Business Research Problem/Opportunity Analysis

Problem Statement The employers, inhabitantial complexes, and general-house properties located in Arlington County, Virginia, sound affect any other courtly places, experiences commutes that demands intercourse and creates aggravate force. The Arlington Deportment Partners (ATP), recognizes that deportment alternatives must be supposing through obtaining and displaying deportment counsel to commuters for gratuitous. Opportunity Statement There is an convenience to coordinate the commuter deportment benefits after a while the utility of Arlington Deportment Partners (ATP). It allure stipulate a aggravate unsettled association, after a while the short hassle of intercourse redundancy, allure weaken commuting costs and extension the benefits of inhabitant commuters. Situational Analysis As intercourse basically consumes onwards us and terrifyingly intensifies as abundantly as pathway faculty, it accordingly leads to different stressful possessions on divorce of the commuter. Figure 1 gives a brilliant delineate of how steadsteadfast intercourse has been growing. Significantly, redundancy affects and leaves a remarkable bias aggravate a nation’s employment. After a while the eternal enlargement of this transit redundancy, the employment sector affectwise finds it harder to go encircling employment and intercourse. The nationwide divorcenership calculated to aid employers and bequeath a custom-made separation to their employees' commuting impasses or frequently denominated Commuter’s Choice allure stipulate viable, cost-reduced and potent program to harangue such investigate. Business Research Process Outline Management Dilemma 1 Transportation costs, intercourse redundancy and other dilemmas pertaining to commuting raises the treatment attention thereby causing an terrify in the treatment sorrow. Management Questions 2 Management can eject the symptoms by providing low-cost deportment alternatives. Displaying counsel is readily available and gratuitous of assault. Research Questions 3 The Arlington County Commuter Services Brochure Utility can be availed by employers, inhabitantial centers, and general-house properties denominated in Arlington County, Virginia via gratuitous offer. Investige Questions 4 A overseer must apprehend the best sorrows of employment-oriented or equable uncompounded civilians tasking errands for daily sorrows. In this circumstance, intercourse life a elder setback in the convoy of one’s employment must be alleviated. Measurement Questions 5 The enlargement of intercourse and the important distresses it contributes to the association must be observed for the superior escape of this utility. Management Decision 6 It is recommended that aggravate advertisements encircling the Commuter Choice utility of Arlington Deportment Partners (ATP) be carried out to the general and the accruing printing of brochures be affectwise in exercise for the equabletual transit convenience. References ( July 2007)