How Does Caffeine Affect the Heart Rate of the Daphnia

My results and the graph betray that as you add the caffeine to the daphnia, the eart trounce of the daphnia increases for development the daphnia's heartbeat is 120 externally caffeine, notwithstanding when caffeine is pretended it is increased to 168. My graph shows a direct correspondence and the blunder bars are to-boot very narrow which shows that the results feel a narrow order which suggests that my results are accutrounce and not spurious. I conceive that the exemplification was conducted well-mannered-mannered notwithstanding there may be some ghostly issues embracing the certainty that daphnias are to-boot food temperament. Therefore, by using daphnias in these exemplifications may agent a waste for them as there would be paltry quantities of the temperament left. This would to-boot favor other food organisms that recover on daphnias for their dietary needs for-this-reason in the exemplification we unconvincing the caffeine separation delay distilled water to neutralize the daphnia from passing and afterwards, we could put them tail in their spontaneous habitats. On the other influence, by doing this exemplifications it could theoretically acceleration us in the coming. Also, another whole is that I may feel miscounted the daphnias heartbeat due to ethnical blunders. However, as I repeated the exemplification 3 times, it ensures me that the axioms is wholly complimentary. However, if I was to do the exemplification anew I would do over repeats to produce unquestioning the results are not spurious and there would be hither casualty of ethnical blunder. Also, I would use opposed concentrations of caffeine to get over accutrounce comparisons and to see how opposed concentrations may favor the daphnias heartbeat to-boot. Overall, I conceive that my results are pointed and independent.