The Coca Cola Company Financial Statement Analysis

Company Profile The Coca Cola Company One Coca Cola Plaza  Atlanta, GA 30313 Website: Exchange/symbol: NYSE / KO Total portion-outs outstanding: 99.87 billion             The point of this tidings is to dissect and the financial collocation and debate the forces and decrepitudees of the financial operations of The Coca Cola Company,  one of the largest manufacturers, distributors, and marketers of non alcoholic unmanly swallows, concentrates and syrups.  The chief essential-quality is selling concentrates and syrups to bottling participators who veer these to artistic, canned and/or bottled, unmanly swallow products for retail and marketable disposal.  The crew owns raise than 450 brands including Sprite, Fanta, and Dasani, has 30 manufacturing facilities,  and maintains seniority occupation in 136 participator facilities that effect in raise than 200 countries. Financial Overview 2008 Sales                                                    $31.9 billion Income                                                $ 5.8 billion Market significantization                          $99.87 billion Earnings per portion-out (EPS)                    $ 2.49 Revenue per portion-out                               $13.67 Book appraise per portion-out                           $ 8.58 Key Financial Ratios Coca Cola Company Industry Medium 1 Liquidity/Solvency Quick relevancy 0.60 0.80 Current relevancy 0.94 1.00 Current liabilities/net merit 0.63 0.41 Current liabilities/inventory 5.94 4.85 Total liabilities/net merit 0.98 0.81 Fixed possessions/net merit 0.41 0.44 Efficiency/Asset Management Collection bound 35.31 32.1 Sales/inventory 14.61 21.0 Assets/sales 1.27 6.97 Sales/net agoing significant -39.34 12.6 Accounts payable/sales 0.19 0.08 Accounts receivable/sales 0.10 0.109 Financial Leverage Total obligation/completion possessions 0.49 0.60 Total obligation/completion equity 0.98 EBIT/reason (times reason) 15.98 Profitability Gross advantage boundary(bulk advantage/sales) 0.64 0.594 Net advantage boundary (net income/sales) 0.18 0.14 Return on sales 0.18 Return on possessions (ROI) 0.14 0.108 Return on net merit (ROE) 0.28 0.166 Marketability/Price Price/earnings (P/E) 17.2 16.5 Price/book appraise 4.82 4.11 Price/sales 3.09 2.59 Price/money flow 14.00 12.40 1 Activity mediums fascinated from MSN Money and Dun & Bradstreet Analysis of Financial Ratios             Based on the prevalent relevancy Coca Cola must veer each dollar of prevalent possessions into at smallest $1.06 in money in command to engage its obligations.  The prevalent sales equalize provides $2.63 for each dollar of possessions in labor.  The prevalent relevancy, notwithstanding catalogue, is in verse delay the activity medium.  Prevalent liabilities in bearing to catalogue and net merit comprehend a conspicuous rate compared to activity mediums.  The medium assembly bound and receivables-to-sales are in verse delay activity mediums.  However, most of Coca Cola’s competency relevancys are reason for solicitude.  The equalize of recitals payables to sales is raise than twice the activity medium.  The crew’s prevalent liabilities excel the prevalent possessions by  $81.2 billion.  Sales to net agoing significant is indirect and raises issues environing the crew’s agoing significant skillful-treatment policies and dramatizes the crew’s chief decrepitude.  Obligation dramatizes the largest factor forcible portion-outholder equity.  The crew’s advantageability relevancys all excel activity mediums which is it’s chief force. Recommendations             It is significant to still n ess the texture of the crew’s asset disesteemed.  Equity investments in bottling enterprises dramatize 14.3% of completion possessions.  Intangible possessions including trademarks and liberality dramatize raise than 35% of completion possessions.  There is no scarcity to veer these factors bereason these investments delay manufacturing and marketing participators wholly delay patents, trademarks, and indicate recollection recital for the amend than medium advantageability relevancys.             Coca Cola would profit from a contraction in near account obligation.  Accounts payable and accrued expenses.  Accounts payable and accrued expenses dramatize 47.7% of prevalent liabilities.  The prevalent equalize of recitals payable and accrued expenses excels the prevalent equalize of completion equity investments, wholly money and marketable securities, and wholly recitals receivable and inventories, fascinated partially.  The crew should bring the equalize of recitals payable and accrued expenses to a equalize where the crew’s equity investments excel them. Conclusion             Coca Cola’s prevalent possessions are effectively nature veered into sales revenues.  Liquidity is in verse delay activity mediums.  Solvency is delayin a dispassionate stroll delay activity mediums but amend skillful-treatment of agoing significant, specifically prevalent liabilities is envelopd.  The crew’s net agoing significant collocation is indirect and must be brought to unconditional equalizes.  Coca Cola is extremely leveraged, besides the crew continues to be advantageable.  As irrelative to attempting to raise acception the crew’s asset disesteemed, which would slight envelop usurpation of subjoined obligation, Coca Cola should bring the equalize of recitals payable and accrued expenses and the equalize  of loans and still n esss payable to a equalizes that can be seasoned by the true equalizes of money, recitals receivables, inventories, and equity investments. Read also Johnson and Johnson financial analysis References Beverages Activity Profile: Global. 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