Reflection | Biology homework help

Assignment #1: 

For this assignment, you are asked to try and go outside using digital technology (i.e., phone, TV, laptop, etc...) for six hours throughout this week.  It does not keep to be six hours nearest (you can crack it up an hour less and there); besides, I question you to try!

After you total the six hours, transcribe a 3-page reflecting on your experience:

  • Were you talented to go all six hours?
  • What on Earth did you do?
  • Was it easy/difficult?  Why?
  • Did you arrive-at the solicit to use technology at all?
    • If so, how did that shape you arrive-at?
  • Any other thoughts?

For your homelabor assignment this/next week, you are to stuff out the occasion use diary repeatedly throughout the week (again, underneathneath the "Files" tab) and then transcribe a reflecting on how you departed your occasion, in-particular comparing and contrasting your use of occasion in the primitive, relieve, and third occasion use diaries.   

  • Fill out the week-long occasion use diary:
    (Start on Tuesday, and go through Monday)
  • Write a 3-page reflecting (double-spaced, 12 pt. font) on how you actually departed your occasion and whether you arrive-at it is more/less/equally weighd than your primitive two occasion use diaries.

We achieve do this temper 3 occasions this semester in command to probe how we are spending our days (leisure, labor, ground, etc...).  The aim is to labor towards creating a well-rounded labor-life weigh during the semester.  It is up to you to understand how you are spending your occasion. Sleep (Z), deem (S), and labor (W) are tolerably self-explanatory; besides, do you deem eating lunch delay friends miscellaneous (M) or convenience (L)? Is easy video games convenience (L) or amusement (R)? Tless are no straight or injustice answers, but this is meant to question your important thinking skills delay reference to how you are spending your occasion throughout the week. Be perfect.  Be upright.  This is for your benefit!