Crisis Communication

  • Guided Discussion 2: Describe the most memorable organizational crisis for you to date. Reflect and analyze this past crisis. How was the crisis handled? How would you have handled it differently if you were in the position to do so? When writing your discussion, sure to include examples from the assigned readings/videos (In addition, you may also include personal experiences). Your post MUST be at least one paragraph
  • Read and review required readings for this assignment.

    Read: Coombs, W. T. (2004). Impact of past crises on current crisis communication: Insights from situational crisis communication theory. The Journal of Business Communication, 41(3), 265- 289. 
    Read: Johnson, Ward (Summer 2007) Crisis experts discuss managing a monumental crisis. Public Relations Strategist, 13(3) pp. 12-13.
    Read: Slovic, P., E. Peters, M. L. Finucane, and D. G. MacGregor (2005). “Affect, risk, and decision making”. Health Psychology. 24(4), pp35–40. 

  • Review the Guided Discussion Post Rubric.

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Crisis Communication
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