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A client’s social history can be a valuable tool when working with clients and setting goals. Completing a social history form or documenting it in another way, can serve as a broader view of where the client was when he or she came in and current issues. To create a social history document, it should be a collaborative process with the client, in order to make recommendations for actions to resolve the issue.

For this Assignment

, you will create a brief social history and in Week 9 a service plan on a colleague that was assigned to you last week. For this assignment you work in pairs using the scenario in the resources about a Syrian teen, George, from the interactive community.

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Can this be done by tomorrow 12pm?
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To Prepare

Schedule a call or Skype session with your colleague. Then, use the outline in Chapter 16 of your Summers textbook. Take turns over the phone or Skype with your colleague playing the human and social services worker and the interviewee, George. Click on George in the Community Center of the Interactive Learning Community, you will see his background at the bottom. The rest of the Interactive Learning Community where he lives is there so you can draw upon the community background while role playing. When participating as George, you can make up the information to fill the gaps, when being interviewed. The most important takeaways are that you are practicing taking a social history and organizing it appropriately. You should be referring to Chapter 16 of your Summers textbook for advice on completing a social history appropriately. (George Tiblis is 16 years old. He is a refugee from Syria. His parents and sister were killed in a bombing attack of his village in northern Syria 2 years ago. He came to America as part of a Christian mission rescue. He lived with a foster family for a year and attended high school, but had difficulty fitting into the routine and lifestyle. He recently decided to leave his foster family and has been hitchhiking around the country, staying in shelters or sleeping in public buildings when he can)….

For this Assignment

Complete a Social History of George from the interview that you conducted. Use the headers outlined in Chapter 16 of your Summers textbook (pg. 298 Figure 16.1).


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FIGURE 16.1: Typical outline for a social history

FIGURE 16.1: Typical outline for a social history


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