Poland Cultural Dimensions – Wojciech Nasierowski, Bogusz Mlkula

Culture Magnitude of Poiish iManagers: Hofstede's indioes* Wojciech Nasierowski, Bogusz Mikula Abstract Wojciech Nasierowski Faculty of Administration, University of New Brunswick. rTeoencton, Canada Bogusz Mikula Academy of Economy. Cracow. Poland This article explores, in correspondence delay Hofstede's indices, the cultivation magnitude of adolescent PDk» who enjoy had some inhospitableness to duty tnanagement. It is pretextn that this collection of Polish respondents charges eminent in Jurisdiction Stread and Irregularity Avoidance, medium in Individualism, are moderately balance medium in Masculitiity as paralleld to Hofetedc's Hermes data-base conclusions. These cultivation characteristics are discussed from the perspective of their practiccogent application upon the congruity of Western aggravateseerial concepts in Poland. cultivation 2 magnitude, cross-culttire matiagement, Poland Intfoductioii One of the focal issues in relatively government scheme is the application of culttire on government. Culture, which dominion be descriptive in stipulations of a 'collective imembodied programming' of contemptiblealty who portion-out a contemptible environment, is repeatedly trying to alter: it fluctuates sloth and barely inferior the urgency of dramatic environimembodied shifts.In maintenance delay such a deflnition, it has been observed that duty actions modify indiscriminately as a holding of cultivation (Hofstede 1991; Ronen 1986; Ronen and Shenkar 198S), that government is culttue-speciflc (Bartlett and Goshal 1992; Hodgetts and Luthans 1991; Wright 1988), and that aggravateseerial techniques must be tailored to flt open stipulations (Nasierowski and Coleman 1997; Ricks 1983; Levitt 1983), Delay the lapse of the 'iron curtain' increasing circumspection has been compensated to straightobtrusive duty-type involvement in Convenient Europe, Questions of aggravateseerial actions, as courteous as the possibility of implementing Western concepts there enjoy been explored by Shama (1993), Perlaki (1993), Jankowicz and Pettitt (1993), Ivancevich et,al, (1992), Newman (1992), Peaice (1991), Forker (1991), and Vlachoutsicos and Lawrence (1990), Although intellectually cutting, these exertions lapse upon hypothetical weighing rather than a set of experimentally inaugurated blanks. Some noted litigious to this archetype understand, for crop, the publications ofYanouzas and Boukis (1993) and Jago et al, (1993), This article reports on an experimental con-balance of the cultivation magnitude of adolescent Poles who are, or through teachingal accomplishments hint to be, aggravateseers. Frame Studies 1998. 19/3 495-509 O 1998 EGOS 0170-8406/98 0019^4)020 $3. 00 496 Wojciech Nasierowski, Bogusz Mikula Poland was clarified for its bulk in Convenient Europe and its manageing economic temperature, which has attracted an increasing estimate of duty contemptiblealty balance the conclusive eight years. It is posited that in sketching the cultivation magnitude of Polish prospective executives (referred to as aggravateseers in this article), this con-balance enables a excite shapely separation of the congruity of Western actions in Poland.Results gain befriend investors in the preoption and crop of ^propdate duty arrangements, and gain be consequencey of the possibility of utilizing Western proof there, as courteous as of the sourees of implicit problems. Results may, exciteover, application on the full of in-crew trailing and collation programmes, the energy of adopting aggravateseerial solutions, job frame, and master rely-onations of inferiors. An balanceview of attainment pertaining to ctilttiral characteristics and the application of culttu« magnitude on correct solutions in Poland is presented. The methodology employed in this con-balance is descriptive and justified.The apportionment of Hofstede's indices prepares grotmds for an scrutiny of the implicit good-natured-natureds of Polish cultural characteristics on the implementation of biased government actions. Some unconcealedizations environing the cultural characteristics of countries in the territory are made in the closing lad of the article. Overview of the Attainment There is a embodied and courteous stated association of attainment examining the application of cultivation on correct solutions. Itideed, so abundant has been written that abstract is all but unusable. The principles of correct behaviour enjoy covet been acknowledged, and legions of authors enjoy attacked to eliminate twain a scheme and action of cross-cultural government. To repeat in this article the excite springing exertions in the province would narrowly be luxuriant.The blank from studies on cross-cultivation government is that aggravateseers must criticise and beseem accustomed delay the mysterious accents of irappropriate cultivations. Some key starting matter-matters understand: discernments of season, boundlessness, embodied proceeds, and friendship; archetypes of duty covenants; godliness, accents, and tradition; teachingal flattens; urbanization and lad archetypes; features of gregarious and duty customs; misdemeanor scold and decay flattens; standings inlands irrelevanters; and gregarious frame. Although sociology and psychology, as provinces of discovery and action, enjoy been agog in connmunist countries, they enjoy served principally 'social-engineering' purposes, in that they enjoy been inferior to pditical agendas.Relatively litUe circumspection has been compensated to the application of open cultivation detominants on correct solutions. Flush in the expensive requests where open enqnrical studies of this affection enjoy been performed, conclusions enjoy regularly been incommensurcogent delay discovery in the West. A estimate of exertions (published antecedently gregarious/economic fluctuates began in 1989) enjoy negotiatet delay issues of correct cultivation in Poland (Mreta Cultivation Magnitude of Polish Managers 497 1974; KoimiAski and Obl6j 1989); motivation and norms in the job environment (Sarapata 1977; Hirszel 1983; Holstein-Beck 1987); correct frames (Mrela, 1983); determinants, e. g. eeds, standings, hierarehy of esteems in the government of multiframe collections of employees (Wawrzyniak 1989); reasons for standings of exertioners (Czamiawski 1982); and other components of correct behaviour (Zieleniewski 1979; KoimiAski 1983/198S; Kumal 1981; Kiezun 1980]. In resolution, one can repeat hundreds of journal articles and researeh projects matter-mattering out the pervasive use of spontaneous frames; the robust marrow on stipulations in the exertion attribute (i. e. good-natured-natured-natured air, establishation from supervisors, safeguard and guard, bountiful compensation); and a failure of solicitude on the dissect of exertioners for eminentflatten act. Open cultivation determinants enjoy so been examined in the Polish Duty Administration connected attainment. Skar^yAska (1991), for request, observed that race existence and vigor are unmoulded the most esteemd features of Polish crew.Hirszel (1983:193-194) and Buchner-Jeziorska (1992: 109-110) reputed that conjuncture deference for possessions hues was eminent, it did not originate from deference for other contemptiblealty. Tarkowska's (1992) con-balance on discernment of season establish that Poles had abrupt obtrusive season horizons, referring regularly to the elapsed, which conclusioned in a impaired receptiveness to new ideas. Kostera (1994: 15-16) inferd that there was a very eminent quantity of polarization of opinions and a resolution, confrontational in affection, into 'We' and 'They': exertioners aggravate government, operations aggravate designers, and so on. This may meditate an attack to externalize problems (they are to reprove, not us), and is unconcealedly meditateed by discoveryers to jar delay alikeity and combination in industrial settings.Mpczyiiski's (1987, 1991) studies on the energy of assertive-responsive government names was broad to pretext a voluptuousness of Polish aggravateseers inlands straightforwardive names. Zieleniewski (1979:539-540) hypothesized that Poles were cogent to mould decisions immediately and repeatedly achievementfully, possessing a eminent flatten of reason. When movingly reassured, they were capcogent of enlightened immolation. However, on the gross, Poles manageed to be sgentle and unresponsive to ai'guments that did not concur delay their moving framework. They neglected details, were waspish, and failureed retention. In resolution, Poles preferred confident to gainsaying motivational actions, and were not vulnercogent to threats. Zieleniewski's statements were not establishationed by experimental studies.As can be seen from this balanceview, totally an abundant association of experimental studies on correct issues has been carried out in Poland. However, most of these studies were infused delay 'political' lingo and the course from scheme to action was badly detoured by communist principles. New dynamic fluctuates in Poland enjoy altered hierarchies of esteems, scarcitys, and norms of the crew, and foolish is public environing vulgar voluptuousnesss and discernments of Polish citizens. Consequently, in the vulgar rare of correct solutions, or when methods hinted for their giveral or congruity to influential stipulations are examined, the deferenceive processes 498Wpjciecfi Nasierowski, Bogusz Mikuta renfiain abundantly intuitive. These problems are exacerbated by the changing standings of the population to new economic and gregarious frames. Thus, the discoverer must be forewarned that these stipulations, coupled delay the sparseness of the illustration used in this con-over, restore the blanks reached by this article explanatory rather than definitely decisive. MethoQOIOQy Consequently of its broad confession (as courteous as to limit the room of the con-over) Hofstede's qtiestionnaire was clarified as the componentary medium in this con-over. The incork translation admittance was used when preparing the Polish rendering of the questionnaire.Hofstede's magnitude primaryly posited indecent criteria: Jurisdiction Stread (PDI), Irregularity Aimlessness (UAI), Individualism (IND), and Masculinity (MAS). These magnitude, as pertaining to contemptiblealty delayout IBM, enjoy been proven relicogent by correlating them delay those of other discoveryers. Some 20 ptqjers enjoy reputed researeh conclusions established on Hofetede's ideas (Shane 1992: 302); yet Hofstede (1991: 254-257) wams robustly environing pitfalls in using his methodology. Furthermore, an resolutional mood, that of Long-Term Orientation was incomplete by Hofstede in his forthcoming exertions, for perceptirais of its afflictive application upon correct solutions (Hofstede 1991; (fofstede and Bond 1988): this ace, nevertheless, has not been investigated in our con-over.Hofstede has emphasized that 'it is balanceingcork to use the questionnaires for one uncompounded illustration of respondents from one kingdom and to parallel the chargess aggravate those . .. which were established on matched IBM populations' (1991: 255). Furthermore, it is his fullion that 'irlawful esteems enjoy no balanceing': conclusions should be examined barely delayin the matter of a similitude betwixt countries. In enjoin to consent delay these requirements, this con-balance has clarified Canadian respondents as a matter-matter of similitude: it should be kept in inclination, nevertheless, that this article negotiates chiefly delay Poland. Furthermore, forthcoming Hofstede's (1991: 251-257) allude-toions, the con-balance was limitd to one biased collection of respondents. The questionnaire was nice to tudents/graduates infieldsrelatedto ECOIKMIUCS and Duty Administration, who had some job proof (in multifarious requests a scant one), who were in, or were targeted for, aggravateseerial collocations, and who were, in unconcealed, adolescent. Multifarious of them had feedd/worked in enlightened cities. The illustration was not randomly clarified from all territorys of each kingdom. Consequently, it must be emphasized that the conclusions are not balancet to be conceived of as universally pertinent. The questionnaire of the vulgar con-over, excite questions adopted firom Hofstede's Esteem Scrutinize Module (1982 rendering) (1982) so understandd questions environing the respondents' discernment of season, vulgar job foothold, teaching, age, sex, and job proof.The illustration for this con-balance understandd 316 responses from Poland and 133 Cultivation Magnitude of Polish Managers 499 Tcogent 1 Data environing the Canadians Male ^* 83 53 30 83 53 30 m 29. 20 29. 48 28. 70 29. 07 29. 19 28. 87 Age std 4. 01 4. 12 3. 83 3. 41 2. 34 4. 80 Job foothold** % consequencey responses 11/45/45 11/45/43 10/43/46 10/38/52 8/40/52 13/33/53 Female Poles Male Female •diam and Poles forndi red (-teat for Can Age Illustration Male Female . 621 (. 50) . 392 (. 86) . 660 (-. 44) Job Foottarry . 495 (-. 69) . 461 (. 74) . 861 (-. 18) *N — estimate of responses, m — balance esteem, sdt — government disconnection **government of an own crew / a aggravateseer / non-managerial collocation irom Canada, delay totally inadequate dispensation in stipulations of age, sex, and 'type of vulgar job' (i. e. government of an own crew / a aggravateseer / nonmanagerial collocation). Samples were matched delay the aenjoy proportions of males and females delayin the kingdom illustration, and a contemptible 'type of vulgar job' and 'age' delayin the sub-groups of respondents. The matching of illustrations conclusioned in the preoption of S3 males and 30 females from each kingdom. The contemptibleity of illustrations was tested delay r-tests: ^-values in paired r-tests are in each occurrence enlighteneder than 0. 1 indicating that illustrations are matched in-reference-to 'age' and 'job foothold'. Thus, one of the piercing criteria to Hofstede's admittance — i. e. , the matching of illustrations — is affable.The conclusion of these procedures, as courteous as basic features of the matched illustrations, are displayed in Tcogent 1. It is conceded that the conclusions of the vulgar con-balance cannot be unconcealedized in stipulations of the population at enlightened, consequently of the characteristics of the illustration. The estimate of respondents to the scrutinize is trivial, although 'for obtaining statistically relicogent (stable) chargess, collections of respondents should not be trivialer than SO, .. . 20 could be meditateed' (Hofstede 1982: 1). Opposing these methodoargumentative limitations, some precursive claims dominion be made environing the cultivation magnitude of Poles, yet, the statements used in this article (such as 'Polish cultivation is ... ', 'Poles appreciate.. . ', etc. ), should be meditateed delay inadventurousness.The similitude of chargess (according to Hofstede's indecent magnitude) betwixt Poles and Canadian respondents is displayed in Tcogent 2. The chargess for Poles were recalculated by adding/subtracting the discoincidence betwixt chargess for Canadians obtained in this con-over, and those reputed by Hofstede (1991). Whenever practicable, aces used to weigh chargess for Poles and Canadians were paralleld, twain in-reference-to aces allude-toed by Hofstede in his 1991 500 Tcogent 2 Scores on Hofstede s Magnitude for Poland and Canada Wojcieoh Nasierowski, Bogusz Mikuta PDI Vulgar Con-balance Results Canadians (n=83) Poles (R=83) Hobtede's Results Canadians ResultsfiH-Poles atUusted to Hobtede's Hermes conclusions*** Max. alue in Hoblede's con-balance Min, esteem in Hobtede's con-balance medium of: Anglo-Saxon gathering German gathering Scandinavian gathering Japanese Latin gathering UAl -1 Sft 48 106 112 Greece 8 Singapore 44 64 40 92 89 IDV 49 25 80 56 MAS 70 39 72 104 Malaysia 11 Austria 33 27 28 54 60 s 52 62 91 95 USA Japan 6 5 Guatemala Sweden 83 63 69 46 60 62 71 14 95 48 *** The adjustment was made by adding (subtracting) the chargess obtained in the vulgar y Hofttedes primary sco Canadians obtained in this con-balance (Hofstede 1991: 256). body and in the Scoring Manage (Hofstede 1982), The forthcoming was observed: - aces connected to Jurisdiction Stread and Irregularity Aimlessness all flourish the archetype of dissimilaritys in esteems as allude-toed by the frameula for cautious deferenceive esteems.Differences of cork/excite than 10 percent of deferenceive esteems were meditateed to be unimportant. When the indication of an ace is gainsaying, the esteems of aces for Poles are cork than, or contemptible to, those of Canadians, When the indication is confident, the esteem for Poles is contemptible to that of Canadians, This renote establishations the specifyment of eminenter esteems for Poles than for Canadians of the two magnitude; - for the two aces connected to the identicalist pole (i,e, 'personal season' and 'living in an area desircogent to the race'), esteems for Poles are embodiedly eminenter than for Canadians. In the collecUvist pole, 'cooperativeness' is excite significant to Poles than Canadians, seeing 'physical stipulations' are assessed contemptiblely.These conclusions allude-to cork identicalism for Poles as paralleld to Canadians, However, Hofstede (1991: 52) allude-tos that for the identicalist pole, those who asindication eminenter consequence to 'personal season' dominion so meditate 'fteedom' and 'challenge' excite inqxirtant, Stich a archetype does not tarry gentleman for our respondents: although Canadians chargesd eminenter in stipulations of 'personal season' than Poles, they chargesd cork in 'freedom' and 'challenge'. This could be a sittiational ace, in which Canadians procure 'freedom' and 'challenge' for granted, seeing Poles appreciate that distressing exertion is scarcityed to end stich a mood, and heresucceeding immolations should be tnade in stipulations of having cork 'personal season'; Cultivation DImenskxis of Pdisfi Managers 501 - delay deference to Masculinity, aces on the masculinity pole answered to be excite significant (or contemptible) for Poles than for Canadians. For the 'feminine pole'; Poles charges commbarely for 'good-natured intercommunity delay straightobtrusive supervisor' and 'holding safeguard' than Canadians, and eminenter in stipulations of tiie consequence of 'cooperation'. All these conclusions semblance a excite firmy cultivation for Polish respondents than for those in Canada. The ace 'living area' pretexts an irreconcilable diverge. This may be a situational ace: consequently of housing problems, Poles cannot amplely advance from one area to another. This disconnection from the archetype of responses does not application on the ultimate charges for the Masculinity delineation (consequently it is not used in the charges apportionments), and is enjoyly to be offset by excite firmy answers to all other associated questions; - Hofstede (1991: 54) allude-tos that 'multifarious countries which charges eminent on the PDI charges low on IDV: this archetype is aged by the vulgar con-balance conclusions.Diecuesion The con-balance confirms rely-onations outiined in attainment on tiie matter. The conclusions of the vulgar con-balance are congruent delay conclusions arrived at by Yanouzas and Boukis (1993), who examined the cultural characteristics of Poles by balances of 'action situation-jurisdiction dramatize' exereises. In resolution, these conclusions are contemptible to those presented by Perlaki (1993). Jurisdiction Stread (Poles 72, Canadians 39): Polish respondents to the con-balance chargesd totally eminent in Jurisdiction Distance. Typically, societies delay eminent jurisdiction stread communicate a enlighteneder quantity of convenientization and an inadequate dispensation of jurisdiction. Cork supervision may be genuine (tolerated) by inferiors.People mould an exertion to beawait jurisdictionful, which can be meditateed in the eminent foottarry of tilings. Thus, it should not infer as a alarm that very multifarious Poles own cars whose rate abound their annually compensation. Enlightened dissimilaritys betwixt allowance and privileges are enjoyly. The exertion ethic is foolish and a creed that contemptiblealty detest exertion may be collective (which may, as semblanced by Sarapata 1977, be gentleman of Poles). Managers do not see themselves as serviceable and irrelative, yet they gainsay a scarcity for establishation and manage to abandon consultations delay inferiors antecedently making decisions. Employees are suspicionful to dissent delay their superiors and are regularly uncooperative.An authoritarian name, although culturally congenital, may not be amplely genuine by Polish respondents; it manages to be associated delay tiie inenergy of the antecedent regime. This may flushtuate in a decreased deference inlands warrant. Indeed, as semblanced by Skipietrow (1992), in Convenient Europe, deference for warrant is low and is totally unreasonable to mend in the cork advenient. When coupled delay foolish commencement, such an standing may amplely transframe into indigent economic act in enterprises where issues of warrant/deference are not amplely fixed (e. g. state-controlled companies). Contemptible blanks were advanced by Kostera (1994). 502 Wojciech Nasierowski. Bogusz MIkuiaHofstede (1991:42-46) would sift that the jurisdiction stread of Poles could be explained by truthful reasons (e. g. robust and prolonged feudal gregarious frame). Also, Krysakowska-Budny and Jankowicz (1991) sift that 'for years, all economic principle was inqwsed on contemptiblealty who were procuren thrift of by "Them" — the gregarious galaxy. Ordinary contemptiblealty were spoiled of any scarcity to reflect independently'. These stipulations dominion enjoy ascititious to eminent Jurisdiction ENstance. However, Jurisdiction Stread can so be examined from an hesitate perspective, that of 'formal' vs. 'real' warrant. The SO-year 'socialistic proof' dominion enjoy executed a dual standing inlands warrant in Poland.On the one index, there is the standing of functional yielding and shapely warrant — the Communist Party directers were repeatedly excite significant than the straightforwardors of the crew — and non-confession of functional warrant typically conclusioned in outlawry. On the other index, there is an inshapely standing established on deference for, and confession of, in-truth genuine esteems. Though stipulations enjoy abundantly modifiable in Poland in the conclusive decade, contemptiblealty may peaceful lapse into the familiarity of distinguishing betwixt functional and unfunctional jurisdiction. Centralized mechanistic frames, recommended for societies delay eminent jurisdiction space, may be pointnear in retaining (or at seasons forcing) dissecticipation, commitment, attachment, and exertion ethics.Yet, their use does not kindle the give of technology (Kedia and Bhagat 1988) scarcityed in therestructuringof enterprises. In flusht, such frames were [uedominant in Polish enterprises antecedently 1989 (Kiezun 1991; Mrela 1983). Maintenance in inclination these deficiencies in warrant/respect, a disproportionately enlightened supervisory staff may be required (Kostera 1994). Also, as allude-toed by MpczyAski (1991), an decisive government name may be preferred by Polish aggravateseers, consequently, although it may not be welcomed, it may be rely-oned by employees. This ambivalent deference for/trust of warrant marvel can be used to habit in government objectives, nevertheless. Once the Pblish collections sanction the governments imposed by a eminenter warrant, they are excite recumbent than US collections to eliminate faith and to exertion delay each other to cudgel a contemptible enemy' (Yanouzas and Boukis 1993:70). Irregularity Aimlessness (Poles 106, Canadians 48): Forthcoming Hofstede's (1984) and Ronen's (1986) writings, in societies delay low irregularity abandonance, contemptiblealty proof cork diffidence, importance, or covet to exertion aggravatemuchly. They manage to be unemotional, rural, and carenear delay existence-security. They sanction promote and regularly fluctuate jobs. Creed is attributed in unconcealedists, in contemptiblesense, and in amateurs: a eminent quantity of doubt inland experts may be collective Empiricism and relativism are genuine in favour of irlawful truths and esteems.Managers repeatedly mould promotey decisions, do not frame activities, and do not pay abundant circumspection to written governments and ceremonial behaviour. Pearce (1991) reputed broadspdiscaggravate abandonance of service in Hungary, a practiccogent indicator of eminent irregularity abandonance. Given the nearness of bureaucratic systems in Convenient Europe characterized by tough governments and meditatecogent red-tape, Perlaki (1993) inferd the alike. These deductively arrived at remarks should be put into the matter of 'old' orga- Cultivation Magnitude of Polish Managers 503 nizational frames, in which the bulk of citizens were spoiled of decision-making hues. One cannot infer from this whether or not contemptiblealty enjoy genuine irregularity delayout functional institutional settings.Similar remarks may tarry gentleman for Poles, Con-balance conclusions pretext that Poles charges very eminent in Irregularity Avoidance: totally a equitable reaction to the new fluctuates in Poland, Moreover, in the elapsed, irregularity was externalized. An identical had scant opportunities to coerce his/her fate. Regardcork of what had been manufactured in the exertionplace, impost was repeatedly conducted on the pursuit of the 'party', and regularly could not be explained on economic or evidenceative facts. There is peaceful twain a gregarious establishation netexertion and an economic grey zone enabling one to feed totally courteous, opposing untending holding stipulations. These stipulations are unreasonable to sojourn into the advenient: hereafter, anew a voluptuousness inland abandoning irregularity. However, a eminent charges in Irregularity Aimlessness infers as a alarm.Although Hofstede (1991:116-117) warns that 'irregularity abandonance is not the aenjoy as promote abandonance', low irregularity abandonance implies 'excite gainingness to procure promote in existence' (Hofstede 1983: 61), The Polish respondents is this con-balance were new graduates, edticated in an inviting declaration (or students in this fleld), predominantly very adolescent, delay job proof in territorys of eminent economic enlargement. Their existence mood answer to be contributive to empiricism delay new ideas: a concept commbarely genuine in Polish standings, and endorsed by Zieleniewski (1979), Thus, the vulgar eminent charges in irregularity abandonance may be abundantly situational, as is excite evidenced by the promotey ventures to which multifarious Poles enjoy resorted, e,g, a trivial-duty boom. If the impost of irregularity abandonance was low, which in-truth may be the occurrence delay a enlightened pereentage of Polish 'entrepreneurs', then they may pretext gainingness to procure aggravatemuch promotes, delayout the establishation of apportionments or elaborate separation.This may be dissecticularly menacing in the gentle of low exertion ethics, foolish honor for law, and a scant confession of the scarcity for distressing exertion: anew, standings evidenced in daily crush reports environing pervasive decay and low divine governments. Thus, cork supervision and a eminent quantity of convenientization of decision-making dominion be compulsory. Individualism (Poles 56, Canadians 80): There is dot congenitally manageing or untending environing a eminent flatten of Individualism, Some cultivations emphabulk it (e,g, the US), others attribute excite consequence on collectivism (e,g, Japan), Generally, countries delay eminent Individualism are fertileer (Hofstede 1983: 80): nevertheless, this intercommunity is moderated by kingdom bulk, geographical latittide, race archetypes, godliness and gregarious frames.Normally, in societies delay low Individualism, employees rely-on frames to beawait succeeding them enjoy a race (they may beseem very-much estranged when an frame dissatisfies them), and to prepare expertise, enjoin, stationariness, and safeguard. Involvement delay a crew entails a virtuous component, repeatedly inaugurated in faithfulness. An frame, or the clans delayin it, predetennine opinions and friendships fixed in stcogent gregarious intercommunitys. The marrow is on collection 504 Wojciech Nasierowski. Bogusz Mikufa commencement and endment, and consequentiy, the commencement notional is cork significant. The low esteem of Individualism for Poles semblances that frames and collection financial safeguard and involvement in decision-making are significant: which is accordant delay antecedent remarks reputed by Sarapata (1977), Hirszel (1983), Holstein-Beck (1987), and Kr61ik (1993). When implementing fluctuate, a robust scarcity for the establishation of inshapely collections is displayed. At the aenjoy season, deference to, or tiie lowest sanctionance of, commencement is required. Thus, some disjointedness may be presented in open correct cultivations. On tiie one index, the flattens of Individualism are low, and on tiie otiier. Collectivism (in the meaning of Uie communist elapsed, at lowest) is unusual. As delay Irregularity Avoidance, the dispensation of chargess can fluctuate delay age and the force to sanction and settle new realities. One excite sense for low esteems on the Individualism index is a manageency inlands 'shared service': if all are lawful, noassociation is. Such an ethic was collective in gregariousistic economic stipulations and is unreasonable to fluctuate either amplely or immediately. Moreover, a low flatten of identicalism should not transframe to an rely-onation that Polish aggravateseers would be good-natured-natured-natured team dramatizeers. As observed by Yanouzas and Boukis (1993: 70) 'Poles, excite than US aggravateseers, scarcity to mend their teamexertion skills. Some mendment was observed during the jurisdiction dramatize exereise succeeding teams had inferiorsmitten the action application, nevertheless, and there was covenant that teamexertion skills are skills that are achievable'. Masculinity (Poles 62, Canadians 52): Polish respondents of our con-balance chargesd subordinately eminenter, on medium, tiian countries compromised in Hofstede's con-balance of the Masculinity delineation.Cultures delay eminent Masculinity favour enlightened-scale enterprises or ventures, and thus beseem wandering by unwonted endments. Economic enlargement is seen as substance excite significant than preserving the environment. Walk achievement is a must. Eminent job importance exists and industrial engagement is contemptible (Hofstede 1984; Hodgetts and Lutiians 1994). There may thus be a robust solicit inlands smashing 'successes' and thrifter procession (for twain men or women) in Poland. Antecedent studies on Poles pretext that identical duty achievement is not positively courteous common by the crew (Sarapata 1977), but seasons enjoy modifiable. On the one index, there may be a solicit for achievement, on tiie other there may be envy balance someone else's achievement.Low divine governments and predisposition are usual (Hryniewicz 1994), and may root from 'equality' concepts of the Soviet name 'urawnilowka Such standings sojourn detriimembodied to eminent endments and may not aggravate entrepreneurial spectre. Not surprisingly, accordingly, excite and excite regularly, one can discaggravate crush releases alraut decay scandals and smashing achievementes endd by violating the law. On the correct flatten, compensation and job stationariness are enjoyly to sojourn significant motivational mediums (Pearce 1991; Kiezun 1991). Cultivation Magnitude of Polish Managers 505 Concluding Comments It is trying to explain industrial philosophy, open cultivation, or duty actions in Poland in the average of 1990s widiout initiative reference to simplification.Economic systems are in transition from convenient planning to traffic orientation. Gregarious esteems, norms, and standings fluctuate. However, some components are enjoyly to sojourn trustpure for a coveter date of season. These understand: a robust disfaith of warrant; eminent rely-onations/demands from existence; and a failure of a spectre of consortment consequently of antecedent yielding to the failed communist governments. Eminent jurisdiction space, a low exertion ethic, a covet to get fertile immediately, scant proof delay Western concepts, and unanalogous discernments of duty scarcitys (Nasierowski and Wright 1993) may conclusion in correct solutions tailored biasedally to open stipulations. Solutions gain enjoy to be eliminateed to confront biased open voluptuousnesss. Achievement stories environing industrial combination, repeatd in journals and the crush, regularly negotiate delay occurrences where antecedent covenants existed and delay new ventures (Bartlett and Ghoshal 1992: 905-907; Collins 1993). Such occurrences should not, nevertheless, be balance-generalized. Established upon appropriate attainment (e. g. Kostera 1994) and crush releases (e. g. Skipietrow 1992) it may be hypothesized that Polish societies are detachedd into those who present entrepreneurial spectre and matter themselves to new ideas, and those who entrench themselves in enlightened state-controlled enterprises, rely-oning governimembodied guard.This may direct to a enlightened estimate of trivial, one-person kingdoms, and some enlightened realms, each adopting unanalogous correct solutions. This archetype, if, in-truth, it starts to eliminate, may enjoy proestablish economic and gregarious consequences, and is pure of excite elaborate elaboration. Such discrepancies should not creator aggravatemuch marvel. The room and tread of the fluctuates in the territory are breath-taking. As a conclusion of voluptuousness polarization, problems may be proofd when eliminateing invariable correct solutions to fit open standings. In dissecticular, embodied dissimilaritys may originate betwixt contemptiblealty, according to their age and extension of job proof, and gain be augmented by job associations and season discernments. Certainly, the conclusions of the vulgar con-balance should not be broad to the population of any of the countries in Convenient Europe. However, Convenient Europe is meditateed abundantly homogenous by duty communities (Nasierowski 1992), notability congruent delay the gregarious and economic cireumstances uniting the territory balance the conclusive SO years. This date of season dominion enjoy been equal ample to liberty its note on the cultivation of each of the countries in this territory. Each possesses a sole fact, delay dates of insurrection and decades (or flush centuries) of irappropriate government, unanalogous accentss, familiaritys, gregarious traditions, and godlinesss. Yet, it may be rely-oned that Convenient European residents pretext some contemptibleity in cultivation magnitude (Perlaki 1993; Pearce 1991).The yielding of countries in the territory to the aenjoy gregarious governments balance the conclusive fifty years, contemptibleities in their violent-effort for democracy, as courteous as problems in the restructuring of their societies, can conclusion in congruencies of open esteems and norms. It can 506 Nasierowski, Bogusz Mikula so be hypothesized that 'Poles, probably acovet delay other citizens of the territory, may frame a sepascold gathering of countries': a gathering of 'homoeconomicus', as opposed to 'homo-sovieticus', according to Tischner (1992), who would scarcity season to verify that the courage is rate excite than a wallet filled up delay 'green bills delay a delineate of an old man'. Societies in the territory are sometimes referred to as an 'aimlessly drifting ship' (Mikutowski-Pomorski 1993: 287).Such a ddft may, nevertheless, occasion an awakening of open identities, 'the primary jar of two unanalogous civilizations delayin the bonds of the aenjoy continent'. These issues confound interesting questions in-reference-to diverges and stipulations for fluctuates in 'cultivation two' magnitude. Then, the occurrence of Jugoslavia (a kingdom delay some 30 years of fact and fotir distinctively unanalogous openities), or Canada (a kingdom delay some 130 years of fact, delay two distinctively unanalogous openities, and some SO percent of the population composed of immigrants or the cooperate stock of immigrants) may frame the premise for a evidence on the consequenceyity of exploring 'open cultivations'.In resolution, the application on tiational cultivations of SO years of communist government may be examined. Certainly, this can exmanage an evidence in-reference-to the practiccogent contemptibleities and dissimilaritys betwixt societies in Convenient Europe. Such a subject-matter, nevertheless, calls for sepascold matter. It may be rateconjuncture conducting a 'time-series'-established con-balance on ctilture fluctuate in the territory, thus allowing for an trial of the application of Western economic concepts upon cultural voluptuousnesss. *This article was willing delay the establishation of the Gregarious Sciences and Hutiuuiities Discovery Council of Canada and the Centre for Intemstioiial Duty Studies at the University of New Brunswick.We would enjoy to thank Professors G. Hofstede and A. D. Jankowicz for their auricular comments on antecedent renderings of this article, thereby allowing us to mend our yielding.Bartlett, Christopher A. , and Sumantra Ghoshal 1992 Transopen government: Text, occurrences and discoverings in cross-benjoin government. Homewood: Irwin. Buchner-Jeziorska, Anna 1992 Szkic do poitretu polskiego przedsipbiorcy'. Prvglgd Socjologiczny 51: 97-113. Collins, Robert S. 1993 Sony in Poland: A occurrence con-over'. European Government Journal 11/1: 45-46. 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