Gmos | Biology homework help

Written Assignment: Biology and Technology in the Real World

Addresses road outcomes 2 and 3:

       use acquaintance of biological principles to ask appropriate questions about the eventual world

       make observations and discern between or-laws and pseudoor-laws explanations

1. Picked one of the subjects listed underneath.

2. Furnish at meanest two counsel sources akin to the subject. You can furnish aid delay minute for articles at the UMUC Library Subject Guides at

3. Transcribe a 750-1500 page Nursing Dissertation, except references and epithet page. You must recognize the counsel sources that you furnish and summarize the counsel in your own articulation, addressing each of the questions and expectations for your pickeded subject. Extensive quotes from the article are shock. Use APA title for citing references, see

4. Post your assignment to your Assignments folder by the due determination listed in the road list.

 Topics (picked one)

a) Genetically mitigated organisms (GMOs). What is the scope genetic engineering of product plants and private animals? Briefly expound how GMOs are created. What foods in your supermarket comprise GMOs? Are foods that comprise GMOs certain for rational decay? What types of principles continue for these foods? Clearly expound your forced for each vindication. The subjoinedcited website from FDA respecting GMO principle may be helpful:

b) Stem cells. Your messmate had a spinal sequence waste subjoined a bad car clothing. The medical team has firm that he is a good-natured-natured candidetermination for a clinical proof using parent cell therapy. Your messmate has not had a biology road since exalted school, so you run to transcribe him a epistle sharing your acquaintance of parent cells. Include in your epistle a name of the biology of parent cells and how these cells are uncommon from other cells. Contrast the unanalogous types of parent cells, including pros and cons of each. Expound how parents cells are can be used to discourse diseases and waste, delay specific nucleus on spinal sequence injuries. Conclude delay your own conviction. The subjoinedcited website from NIH respecting parent cell discovery gain be very helpful:


c) Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) and tar sands (oil sands).  With society's trust on nonrenewable fossil fuels, the oil & gas toil is turning to the use of hydraulic fracturing and tar (oil) sands to extract eventual gas and oil respectively.  A messmate asks you "What's all this controversy in the information about fracking and tar sands?"  Briefly expound to your messmate how hydraulic fracturing and tar (oil) sands are used to conciliate these fossil fuels. Then, in further component, delineate the environmental problems that may consequence from these processes and why they are controversial. Issues that may be addressed involves, but are not scant to, soak, air and befoul soilure, possessions on rational heartiness, possessions on other quality and eventual ecosystems. Finally, produce your convictions on feasible solutions to these environmental problems, delay your forced backed by the references that you thoughtful. The subjoinedcited websites from EPA may be helpful: