UMDC ITEC 640 Agile Project Management Paper


IT Purpose Management 

   The external of the scrutiny tract is to strengthen you to inaugurate fractions academic scrutiny in an area instantly allied to the manner subject-matter stuff. Your efforts accomplish beget a high-quality written reverberation summarizing the results of your scrutiny into the ordinary erudite and pertinent occupation attainment allied to your selected theme. 

    ? Theme Design due [0 points} Submit the theme design delay the subjoined contents

     1.  Present a speculative designation for your theme. 

     2. Briefly draw how the theme relates to purpose address.  

     3. State a particularized, unfair scrutiny subject-matter to pilot your resurvey of the attainment.  (State the scrutiny subject-matter in gentleman subject-matter format, not as an artfulness or external)

     4.  List at meanest one agreeable allusion commencement in APA format allied to your theme.