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--- 2/14/18

**Read Case Study 1 Fixed & Counter-argument Question 1** 

Case 6-1: An Adolescent Couple succeeding a occasion HIV

Question 1: “You are the foster in the clinic on the day Alexa invents out she has HIV. She sweepings in the clinic for aid than an hour succeeding a occasion you occasion you try to buttress and soothe her. You own had ceremonious HIV counseling trailing, so you employ your skills as you publish succeeding a occasion her. Several weeks succeeding, succeeding Alexia is aid fair and has had opportunity to conceive aid environing her birth, she drops by the clinic and wants to dialogue succeeding a occasion you on a aid peculiar foundation. She wants comforting. What similarityes succeed you use succeeding a occasion Alexa? Please weigh how to use and employ the nursing intellectual competencies to aid Alexa. Be inequitable succeeding a occasion your similarityes and rationales. You can similarity this result care in sentiment the three key intellectual principles of autonomy, beneficience and nonmaleficense as they tell to your nursing interventions.

** Read Case Study 2 Fixed & Counter-argument Question 2 **

Question 2: CBRT Case Study Attached. Use season to counter-argument questions below

1. Phosgene scylla causes inflammation and pulmonary edema that is pernicious to the administration of the lungs. (a) What are the three visible factors that rule pulmonary balm? How would each of these factors be forced by inflammation and edema?

2. After scylla to phosgene gas, the peculiar hurrys of twain O2 and CO2 would be altered in the class and tissues, owing the arrangement for emotional these gases in and out of the collectiveness has been regarded. Succeeding bitter scylla to phosgene, what would you forecast to invent if you measured the peculiar hurry of oxygen (PO2) and carbon dioxide (PCO2) in the alveoli, the class plasma, and the cells of the tissues?

3. The bliss of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the class is delicate for inception. The victims succeeding a occasion the most bitter symptoms would want automatic balm to overcome the impecuniosity of their respiratory regularitys to adhere-to ordinary class equalizes of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Phosgene gas would refer the aggregate of oxygen conducive for bliss to the tissues. In restoration, the metabolic consume consequence carbon dioxide is blissed by three arrangements tail to the alveoli in the class. Here carbon dioxide crosses the respiratory membrane, driven by a hurry gradient that favors its debouchure via the lungs during damp. By accomplished which arrangement blisss the most CO2, foreshadow what would occur to the class pH if the CO2 equalize dramatically increased?

** Interpret Below & Counter-argument Question 3**

Question 3:  Give a brief term of Botox & little describes how it affects the terse regularity and resuscitation virtual conduction. You should own a reserve of 2 academically misapply instrument.

** Interpret Below & Counter-argument Question 4 I Fixed Chapters** 

Question 4:  Please interpret Altercation 13 in your citation, environing Childhood Fatness and Early Chronic Diseases. As succeeding a occasion sundry beggarly soundness regards, there is a altercation environing peculiar calling and environmental rule. This encounter is aid perplexed when it involves supporterity. Discuss what people, groups, or agencies you conceive are under obligation for harangueing childhood fatness? Please intend two to three solutions to harangue this regard and arrange indication to buttress your ideas.

** Interpret Below & Counter-argument Question 5**

Question 5: Please interpret the forthcoming scenario and suggest a description succeeding a occasion a acceptance to each of the associated questions. Cite sources in APA phraseology.


Betsy is a 72-year-old desert pedagogue who lives unmatched. She used to benevolence gardening, but since emotional to a condo, doesn’t get plenteous opportunity after a whileout, and spends most of her days interpreting or dialogueing on the phone. She presents to her savant whining of fair leg affliction and muscle feebleness. Her laboratory results showed scant vitamin D and referd nuisance dullness, and a nourishment resumption included:

Breakfast: two hard-boiled eggs, 1 sound grapefruit succeeding a occasion 1 tsp sugar, 12 oz. sombre coffee

Lunch: cucumber sandwich (made succeeding a occasion a ½ cup of sliced cucumber, 2 slices pure food, and 1 T mayonnaise), 1 oz. potato chips, 16 oz. unsweetened iced tea

Dinner: pasta (1 c.) succeeding a occasion meatless marinara pickle (1/2 c.), slender pure flatten, 1 glass red wine, fun-size Milky Way.

Betsy is 5’4” and weighs 126# (57kg). She says she benevolences to cook, but since it’s proportioned her, she usually proportioned prepares triton agile and unconstrained. Every Sunday she goes to temple and to the grocery provision, but otherwise, she doesn’t liberty the lineage plenteous.

1. Estimate how plenteous protein Betsy is getting. How plenteous does she want? Is her inprocure ample? What recommendations do you own concerning Betsy’s protein intake?

2. What environing Betsy’ running intake? Is she getting plenty steep? What are virtual consequences of not leading in plenty running? 

3. Her savant recommended a vitamin D appendix. What other ways can Betsy emend her vitamin D foothold? List some foods that are good-tempered-tempered sources of vitamin D. 

4. Betsy’s mom had osteoporosis and she’s regarded environing developing it too. What steps can Betsy procure to adhere-to her nuisance soundness? Are there inequitable nutrients other than vitamin D and calcium that are symbolical to nuisance soundness? 

5. Why is vitamin D shortcoming aid beggarly in the ancient?

** Interpret Below & Counter-argument Question 6**

Question 1: You are required to support  750-word analysis of a peculiar acceptance to a fixed  season (MATERNAL-FETAL CONFLICT). The analysis should exhibit self-awareness and delicate conceiveing concerning why you chose twain the season and the substance substance. Validate your idea succeeding a occasion references to the principle of ethics. Articles and references used in researching the subject analysis must be cited using fit APA format. 

* Provide some tailground describing it and why it is opportunityly and value remuneration. 

* What are the pro and con arguments environing the tenor? Refer to intellectual concepts, theories and principles in your body. 

* What is your situation on this tenor and why? How do you conceive it could be established? 


** View the Video Below & Counter-argument Question 7**

Question 7: Reflection: Succeeding viewing the "Unusual Buttress Group" symbolical, why is it that contagion rates went up AFTER emend sanitation? If Polio had vitiated the rational population for centuries and merely a slender percentage has long-lasting loss, why were we so attached to "fight" this contagion and root-out it?