait urge, km/hr. K=constant of lifelesstening hindrance. W= ponderosity of car,N O=gradient bias, measures. The compute of hindrance comes out to be R=442. 64+2452 sinO. We put this compute in formula RV/3600nt=command of engine By solving the over equation for o, we get o=33 measure at 2600 rpm in 1st resources. Stopping Distance Bradespot Efficiency Parameters Master Cylinder Bisection Caliper Bisection Entanglement pad apex Bisection of the disc Co-efficient of abrasion of the entanglement pad Hardness generated by twain the entanglement pads per rotate Bradespot Torque per rotate Ponderosity of gait(delay the despatchr) Wheelsordid Apex of COG Dynamic face axle impeach Dynamic counterfluctuate axle impeach 0. 11 m 56% Magnitude/compute 19. 05 mm 32 mm 27 mm 162 mm 0. 38 3431 N 1040 N 360 Kg 1397 mm 601. 3 mm 1780 N 1650 N 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 0 2000 4000 gradabilit y in 1st resources Gradabilit y in 2nd resources Gradabilit y in 3rd resources BRAKING DISTANCE VS SPEED: This shows that the gait is capcogent of climbing a 30 measure slope in 1st resources. This is past than abundance for weighty off-pathway states. BRAKES: The proof of contrivanceing the entanglement plan, as formal by the administration work is that, all the rotates must lock contemporaneously as the despatchr presses the entanglement pedal. Our ATV consists of disc in all the disgusting rotates, as disc entanglements are certainr, relicogent and past good-temperedsive than hammer entanglements. Entanglement tour used is Fractions in adjust to fix certainty We are using rotors of the similar bisection for all the disgusting rotates. Special ATV rotors and rotate calipers bear been accidental from Taiwan and Tandem Master Cylinder of Maruti 800 is substance used. Brass linings and Rubber (flexible) entanglement hoses are substance used in the tour. A Pro-E example of the entanglement tour in the gait Entanglement specifications Hardness of the despatchr on the pedal Average tour constraining Pedal kinsman Deceleration 400 N 5. 16 N/sqmm 4:1 5. 5m/sqsec BODY PANELS: The criteria for selecting the representative for collection panels intellectbastion and belly pan was as follows: Safety of the despatchr Rulework constraints Ponderosity of the panels Recyclhardness of the representative used Exact of the representative Servicehardness of the gait INNOVATION: Solenoid Operated Intellect Extinguisher The collection panels are disconjoined into three calibre: Policy panels, face bumper and counterfluctuate panels. For increasing the servicehardness of the gait, the panels and face bumper bear been mounted using amply detachcogent clips. The representatives used for the intellectbastion and belly pan are 1. 5mm turbid aluminium disparagement shuffles, which are twain scantyponderosity and 100% recyclable. For collection panels, 0. 2mm turbid shuffle metal is used. It is besides 100% recyclable. We bear administrationd to incorposcold forthfuture certainty features in our gait: All disc entanglements delay morose tour. Corrosion sound stainnear steel bolts delay nylon lock nuts for all fastenings. intellect extinguishers. Chief aid kit Spill protector and splash shield for fuel tank. Disgusting purpose harness cast hems. Wide public suffocate seal at the pedal. . Reverse wake and entanglement scantys. Two 01-171 Ski-Doo assassinate switches. Steering seal at the rotates. Counterfluctuate inspection mirrors. Ignition switch for engine, secret from draw set-on-foot. Electronic have-effectd intellect extinguisher. Cast hem engine assassinate plan. Driver difficulty message plan This strange skin of intellect extinguisher provision is have-effectd electronically through a solenoid valve. In state of intellect the valve is publiced by a manually have-effectd dot and a jet of CO2 is released in the engine division through manifold biass. This good-temperedsively extinguishes intellect in the engine division and seals it’s advance propagation. Cast Hem Engine Assassinate System: This plan is contrivanceed such that the despatchr allure not be cogent to set-on-foot the car until he engages his cast hem. The cast hem acts as a switch to opescold the reinforcement convergeed to the engine assassinate wire. When the cast hem is unconnected, the engine assassinate wire is plantationed. Thus, the car cannot be set-on-footed. As the cast hem is employed, reinforcement have-effects, and the engine assassinate wire tour is now public enabling the despatchr to set-on-foot the. COMMUNICATION SYSTEM PURPOSE: This is a two way message plan wherein messages and signals can be pestilential from the pit to the despatchr and sin versa. FEATURES: The plan uses two microcontroller sordidd Arduino boards prompt delay an ZIGbee message module. It is a transceiver. The signals are sent and current delay the succor of tint coded Push Buttons and LEDs. The express tested plan provision is shown in illustration. BILL OF MATERIALS: All the calibre of the ATV are classified into eleven blocks and are presentn a rare ten digit deal-out-among-among reckon. The exact of procurement of the deal-out-among-among or the representative is mentioned and all the machining actions are formal explicitly. The disperse shuffle estimates the exact of machining besides. Finally, the sub sum of the procurement exact and the machining exact is achieveed which succors in majestic sum of the exacts.