UNIT 1 ip  

Topic: Theoretical Foundations

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Deliverable Length:  5-7 pages excluding cover page, abstract page, and reference page

Aging is a natural process that begins at birth. As individuals age, they experience various medical, mental, and physical issues, ranging from Alzheimer’s disease to Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. Understanding these many issues is an important element of effective leadership in a gerontological setting.

You have been hired as a Gerontological Consultant by your county’s health department to educate the County Commissioners on aging. You have been asked to develop an executive summary that highlights the most prominent medical, mental, and physical issues affecting the population segment aged 65 and older in the United States.

Your goal is to educate these leaders on the issues surrounding their aging population. Using the electronic resources available to you, research the following data to develop your executive summary:

  • Include county demographics (such as geographic location, population details, and Census details).
  • Include details on the population segment aged 65 and older in your selected county (such as population breakdown, residence preferences, and average annual income).
  • What medical, mental, and physical issues are affecting the population segment aged 65 and older in the United States? Be sure to support your assertions with credible facts.
  • Give recommendations for the aging population to prepare for these issues.
  • Give recommendations for gerontological professionals to prepare for these issues.

Your submission must be formatted according to APA, 6th edition standards, including the proper use of headers, citations, references, and direct quotes.


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