Powerpoint 4-5 slides. | Biology homework help

You procure do the powerpoint instrument grounded on the advice that in the expression instrument, SO Don't fret encircling the say dissect, I procure add my say posterior when u done. You can 

It is main the spoken history factor, and your say procure be the original conveyance of your communication and the visuals procure state a sustaining role. You neglect your say and visuals to achievement coincidently and not rival for circumspection, so you should minimize the number of expressions on each slide and maximize the use of visual elements, including photographs, illustrations, and graphs. 

PowerPoint: You are required to apprehend a synthesis of passage, visuals, and logician notes in appoint to aid your PowerPoint offer. 

You procure yield this milestone as two instruments: a offer exhaust in PowerPoint that procure apprehend visuals and a Word instrument ( < I did this) after a while your logician notes. Milestone Four provides you after a while an occasion to obtain precious feedback from your tutor that you can condense into your ultimate contrivance surrender. 

Prompt: In this milestone, you procure set-out assembling your multimedia offer. Create a multimedia offer exhaust using visuals* to sonorous your plan to address the factors you forcible antecedent. 

Powerpoint Should be almost 4 to 5 offer slides.  in protraction after a while 2 to 3 pages of logician notes.(I did the avoid dissect)