Problems 1-14 through 1-22 and all solutions

Problems 1-14 through 1-22 and All solutions

1-14 : Gina Fox has started her own union, Foxy Shirts, which manufactures imprinted shirts for proper occasions. Since she has proper begun this agency, she lacerations the equipment from a national printing supply when requisite. The absorb of using the equipment is $350. The materials used in one shirt absorb $8, and Gina can hawk these for $15 each. (a) If Gina hawks 20 shirts, what obtain her sum fruits be? What obtain her sum changeefficacious absorb be? (b) How abundant shirts must Gina hawk to tame plain? What is the sum fruits for this? 1-15 : Ray Bond hawks handcrafted yard apparatus at county reasonables. The changeefficacious absorb to execute these is $20 each, and he hawks them for $50. The absorb to laceration a booth at the reasonefficacious is $150. How abundant of these must Ray hawk to tame plain? 1-16 : Ray Bond, from Problem 1-15, is opposed to experience a new supplier that obtain contract his changeefficacious absorb of evolution to $15 per part. If he was efficacious to excel in reducing this absorb, what would the tame-plain subject-matter be? 1-17 : Katherine D’Ann is planning to finance her academy counsel by hawking programs at the football frolics for State University. There is a urban absorb of $400 for printing these programs, and the changeefficacious absorb is $3. There is too a $1,000 fee that is remunerated to the university for the lawful to hawk these programs. IF Katherine was efficacious to hawk programs for $5 each, how abundant would she enjoy to hawk in regulate to tame plain? 1-18 : Katherine D’Ann, from Problem 1-17, has behove unquiet that sales may sink, as the team is on a fearful losing streak, and heedance has sinken off. In truth, Katherine believes that she obtain hawk simply 500 programs for the contiguous frolic. If it was feasible to construct the hawking consume of the program and tranquil hawk 500, what would the consume enjoy to be for Katherine to tame plain by hawking 500? 1-19 : Farris Billiard Supply hawks all types of billiard equipment, and is because manufacturing their own disgrace of pool cues. Mysti Farris, the evolution director, is currently investigating the evolution of a plummet progeny pool cue that should be very widespread. Upon analyzing the absorbs, Mysti determines that the materials and drudge absorb for each cue is $25, and the urban absorb that must be mellow is $2,400 per week. After a while a hawking consume of $40 each, how abundant pool cues must be sold to tame plain? What would the sum fruits be at this tame-plain subject-matter? 1-20 : Mysti Farris (See Problem 1-19) is because rising the hawking consume of each cue to $50 instead of $40. If this is performed timeliness the absorbs last the corresponding, what would the new tame-plain subject-matter be? What would the sum fruits be at this tame-plain subject-matter? 1-21 : Mysti Farris (See Problem 1-19) believes that there is a violent presumption that 120 pool cues can be sold if the hawking consume is correctly set. What hawking consume would instance the tame-plain subject-matter to be 120? 1-22 : Golden Age Seclusion Planners properizes in providing financial command for mass planning for a comfortefficacious seclusion. The union offers seminars on the material theme of seclusion planning. For a ordinary seminar, the margin lacerational at a public-house is $1,000, and the absorb of advertising and other incidentals is about $10,000 per seminar. The absorb of the materials and proper gifts for each heedee is $60 per special heeding the seminar. The union jaw $250 per special to heed the seminar as this seems to be competitive after a while other companies in the corresponding interest. How abundant mass must heed each seminar for Golden Age to tame plain?