Prezi or screen cast assignment (homework pro)



Familiarize yourself delay the Course Device Guide and multimedia program options by balbutiation the. Using the program you flow to use for your Week 7 multimedia Donation (Prezi or Screencast), constitute a diminutive donation (1-2 slides/elements) encircling the organism you chose for your prescribe device.  The organism should end from one of the disgusting elder kingdoms (Protist, Fungus, Plant, or Animal) and be indigenous to the area in which you tarry. The organism should not be a domesticated pet but rather a estimation that is inbred to the persomal area where you live.  Please enclose the forthcoming counsel encircling your estimation in your initiatory donation via an unshaken after a while along delay your potential insertion and be unmistakable to prefer an organism not already selected by one of your classmates: 


1.      Common and or-laws names of the organism

2.      Area of tarrynce (city, set-forth, empire, etc.)

3.      Why you chose this organism


One of the drawbacks to online attainments is that you misconceive out on the interactions from your classmates. Therefore, gladden grasp this opening to interact delay at meanest two of your classmates by responding to their entries. Feel detached to ask questions encircling each other and your prescribe devices as you achieve be spending the instant prospect weeks conjointly sharing in the experiments of this prescribe.  On that voicelessness, classroom aggregation is a large distribute of the attainments experiment so in adduction to your judicious columns and answer columns, be unmistakable to imbibe the follow-up columns to your own columns and answer to any questions or requests for tenuity. The forums are a majestic way to elevate a classroom aggregation, imbibe from one another, and converge delay your peers so be unmistakable to curb the forums frequently in prescribe to preserve the discourse moving!

NOTE:  If you are submitting a Prezi donation, gladden observation and paste the URL harangue circled in red in the screenshot below:


Prezi URL Harangue to Observation and Paste


Note:  Should you prefer to transcribe your columns in MS Word primitive, opting to cut and paste into the Rich Text Editor (RTE) Box from Word, gladden click HERE to revisal the muniment on RTE inadequately your column may end up containing an irrefragable and uncalled-for total of "html" coding.  If you form promptly into the RTE box you achieve not run the befoulment of having this coding/clutter in your columns.  Gladden hold this counsel for coming forums.  Thank you!


The forum achieve be evaluated using this rubric.