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TakeTcsr UitvtAief-

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Take Test: Unit Vl Assessment

Test lnformation



Multiple Attempts

force Comp1etlon

Asqessment lnsEuctions

Not allowod. T.his test can only be taken once.
fni” ie”ican be saved ina resumeo titer.


i v Question C*mpletion $tatus

QUESTION 1 10 points SaveAnsw5r

. The Transportation Revolution would encompass all of the following EXCEPT:

Q a nationalroad.
Q a canalsystem.
Q an Atlantic port authority.
Q a railway to the West.

-drriiio* i–
Which socioeconomic class grew the fastest under Manifest Destiny?

C Upper class
Q Middle class
O Lower class
$ Working class


10 points Save Answer

*i “_*””‘””

: 10 points SaveAnswer

Religion would play a central role in inspiring women to rise towards which
major reform movement?

Q Temperance
C Suffrage
O G*-q–pdeffi-qga[ily
S Equal Pay

CjrckSsve *nrJ -$*$rnif fo s$v{ *nd silfumif” Cjic* S*v*A/JAxswers fs s#ye */f snsu/ers.

hups://online.columbiasouthern,edrlwebapps/assessrnent/tak€llaunchjsp?coune_assessme… Ll17120?0

Take Test Loii \l -{ssessnen: – Htr- D=—

&ursfi o, 4

The need for American development lands would be an excuse for which
controversial program?

10 points

C The
LJ lne
$ The
S The

Sevg 4t3.'”‘g1

Transportation Revolul

American System

lndian Removal Act

corrupt bargain


i*****DurinBNlrc*mebelhm-pre.riod;*-*******- ‘b’e-eamuthe-s*ite”ofnDrth’em-fe’male****

i w iit.i*Ut*mrlf1*nrpleti*ri li{*ius
‘-*—–*”*{}.^th e-puipi

() the office
$ the street
Q the home


lmagine yourself in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1840 where either you or a close
family member works as a factory girl in the textile mill. Discuss what you (or
your close family member) experience and see. Consider how technology has
made the town distinct and if women affiliated with the mill were treated better
or worse in society than their peers elsewhere.

Your response must be at least 200 words in length

:’-r .-“”1ivl 3 {12pt} vl


Ciic* S*ve *nd S*$rxif io ssve *ri$ s*Sr};rf. {Jlcir -Sr:-us AJJ A*-sr.,r,,’*’rs l$ s$ys $Ji ,:$sr.rr$ls.

10 points Save Answer

50 points Save Answe;’


zu:;h :s!’c,Jurse assessme… 1/1712020


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