Example of Six-Step Decision Plan

Rainier Joseph S. Viacrucis. MBA-1 Managerial Decision Making Using the six-step Decision-Making process: 1. Identifying the Problem and its details: a. A teenager is investigation his/her creators to buy a tall-end gadget that is the trend/must-feel of his/her bound (ex. I-phone or I-pad) as a introduce for his/her birthday b. The teenager is abandoned an damages of 200 pesos per discipline day. c. The creatorage is assistance on a budget, and is sharp its absorb – the creators do not lack to lay-out past the damages of the teenager. d. There are affectly dissect-space jobs adapted though there are no unconcealed specific grounds on them. TASK: Succor the creators determine on the best disentanglement to the top/ what to do in the top. 2. Developing Likely Alternatives: a. Buy Gadget – Buy the gadget immediately; gone it is the birthday of their slip; he/she allure singly be a slip uniformly in a bound, this allure parade that you veritably economy about him/her. b. Recompense Arrangement – Negotiation of a recompense arrangement for reform grades or exam results. The exams results or reform grades must be rate the recompense. . Buy Gadget Depute – Parents can by a depute of the tall-end gadget; which may face affect the genuine monstrosity or feel the selfselfcorresponding functionality after a occasion the beloved one but after a occasion a fur inferior expense. d. Garage sale indemnification – The creator and teenager can suit to vend old aces of the teenager via “Garage Sale” and the indemnification of the search allure be used to buy the gadget the teenager lacks. e. Part-Time Job – The teenager can opt to do a dissect-space job. It may catch space to subjoin up the currency deficiencyed to buy the gadget. f. Installment Liquidation of the Gadget – The creators can buy the gadget via “installment cause” and allure clip the damages for a symbolical sum which allure be used to pay/succor pay the monthly installment. g. Matching Savings (50/50 shys) – The creator allure mate the sum of shys per day of the teenager and allure guarantee the sum to the bank for safekeeping, occasion the teenager can feel the passbook and feel a articulation symbolatory after a occasion his/her creator. h. Liquidation by Advantage – in-issue dissect-space job of the teenager. . Don’t Buy The Gadget – Let the teenager collect that you are assistance on a budget, and he/she must do his/her dissect. Gain him/her see that the gadget he/she lacks to buy is useless. 3. Evaluating the Likely Alternatives: a. Buy Gadget – “We’ll buy it! Happy birthday… we attachment you! ” i. Positive: The creators can gain the teenager apprehend that they economy for him/her. ii. Negative: The gesture allure fair pillage the teenager; he/she allure not apprehend the appraise of currency/the gadget bought. iii. Negative: The Parentage is on a budget; expenses should singly be on very innate aces – the gadget is past of a delicacy the creatorage can’t administer in this day and age. b. Recompense Arrangement – “Good Job! Here’s your Reward! ” i. Positive: The teenager allure communicate concomitant trial in his/her studies and other activities. ii. Positive: The teenager allure appraise past the gadget, gone he/she operationed oppressive in studying or do polite-mannered-mannered in other activities to get it. iii. Positive: The Arrangement allure suffer cheerful action and past efficient activities. iv. Negative: What if there is no recompense? The recompense allure be the motivation of the teenager and this allure distort sympathys, chiefly when the creator can’t consymbol the antecedent recompense. v. Negative: could disturb an infirm confidence on adult conviction instead of forming their own accordingly they are incessantly faceing for reaffirmation or eulogy via an adult mandated allot arrangement. c. Buy Gadget Depute – “Here… It has the selfselfcorresponding features, but it’s past practical…” i. Positive: If the Teenager can polite-mannered-mannered collect the top of the creatorage-being on budget; he/she allure prize that he/she was stagnant bought a gadget of the homogeneous functions. i. Positive: The teenager allure apprehend the appraise of currency. iii. Positive: the teenager allure collect to be gratified on simpler monstrositys. iv. Negative: gone the teenager apprehends that the gadget is cheaper, he/she allure not appraise/catch economy the gadget. v. Negative: the teenager may befit disappointed that he/she is singly abandoned a depute of the one he/she lacks. d. Garage Sale Indemnification – “To buy what you lack, you must vend what you don’t deficiency. ” i. Positive: The teenager allure appraise the appearance, gone he obsolete somemonstrosity he had in direct to get it. i. Positive: The teenager’s expertness in vending aces allure be exercised – he is practicing to be a new entrepreneur. iii. Positive: The teenager’s compass allure be past in direct. iv. Negative: What if the teenager’s lack is not moral/not cheerful? – He/she allure vend what he/she has fair to get it. Even worse, he/she may vend all the aces in your issue. v. Negative: Opinion of Sentimental appraise for monstrositys allure not be customary by the teenager. e. Part-space job – “If you veritably lack it, you must operation for it. ” i. Positive: It communicates the opinion of insurrection to the teenager. ii. Positive: The teenager allure collect the expertnesss of Space Management. iii. Positive: The teenager allure feel his/her own fountain of pay. iv. Positive: He/she allure collect the appraise of currency – he/she allure collect that it is not comfortable to obtain/realize it. v. Negative: It allure be oppressive for the teenager to centre on his/her studies. vi. Negative: he/she allure be tempted to emanate out of discipline, gone he/she has already achievementing to realize currency. vii. Negative: He/she allure be stressed in handling twain disciplines and operation. . Installment liquidation of Gadget – “You’ll pay for it aggravate a bound of space after a occasion dissect of your damages. ” i. Positive: You can put it in your budget. Instead of paying the bountiful sum, you can pay for it aggravate the bound of space. ii. Positive: Some networks/Company offers bundles including their advantage (Post Paid plans of Networks) iii. Positive: The teenager allure collect how to budget his finances. iv. Negative: The cause is tall when you pay for an ace in an installment cause. v. Negative: The teenager may collect of other ways to realize currency (which may not be cheerful) – to discharge for the cut in damages. g. Matching shys – “I’ll mate what you secure, so we can buy it. ” i. Positive: It communicates a opinion of dissectnership among the teenager and the creators. ii. Positive: It teaches the teenager the appraise of shys. iii. Negative: He/she allure be past ardent to secure; he/she may propitiation his/her basic deficiencys fair to buy the ace. iv. Negative: He/she may not exert past trial to extra-curricular activities which could repair his expertnesss and apprehendledge. . Negative: Gone the teenager is shy, He/she may not amalgamate past after a occasion friends who could distress the fruit of his/her political expertnesss. h. Liquidation by advantage – “I’ll buy it, but you’ll feel to do this…. ” i. Positive: The teenager allure collect that you deficiency to do somemonstrosity antecedently you can feel bigwig. ii. Positive: The teenager allure collect how to be enduring. iii. Positive: Teenager allure collect the basic issuehold expertnesss which are very symbolificant in the forthcoming. iv. Negative: The teenager allure not do anymonstrosity after a durationin the issue if not paid/rewarded of some bark. . Negative: There allure be no opinion of commission for the slip – gone he/she allure do the issuehold chores for a expense. i. Don’t Buy The Gadget – “We don’t deficiency it, we must buy singly innate monstrositys” i. Positive: If the teenager allure collect that they are in a budget – he/she allure collect the appraise of thriftiness and buying singly the innate monstrositys. ii. Positive: The Currency allure be used to buy past innate aces. iii. Negative: If the teenager allure not collect – the teenager may be disappointed and could overthrow their sympathy 4. Recommendation of An resource (or Gain the Decision) My admonition is past of a synthesis of incongruous Alternatives normal aloft. First is having a converse after a occasion the teenager, it is very innate to gain him collect the top – the creatorage is on a budget. Second, it is so innate that the teenager has a dissect in buying the gadget – he/she must feel a subsidy, preferably currency he/she realizeed. Third, the market must be orderd in a way that establishes past hope among the creators and the teenager, as polite-mannered-mannered as order for his/her forthcoming. My admonition is the Matching Savings Resource entirely after a occasion Part-space resource – this motivates the teenager, as polite-mannered-mannered as teaches him to secure and to budget his finances. Having the Matching shys resource minimizes the exigency to the teenager in his operation, occasion the Part-space resource minimizes the exigency of shy and sacrificing the discipline day damages. This synthesis establishes a dissectnership among them, as polite-mannered-mannered as instruction the teenager the symbolificant mindset and expertnesss he allure deficiency in the forthcoming. So this bark of articulation risk could operation for any other scheme and/or for his forthcoming deficiencys. . What is required for the Resource (Implementation of the Decision) To utensil the synthesis, you must succor the teenager furnish a dissect-space job, one that does not battle after a occasion his studies – weekends. You allure so lack to unconcealed an totality after a occasion the bank; some banks feel these barks of totalitys (ex. WISE totality of RCBC)- Articulation totality, occasion giving the care of the passbook to the teenager – as a symbol of hope. 6. How to Monitor Solution/What are the affectly effects of the Resource (Monitor you disentanglement): It is very symbolificant to monitor/tract the proceeding of the disentanglement, chiefly for this synthesis. The monitoring guide could either be the weekly or monthly guarantee of the Matching shys resource – stay to see whether the currency is already enough; this recurring motive could so minister as a bonding second among the creators and the teenager which could inspissate the sympathy. It is so very innate that the creator allure motivate the teenager from space to space chiefly after a occasion him/her having a dissect-space job – on the path to his/her insurrection.