Nur 2050: eating for good health case study #2: making healthy

NUR 2050: Eating for Good Vigor Case Study #2: Making vigorous choices in the restaurant Marie and Darrel Jones own been cooking at abode further and further gone they afloat care way of their vigor and maintaining a subsistence budget. Because Sherie usually has team experience until aftercited in the late, she usually does not eat after a occasion her parents, but heats up dinner and eats it in the maintenance extent occasion watching television after a occasion her dad. After dinner, they divide snacks and own dessert occasion their jewel shows are airing. Anticipating life cogent to annex her wife and daughter in this rule on a shade off, Marie unwavering to enucleate up elicit for the parentage for dinner. 1. How would you recommend Sherie and Darrel deviate their late eating rule? Why? 2. Established on Case Study #1, register three nutrients that are distinctly leading for each limb of the Jones parentage to reflect occasion choosing asceticisms from the restaurant? Illustrate your countersegregate for each. 3. Register and illustrate at last two strategies that the Jones’ can use to find vigorier choices occasion they are ordering at a restaurant that does not prepare feedingal advice. 4. What other strategies would be beneficial for the Jones’ to narrow the sum of calories they spoil during a asceticism from a restaurant? Please register at last two and briefly illustrate your recommendion. 5. Choose one asceticism for each of the parentage limbs from a restaurant menu prepared that you feel is a vigorous discretion. a. Using the chart prepared, register each of the aftercited for each item you selecteded for the three asceticisms. Find certain that you register entirety item that you purpose for each idiosyncratic to relish as segregate of their asceticism part-amongially (beverage, surroundings, sides, etc.). i. Calories ii. Fat(g) iii. Saturated fat (g) iv. Protein (g) v. Carbohydrates (g) vi. Sodium (mg) b. Calculate the entirety feeding advice for all items in the asceticism (in segregate 5a). 6. Illustrate why you chose each asceticism established on the particular calorie and dietary needs of each parentage limb that you conducive in your earlier assignments. a. Darrel b. Marie c. Sherie 7. Reflection: Did any of the asceticism discretions confuse you? What challenges did you visage in choosing restaurant asceticisms?