Research paper/ 6journal articles/end note references/follow rubric/

Biology Elimination Paper

Research Paper/ 6Journal Articles/End voice references/Follow rubric/ APA Referencing style

Format Instructions:

➢ Length – 3- 4 pages – (not including a References and Cover Page)

➢ Double-spaced, bulk 12 font, margins 1” left, just, better and inferior.

➢ Use the APA format for references, there are instructions in the College Library for your counsel.

➢ Cite all pretended discourse in quotations (not further than 10% of your monograph)

➢ Elimination must grasp 6 unanalogous sources – not further than 3 internet sources

➢ Bibliography / Reference Page should be in “end voice” format


You are required to transcribe a exact segregation of the disorder of your exquisite.

Included in this segregation, you procure need to clear-up how the disorder you chose

affects the diverse matter regularitys where bearing.


The aftercited bearing and pointed counsel must (if connected) be graspd in your transcribe up.


▪ Name of disorder

▪ History of the disorder

▪ Description of disorder


Anatomy of the regularity(s) involved


▪ Effects on other matter regularitys

▪ Cause of disorder

▪ Signs and symptoms

▪ Diagnosis of the disorder

▪ Complications, if any

▪ Treatment and plane effects


Conclusion should grasp the aftercited:


▪ Brief hint of prevalent or projected elimination that may significantly collision the

▪ disorder.

▪ Prevention strategies if any

▪ Your instinct / opinion


NOTE: you must centre on the division & physiology of the disorder/disorder. Cover

the natural division & physiology of the organ regularity unnatural and then propound what the

disease/disorder does to this organ regularity, and other organ regularitys. In other utterance, if

you are picking tuberculosis, I do not omission you to go too abundant in particular encircling the

bacteria that causes it but how the bacteria avoid our matter’s defenses and what the

bacteria do to the lungs, bones, etc.