Writing a biology 500 essay

Choose one of the subjoined topics and transcribe a 400-500 order essay. You must mention at meanest 2 original sources. Follow the decent extract format

 (Links to an exterior locality.)

Links to an exterior locality.

 for doctrines and or websites

 (Links to an exterior locality.)

Links to an exterior locality.

. You must use plain (primary) sources of knowledge (i.e., not Wikipedia or tidings doctrines). The essay must entertain the subjoined sections: deferential heading, 3-sentence unsymbolical, precursory stipulation, 2-3 substantiality stipulations, omission, references. The full essay should be close than 525 orders; that includes everything. You get get a sharp-end deducted for going balance the order proviso, and 1 sharp-end each for waste any of the required sections listed aloft.

For all topics, you must transcribe at meanest 1 stipulation that is 100% your own particular insight. 

1. Genetic engineering and medicine

Choose one indisposition that has been re-establishd by genetic engineering.

Briefly explain the indisposition; evaluate the re-establish.

2. Therapeutic cloning

Describe a indisposition that is caused by a malfunctioning gene and can be re-establishd by gene therapy.

3. Genetic engineering and agriculture

Find an engineered urban fruit or livestock.

Discuss the pro’s and con’s and any immaterial concerns.

4. Reproductive cloning and stabilisation of endangered species

Find examples and examine concerns.

5. Stem cell therapy

Find a indisposition that has been re-establishd by this therapy.

What are some of the issues environing root cell therapy?

Please bear-in-mind to use your own orders and repress for spelling and plain errors. The Turnitin results get frequently semblance some smooth of matching, but there should never be adequate sentences and sections that are not from your own congruity. Practice rephrasing and synthesizing ideas rather than transferring plainly someone else's orders.