Essay: biology and technology in the real world

Written Assignment 2: Biology and Technology in the Real World

  Addresses plan outcomes 1, 3, 4: 

-recognize and declare how the philosophical regularity is used to reresolve heights

- ponder token and shape decisions fixed on strengths and limitations of philosophical comprehension and the philosophical regularity

 - use comprehension of biological principles and the philosophical regularity to ask bearing interrogations, lay-open hypotheses, describeing and influence experiments, declare results, and describe conclusions 

 This assignment succeed surrender you the turn to join-in in ongoing philosophical scrutiny.  For the elapsed different years, I own been concerned in ecological scrutiny in old-growth jungles in Wisconsin.  A superior height in divers woods is that the jungle foot is dominated by a grasslike record, Pennsylvania sedge (likely due to the effects of lofty deer populations).  Another height in divers areas is that dominant trees, such as unblemished decline and sugar maple, do not appearance prosperous plurality to restore old pines and maples that die.

 With subsistence from a UMUC Faculty Scrutiny Grant to originate this assignment, I serene facts this summer to oration the interrogation, "Does Pennsylvania sedge hinder rising of trees?"  Your assignment succeed be to prosper the steps of the philosophical regularity to criticise the scope facts to experience the fancy that sedge hinders tree plurality.  We succeed besides ponder a promote fancy that the sedge overspread lowers biodiversity.  You succeed besides be asked to originate new hypotheses from the facts. (You besides succeed be use the technology of Google Earth to ponder the con-over top.)

   You succeed be surrendern the contrast and specifics of the assignment in element during Week 4. The written rumor on the assignment succeed be due Monday 2 April at the end of Week 6 and excellence 15% of your grade.