Code Wiz company research

Before embarking on researching and answering a client’s question, one must understand the client fully.  For this deliverable, please research the client using the internet and any other resources you can find.  Full details including the rubric can be found on the Blackboard course. This report is a preliminary analysis of the client’s business so that you can ask informed questions. It is similar to what you would do in preparation for a business meeting with an external client at work. 

It should include the following:

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Code Wiz company research
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  • Executive Summary
  • Client Details
  • Industry Research and Analysis
  • Key Questions 
  • Sources

There is a 5 page maximum for this assignment.

Company is called Code Wiz

Client Evaluation Rubric
Evaluation Area Exceeds Expectations Meets Expectations Below Expectations

1. Client Details
50 points

• Column 2 with more in depth and
precise numbers

• More in depth understanding of client
and/or industry

• More elaborate and detailed SWOT
with extensive analysis about the
client included

• All statements fully supported.

• Informative overview of industry related directly to the client,
including growth, revenue, etc.

• Clear and concise overview of client’s business
• Uses numbers to explain client’s business
• Clear and concise overview of customers
• Clear and concise overview of competitors.
• Preliminary SWOT provides useful information about the

client’s positioning in relation to its competitors. SWOT is

• Numbers and statistics of the client, industry and competitors
are clearly identified

• Used hypotheses where data unclear or missing
• Some support of statements. Some statements made without


• Cursory research that
shows one or two
internet sources which
did not required only
preliminary research

• Uses few to no
numbers in describing
the client industry

• Cursory output when
data is unclear

• Used only Google or
other rudimentary
internet sources

• Missing support all
generalizations made
without citation.

2. Analysis
30 points

• Column 2 in more depth and detail
• Uses chart to compare competitors

and analyzes chart to explain initial

• Shows an ability to look beyond the
preliminary research to see the
impact on the research question

• Questions are thoughtful, concise and

• Able to explain how the information relates to the question
• Able to explain underlying assumptions about the client based

on the information including thoughts on comparative

• Explain gaps in research (areas which were unclear or
unknown from your research)

• Questions for client are relevant to the research question and
are useful in filling gaps

• Generally weak
analysis that does not
take the research
beyond face value

3. Format &
20 points

• 2nd column plus
• Effective and clear conclusion
• Highly effective choice of words
• Concise presentation

• Business memo format
• Proper use of grammar. Minor errors only.
• Proper spelling and word usage
• Well written: easy to follow and understand, professional.
• Section for introduction, conclusion and sub-sections for

research areas
• Section for key findings/analysis
• List of references
• Headers for each section
• Mostly concisely written
• Data provided is sufficient to make case

• More than 5 grammar

• Casual writing style
• Wordy presentation
• Sloppy presentation
• No headers
• Missing sections
• Citations missing in



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