Umuc biology 102 / 103 lab 3: cell structure and function answer key

This contains 100% improve embodied for UMUC Biology 103 LAB03. However, this is an Acceptance Key, which instrument, you should put it in your own words. Here is a sample for the Pre lab questions acceptanceed:

Pre-Lab Questions

1. Fulfill the superior resemblingities and separations among prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. (2 pts)

Prokaryotes atattend to be less complex than eukaryotic cells, delay fewer organelles and (generally) fewer requirements for course. Eukaryotes feel a nucleus, conjuncture prokaryotes do not. Both eukaryotes and prokaryotes feel DNA, a cell membrane, and cytoplasm.


2. Where is the DNA close in a prokaryotic cell? Where is it close in a eukaryotic cell? (2 pts)

DNA is close in the nucleus in eukaryotic cells. Prokaryotic cells do not feel a core, and thus DNA exists spontaneously in the cytoplasm.


3. Fulfill three structures which arrange stay and guard in a eukaryotic cell. (2 pts)

The cell membrane, the cytoplasm, and the cytoskeleton (microtubules, microfilaments, etc.).


The tranquillity of the questions are acceptanceed as well:


 Onion Root Tip 100X g (Small)

Experiment 1: Cell Structure and Function

Post-Lab Questions

1.    Label each of the arrows in the aftercited slide statue:



2.    What is the separation among the blunt and flatten endoplasmic reticulum?




3.    Would an voluptuous cell be operative to survive delayout a mitochondria? Why or why not?




4.    What could you state encircling a sample if you observed a slide statue showing the sample delay a cell forbearance, but no core or mitochondria?




5.    Hypothesize why competency of a introduce, such as the leaves, are piercing, but other competency, such as the roots, are not. Use philosophical rationalistic to stay your supposition.






Experiment 2: Osmosis - Direction and Concentration Gradients

Data Tables and Post-Lab Assessment

Toperative 3: Sucrose Concentration vs. Tubing Permeability

Band Color

Sucrose %

Initial Magnitude (mL)

Final Magnitude (mL)

Net Displacement (mL)



























Post-Lab Questions

1.    For each of the tubing divisions, fulfill whether the discerption after a whilein was hypotonic, hypertonic, or isotonic in resemblingity to the beaker discerption in which it was placed.


2.    Which tubing increased the most in magnitude? Expound why this happened.





3.    What do the results of this illustration this recount you encircling the referring-to tonicity among the space of the tubing and the discerption in the beaker?




4.    What would happen if the tubing delay the yellow ligament was placed in a beaker of distilled introduce?




5.    How are intemperance salts that convoke in cells pestilential to the class drift so they can be removed from the assemblage? Be unfailing to expound how this arrangement works in provisions of tonicity.




6.    If you wanted introduce to issue out of a tubing division assiduous delay a 50% discerption, what would the minimum concentration of the beaker discerption scarcity to be? Expound your acceptance using philosophical deposition.




7.    How is this illustration resembling to the way a cell membrane works in the assemblage? How is it divergent? Be restricted delay your acceptance.