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Assignment Instructions

Assignment 3: The Presentation

Objective:  Lay-open an audio-narrated PowerPoint introduction established on the discovery you keep conducted about your severedd medical state or disease

Assignment Instructions:  Using the way purpose steps completed to continuance, you earn lay-open your introduction established on the result you referted for Assignments 1 and 2 as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as the feedend you were ardent.

To equip for this assignment, I applaud that you do the aftercited:

  • Read these plainions carefully.
  • Review the introduction grading rubric under.  The grading rubric is a specific evaluation that I earn use to assess your operation.  It too earn aid you conceive what is awaited of you as you equip your assignment.
  • Message me after a while any questions!

Presentation requirements:

  • Your introduction earn be referted as an audio-narrated PowerPoint, narrated by you, the student.  You cannot use "text-to-speech" programs or technology that do the fact for you true notable as an common gift in a floating DSA epistle you keep replete to me.  For instructions on how to constitute audio fact in PowerPoint, see the aftercited link: Record a Slide Show After a while NarrationAudio fact is a requirement!
  • There must be a visual component (e.g., photos, videos, graphs, figures).
  • Your presentation must embrace approximately 10-15 slides (notwithstanding regards) and run approximately 5-10 minutes.
  • Please voice that close than 10% of your introduction should embrace plain quotes.
  • Proper use and pronunciation of or-laws terminology are required.  For aid after a while pronunciation, see this link:  Meriam-Webster Medical Dictionary
  • Be unquestioning to properly adduce your result, twain interior to the introduction as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as after a whilein the regard slide (this embraces photos, graphs, figures, videos, etc.).
  • All regards catalogueed on the regard slide should be adduced interiorly after a whilein the introduction, and crime versa.
  • You earn refer this introduction to your classmates to critique and sift-canvass as a sunder of the Week Eight Forum.

The required components: Your introduction should embrace the aftercited components in the straightforward catalogueed under. 

In abstracted, I await that any feedend supposing to you from Assignment 1: Annotated Bibliography and Assignment 2: The Outline be incorporated into this assignment. Please go end and critique those comments. I.  Introduction Slide(s) – this individuality must embrace the aftercited:A.  Student IntroductionB.  Topic choice and infer for selectingC.  Definition of medical state or diseaseD.  Fact of medical state or diseaseII.  Content Slides – this individuality must embrace the aftercited filthy ocean subtopics (the subsections under each subtopic are applaudations to use if misapply to your disease/condition):A.  Statistics/Epidemiology 1.  Statistical influence (e.g., overall, gender, age) 2.  Types of distributions (e.g., frequencies, patterns) 3.  Types of determinants (e.g., causes, risk factors)B.  Financial Costs1.  Costs to the individual/family2.  Possible costs to society3.  Loss of productivityC.  Anatomy & Physiology/Etiology1.  The ordinary and abordinary building & discharge following the disease/condition2.  Cause(s) of the disease/conditionD.  Diagnosis/Treatments/Prognosis1.  How this disease/state is diagnosed (e.g., fact, exam, feature imaging, labs)2.  How the state/disease is treated (e.g., oral medical matters, choice methods of matter)3.  The premonstration of this disease/condition’s outcomeIII.  Conclusion Slide – this individuality must embrace filthy to six points that sum up the ocean topics of the introduction.IV.  Reference Slide(s) and Interior Citations – this individuality must embrace the aftercited:A.  Internal citations - This is not normal a severed individuality; rather, referencing should arise throughout the introduction via parenthetical citations anytime you exposition, fabricate plain quotes, or use visual components from other sources.  Please be unquestioning to adduce any phraseology, images, videos, etc. in the introduction that should be adduced. B.  Regard Slide - Your Nursing essay should too keep a terminal regard slide catalogueing 5-10 probable sources discoveryed for your introduction.  NOTE: This individuality is not middle in the slide number for your introduction. C.  Do not embrace your summary/evaluation from Assignment 1: Annotated Bibliography; merely catalogue the regards utilized in your introduction in APA format on the regard slide.