Problems 1-14 through 1-22 and all solutions

Problems 1-14 through 1-22 and All solutions

1-14 : Gina Fox has agoing her own audience, Foxy Shirts, which manufactures imprinted shirts for appropriate occasions. Since she has exact begun this influence, she ruptures the equipment from a national printing treasury when essential. The require of using the equipment is $350. The materials used in one shirt require $8, and Gina can dispose-of these for $15 each. (a) If Gina dispose-ofs 20 shirts, what abound her entirety return be? What abound her entirety changeserviceserviceable require be? (b) How abundant shirts must Gina dispose-of to sever flush? What is the entirety return for this? 1-15 : Ray Bond dispose-ofs handcrafted yard apparatus at county unspotteds. The changeserviceserviceable require to fabricate these is $20 each, and he dispose-ofs them for $50. The require to rupture a booth at the unspotted is $150. How abundant of these must Ray dispose-of to sever flush? 1-16 : Ray Bond, from Problem 1-15, is reserved to furnish a new supplier that abound subjugate his changeserviceserviceable require of evolution to $15 per individual. If he was serviceserviceserviceable to abound in reducing this require, what would the sever-flush object be? 1-17 : Katherine D’Ann is planning to finance her seed-plot arrange by dispose-ofing programs at the football recreations for State University. There is a unwandering require of $400 for printing these programs, and the changeserviceserviceable require is $3. There is so a $1,000 fee that is hired to the university for the straight to dispose-of these programs. IF Katherine was serviceserviceserviceable to dispose-of programs for $5 each, how abundant would she feel to dispose-of in arrange to sever flush? 1-18 : Katherine D’Ann, from Problem 1-17, has grace solicitous that sales may droop, as the team is on a formidable losing streak, and trappings has droopen off. In truth, Katherine believes that she abound dispose-of simply 500 programs for the contiguous recreation. If it was practicable to train the dispose-ofing appraisement of the program and quiescent dispose-of 500, what would the appraisement feel to be for Katherine to sever flush by dispose-ofing 500? 1-19 : Farris Billiard Supply dispose-ofs all types of billiard equipment, and is because manufacturing their own stigma of pool cues. Mysti Farris, the evolution director, is currently investigating the evolution of a criterion lineage pool cue that should be very approved. Upon analyzing the requires, Mysti determines that the materials and work require for each cue is $25, and the unwandering require that must be ripe is $2,400 per week. After a while a dispose-ofing appraisement of $40 each, how abundant pool cues must be sold to sever flush? What would the entirety return be at this sever-flush object? 1-20 : Mysti Farris (See Problem 1-19) is because rising the dispose-ofing appraisement of each cue to $50 instead of $40. If this is effected period the requires stay the corresponding, what would the new sever-flush object be? What would the entirety return be at this sever-flush object? 1-21 : Mysti Farris (See Problem 1-19) believes that there is a elevated chance that 120 pool cues can be sold if the dispose-ofing appraisement is right set. What dispose-ofing appraisement would contingency the sever-flush object to be 120? 1-22 : Golden Age Departure Planners appropriateizes in providing financial education for peculiars planning for a comfortserviceserviceable departure. The audience offers seminars on the weighty question of departure planning. For a customary seminar, the opportunity ruptureal at a hotel is $1,000, and the require of advertising and other incidentals is environing $10,000 per seminar. The require of the materials and appropriate gifts for each watchee is $60 per peculiar accompanying the seminar. The audience charges $250 per peculiar to watch the seminar as this seems to be competitive after a while other companies in the corresponding calling. How abundant peculiars must watch each seminar for Golden Age to sever flush?