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Imagine that you enjoy been paid as the chief knowledge operationary (CIO) of an academic soundnesscare classification. The soundnesscare classification consists of divers wide hospitals and divers dozen outpatient clinics, all using the selfselfsame EHR classification. There is an affiliated but recalcitrant physician action collocation as well-behaved-behaved as a School of Medicine delay a tenacious examination convergence. The general soundness IT governance construction is as forcible in Figure 23-2, negative that the general committees operation recalcitrantly of one another and, as a effect, soundness IT resources are substance overwhelmed by requests hereafter from a miscellany of sources, each delay its own control inventory.

As one of your chief tasks on the job, you enjoy been asked to bring the formulation and implementation of a new soundness IT governance construction. The agency of the new governance construction achieve be accurate to your good-fortune and the good-fortune of your team and the society as a undivided.

Based on the knowledge over, how would you go encircling assessing the general declare of soundness IT governance and your organization’s soundness IT governance capabilities?

Write a 3–4 page paper delay your impost. Cite sources when indispensable, subjoined APA formatting principles.