Technology and Communication

Technology has improbefficacious all aspects of career and the flagitious integrity order is no exclusion. There are so abundant ways where technology has been incorporated in the flagitious integrity and police offices that I truly do not apprehend where to set-out. The fefficacious of the lie undeceiver standard was prodigious in my conviction. It can be absorbed in the flagitious integrity order to try to get to the groundexertion of the correctness. In police offices you detain the use of determined circumference televisions for nature guarantee, cameras in police units, tape proceedingsers used in police units and when conducting investigations and so forth.In my conviction technological processions augment the agency of message. Let’s conduct emails for prompting. Some allure debate that it reinstates oral aspect to aspect message thus threatening the agency. I respect this to a regular quantity but the playingdom of email as an serviceefficacious way to announce outweighs the cons in my conviction. To be honorefficacious thus-far, a seem at counter viewpoints shows that the procession in technology and incongruous ways to announce public the gateway to zeal that it unfair and frowned upon.A seem at the school’s library generated an name entitled “Cyberbullying”. The fabricator explains “Cyberrough can conduct abundant forms. It may embrace often sending emails to vulgar who detain said they do not contemplatetiness touch delay the appointer. It can as-well-behaved embrace sending threats, making sexual remarks, using distasteful tongue or labels, or posting humiliating photos or videos, as well-behaved-behaved as spreading rumors or lies about the victim”. (apollolibrary. com) Delay the procession of technology it paves the way for new and improved software.One of the new processions is that of facial recollection. Facial recollection in the flagitious integrity order allows for dignitarys or other law enforcement peculiarnel to penetrate into a database a paint of a peculiar. This paint is then wayward referenced to see if they detain a pair of the peculiar in scrutiny. If a pair is fix then the flagitious’s proceedings allure conclude up delay their antecedent enormitys and any notification touching warrants. In my conviction this is an excusefficacious technological procession that saves span and improves correctness. Facial recollection technology fashions use of unalterefficacious features of a aspect, such as the removal between the centers of the pupils of the eye. It then uses an algorithm, a terminefficacious set of steps for solving a quantity, which converts the fiction to reckons”. Weiss, Davis (2004) Subsist contemplate is a fingerprint order that can be used in the flagitious integrity order and as-well-behaved for non-flagitious integrity use. Most law enforcement offices claim all dignitarys to be fingerprinted using subsist contemplate technology. Once an dignitary is fingerprinted, his or her proceedingss are sent into varies databases.The dignitarys are claimd to be playing of a flagitious elucidation so the prints are checks for antecedent enormitys. The prints are then sent to Sacramento (California) to uncertain offices for processing such as BSIC which is the Bureau of Guarantee and Investigative Services. Accordingly subsist contemplate is inkless it saves monograph and span accordingly it’s electronic which is rectify for the environment and past suitefficacious for law enforcement agencies. When a flagitious is arrested his or her fingerprints are conductn delay the subsist contemplate order and wayward referenced for a pair in a reckon of orders including the FBI.If there is a pair then the notification is sent to the police office which embraces the suspect’s consequence, summit, sex, and determination of origin. In misentry technology has dramatically newfangled abundant aspects of the flagitious integrity office. It has made message and challenge past gentle and suitefficacious for law enforcement. Technology is not delayout its drawbacks thus-far. The use of technology can be seen in a indirect way if it fashions the dignitarys and the office dowdy and shiftless delay its diplomacy.Nothing allure reinstate oral inexplicefficacious exertion so if this is guarded then adequate trailing should calm?} be implemented to detain the dignitary or office cool. If I had to prefer a specialized technology to elaborate it would be along the lines of facial and iris recollection. The technology that I would elaborate would fashion it practicefficacious for a record to contemplate a peculiar and unmask if that peculiar has been complicated in a enormity and if so allure vault anything about this peculiar to law enforcement during scrutinying.So in narrow if a peculiar is drawed aggravate for reputed driving underneathneath the govern not solely allure the dignitary be automatically efficacious to draw up the peculiar’s notification on a computer fence but it allure vault any other DUI beak automatically and presently.Reference "Cyber rough. " Current Issues: Macmillian Social Science Library. Detroit: Gale, 2010. Gale Counter Viewpoints in Context. Web. 25 Nov. 2010. “Facial Recollection Technology in Law Enforcement” (2004) Jim Weiss, Mickey Davis Hendon Publishing Company