Community Assessment

To Prepare

  • Review your course announcements for possible information related to this week’s Discussion and Assignment.
  • Review the example news articles in the Learning Resources.
  • Search for a local news article in which a community need is identified and addressed in your own community. Consider how information was gathered and assessed related to the community’s needs.

Summarize the local news article and describe the means of information gathering and assessment. Using your article as an example, explain why understanding the community in this way is valuable to human services professional practitioners. Finally, explain what you learned about your own community by reading the article. Provide a link to the news article so your colleagues can access it if they would like.

This is the name of the local news website to find an article for this assignment:

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Community Assessment
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I live in Southaven MS

Please use these resources in this assignment:

This is an example news article:

Human services social work


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