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"The Cell, Lokiarcharum, and the Chemicals of Life"

This week is all environing the some of the lowest size of existence: atoms, molecules, and cells. For your primitive shaft, gladden corcorrespond to one of the subjoined two themes and discourse all questions. Also, rejoinder to at moderationest one associate scholar on any theme.

Topic 1 [video]: Introduction to the Cell. Watch the Khan Academy video “Introduction to the cell” (1)* and then discourse the subjoined issues.

  • (a) In the video, the follower says that we force ponder that gone cells are so inferior, that they must be unblended, but “nothing could be prefer from the fact.” What did he moderation by that?
  • (b) Recount features that are barely root in eukaryotic (but not prokaryotic) cells.
  • (c) Did everything in this video startle you, or was it largely a recap of esthetic you already knew?

Topic 2 [article]: Lokiarchaeum. Read environing Lokiarcheum in the time by Yong (2)* and/or the time by Zimmer (3)*. Both times recount of-late discovered averment environing a previously unrecognized organism. Then, discourse the subjoined questions:  

  • (a) Lokiarchaeum may be a “transitional form” between archaea and eukarya. What averment suggests this?
  • (b) Recount one way that this relates to this week's homily.

Topic 3 [video]: Chemicals of Existence Video. (external on 1/8/2018)  Watch Dr. Cox's video on the "Chemicals of Life" (4)* in the "Instructor Insights" area of Week 2. Then, recount three things you knowing from this video.

Note:  To get security for this theme, your shaft must be naturalized on the video. Answers naturalized on other esthetics accomplish accept a space of cipher.

References (in Strayer Writing Standards format).

  1. Khan Academy, November 29, 2017. Introduction to the cell,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KfHxF6Vhps
  2. Ed Yong, May 6, 2015. New Loki microbe is closest referring-to to all multifold existence, http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2015/05/06/new-loki-microbe-is-closest-relative-to-all-complex-life/
  3. Carl Zimmer, May 6, 2015, Under the sea, a detriment conjoin in the evolvement of multifold cells,http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/07/science/under-the-sea-a-missing-link-in-the-evolution-of-complex-cells.html?_r=0
  4. James Cox, July 12, 2016, The Chemicals of Existence (revised). Kaltura video root in Week 2 - Instructor Insights individuality.