External forces and their impact on health care

External Forces and Their Application On Sanity Care


Health regard sort and security are not solely relative on the actions of inequitable furnishrs and institutions. A number of exterior securitys require a fathomless govern on what happens amid any single structure or the conduct of any inequitable furnishr. These exterior securitys enclose accreditation bodies, regulators, legislatures, insurers, and multifarious other entities. Sociopolitical securitys, including the arrangement and notorious view, also enact a role in how and how well-behaved-mannered-mannered sanity regard is supposing.


To qualify for this Discussion Question:


· Review this week’s Learning Resources.


· Choose a inequitable copy of an exterior security that governs sanity regard and security, as examineed in Chapter 2 of your Course Text.


Then, awaken how it governs sanity regard sort treatment. (The exterior security can enjoy minimal or big application on sort.) Finally, evaluate whether the application on sanity regard is definitive or disclaiming, providing appearance to help your pose.







The prevalent standard for the grant of sanity regard in the United States and other ability of the universe is fee-for-service. A new standard gaining in popularity is unreserved as pay-for-performance, or P4P. In the P4P standard, furnishrs are remunerated for how well-behaved-mannered-mannered they furnish regard, not how considerable regard they furnish. There are rewards for violent sort, prolific and serviceable regard and penalties for prodigality and medical errors. Whether or not P4P can train the standards of regard and/or inferior its consume is a subject of some disagreement.


To qualify for this Application Assignment:


Review the Learning Resources for this week that examine pay-for for-performance.

Find two subjoined creditable sources (i.e., intelligence sources, accreditation and sanity regard agencies, peer-reviewed journal tenets, etc.) that discourse the challenges of adopting a pay-for-performance advent for ensuring sort and security in sanity regard.


To accomplished this Application Assignment, transcribe a 3-page Nursing essay that discoursees the following:

Summarize and awaken the challenges examineed in the two sources you selected.

Select the two most indicative challenges to the prosperous gathering of a P4P advent, and illustrate why.