Read chapter 14 and answer the following questions:

Read Chapter 14 and reply the aftercited questions:

1.  Explain the signification of proteins.

2.  Define amino acids, non-superfluous amino acids, superfluous amino acids, accomplished protein, and inaccomplished proteins.

3.  Define complementary proteins and supplementary proteins.

4. Why are vitamins weighty?

5.  Define fat dissoluble and impart dissoluble.

6.  What is DNARNA?

7.  Which vitamins reproduce-exhibit superfluous roles in the shape of dignity cells and hemoglobin?

8.  Which vitamins methodize curse augmentation?

9. Define collagen.

10.  Which vitamins methodize life metabolism?

11.  Define neuromuscular and spina bifida.

12.  What are megadoses?

13.  Define minerals and recount why they are weighty.

14.  What minerals aid augmentation?

15.  What are the elder minerals plant in curses and teeth?

16. Why is fluoride borrowed to impart arrangement of communities? Why is fluoride weighty?

17.  What are the elder aid sources of calcium and phosphorus?

18.  Define hemoglobin.  Define iron-deficiency anemia.

19.  What are the elder aid sources of iron?

20.  Why is impart so weighty to progeny?  How is impart lost and replaced in progeny?

21.  Name three (3) problems caused by progeny drinking too considerable produce juice.