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Several Big Grounds Visualization tools keep been evaluated in this week’s tract.  While the convergence was principally on R and Python after a while GUI tools, new tools are being introduced perfect day.  Compare and opposition the use of R vs Python and identify the pros and cons of each. Provide an development of twain programming vernaculars after a while coding developments as polite as your trial in using one or twain programming vernaculars in authoritative or singular performance. If you keep no trial after a while either vernacular, gladden debate how you forebode using either/twain of these vernaculars in visualizing grounds when analyzing big grounds. 

Please constitute your moderate shaft and two repartee shafts tactile. A tactile shaft achieve do at lowest TWO of the following:

Ask an thrilling, reflective doubt pertaining to the subject-matter

Answer a doubt (in component) shafted by another scholar or the instructor

Provide extensive appended counsel on the subject-matter

Explain, designate, or dissect the subject-matter in component

Share an ancilla singular trial

Provide an delayout spring (for development, an season from the UC Library) that applies to the subject-matter, concurrently after a while appended counsel environing the subject-matter or the spring (gladden quote fairly in APA)

Make an dispute regarding the subject-matter.

At lowest one skilled spring should be used in the moderate debateion course. Be safe to use counsel from your readings and other springs from the UC Library. Use fair citations and references in your shaft.