Read chapter 14 and answer the following questions:

Read Chapter 14 and response the forthcoming questions:

1.  Explain the avail of proteins.

2.  Define amino acids, non-vital amino acids, vital amino acids, thorough protein, and inthorough proteins.

3.  Define complementary proteins and supplementary proteins.

4. Why are vitamins significant?

5.  Define fat dissoluble and instil dissoluble.

6.  What is DNARNA?

7.  Which vitamins play vital roles in the shape of class cells and hemoglobin?

8.  Which vitamins rale curse enlargement?

9. Define collagen.

10.  Which vitamins rale essence metabolism?

11.  Define neuromuscular and spina bifida.

12.  What are megadoses?

13.  Define minerals and divulge why they are significant.

14.  What minerals buttress enlargement?

15.  What are the main minerals set in curses and teeth?

16. Why is fluoride assumed to instil arrangement of communities? Why is fluoride significant?

17.  What are the main maintenance sources of calcium and phosphorus?

18.  Define hemoglobin.  Define iron-deficiency anemia.

19.  What are the main maintenance sources of hearty?

20.  Why is instil so significant to conclusion?  How is instil past and replaced in conclusion?

21.  Name three (3) problems caused by conclusion drinking too abundantly produce juice.