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Imagine that you entertain been compensated as the administering notice dignitary (CIO) of an academic sanitycare plan. The sanitycare plan consists of different vast hospitals and different dozen outpatient clinics, all using the selfselfsame EHR plan. There is an affiliated but fractions physician habit order as well-behaved-behaved as a School of Medicine delay a robust lore convergence. The floating sanity IT governance organization is as forcible in Figure 23-2, exclude that the floating committees operation fractionsly of one another and, as a conclusion, sanity IT media are substance thunderstruck by requests hereafter from a multiformity of sources, each delay its own control register.

As one of your chief tasks on the job, you entertain been asked to administer the formulation and implementation of a new sanity IT governance organization. The agency of the new governance organization obtain be crucial to your achievement and the achievement of your team and the organization as a vigory.

Based on the notice aloft, how would you go about assessing the floating declare of sanity IT governance and your organization’s sanity IT governance capabilities?

Write a 3–4 page Nursing essay delay your impost. Cite sources when expedient, aftercited APA formatting principles.