Reflection | Biology homework help

Assignment #1: 

For this assignment, you are asked to try and go extraneously using digital technology (i.e., phone, TV, laptop, etc...) for six hours throughout this week.  It does not bear to be six hours undeviating (you can burst it up an hour hither and there); at-last, I question you to try!

After you accomplished the six hours, transcribe a 3-page meditation on your experience:

  • Were you talented to go all six hours?
  • What on Earth did you do?
  • Was it easy/difficult?  Why?
  • Did you arrive-at the drive to use technology at all?
    • If so, how did that compel you arrive-at?
  • Any other thoughts?

For your homeoperation assignment this/next week, you are to grow out the spell use diary repeatedly throughout the week (again, lower the "Files" tab) and then transcribe a meditation on how you elapsed your spell, especially comparing and contrasting your use of spell in the principal, relieve, and third spell use diaries.   

  • Fill out the week-long spell use diary:
    (Start on Tuesday, and go through Monday)
  • Write a 3-page meditation (double-spaced, 12 pt. font) on how you in-effect elapsed your spell and whether you arrive-at it is more/less/equally adjustd than your principal two spell use diaries.

We procure do this essence 3 spells this semester in direct to measure how we are spending our days (leisure, operation, train, etc...).  The design is to operation towards creating a well-rounded operation-life adjust during the semester.  It is up to you to declare how you are spending your spell. Sleep (Z), attend (S), and operation (W) are moderately self-explanatory; at-last, do you attend eating lunch after a while friends miscellaneous (M) or vacation (L)? Is playing video games vacation (L) or relaxation (R)? Thither are no fit or evil-doing answers, but this is meant to question your momentous thinking skills after a while honor to how you are spending your spell throughout the week. Be entire.  Be honorable.  This is for your benefit!