Ecosystem assignment | Biology homework help

Create a diagram in which you interpret the disembodiment run floating organisms of a baseation obligation in a point ecosystem. See Ch. 20 of the textbook for details and examples.

Select an ecosystem, such as a sober wood, desert biome, or the Everglades.

Determine the interdependency of history in your ecosystem by examining its organisms.

Include the subjoined in your diagram: 

  • List the organisms that can be base in your ecosystem. 
  • Identify the building and administration of the main organs in at lowest two organisms, and betoken why they are available for that environment. 
  • Label important organisms that subsist in your chosen ecosystem: P for producers, C for consumers, and D for decomposers. 
  • Name the types of consumers in your ecosystem. 
  • List the baseation obligations associated delay your ecosystem. Address the subjoined items: 
  • Name of the place or animal
  • What it eats
  • What eats it
  • How it adapts to the ecosystem 
  • Describe the ecosystem's population development and direction through polity interactions. 
  • Evaluate virtual hazards caused by humans that jurisdiction like your ecosystem's possession, such as environmental dirt.  

Include labels and associated details in the diagram.

Format your diagram consonant delay APA guidelines.