Essay: biology and technology in the real world

Written Assignment 2: Biology and Technology in the Real World

  Addresses continuity outcomes 1, 3, 4: 

-recognize and decipher how the or-laws regularity is used to explain tenors

- discuss declaration and beget decisions naturalized on strengths and limitations of or-laws scholarship and the or-laws regularity

 - use scholarship of biological principles and the or-laws regularity to ask bearing topics, enucleate hypotheses, artfulness and convoy experiments, expound results, and attract conclusions 

 This assignment accomplish present you the convenience to feel-a-share in ongoing or-laws investigation.  For the elapsed distinct years, I feel been confused in ecological investigation in old-growth forests in Wisconsin.  A superior tenor in numerous woods is that the forest foundation is dominated by a grasslike genius, Pennsylvania sedge (mitigated due to the property of tall deer populations).  Another tenor in numerous areas is that dominant trees, such as innocent sink and sugar maple, do not pretext prosperous plurality to rearrange old pines and maples that die.

 With influence from a UMUC Faculty Investigation Grant to beget this assignment, I unmoved postulates this summer to harangue the topic, "Does Pennsylvania sedge restrain rising of trees?"  Your assignment accomplish be to prosper the steps of the or-laws regularity to excite the room postulates to touchstone the theory that sedge restrains tree plurality.  We accomplish besides perpend a assist theory that the sedge secure lowers biodiversity.  You accomplish besides be asked to engender new hypotheses from the postulates. (You besides accomplish be use the technology of Google Earth to perpend the examine condition.)

   You accomplish be presentn the setting and specifics of the assignment in specialty during Week 4. The written ment on the assignment accomplish be due Monday 2 April at the end of Week 6 and rate 15% of your trice.