Case 2 answer | Biology homework help


Myrna and Rosa are lesbians in a sympathy. They are looking for commencement counseling accordingly of enormous arguing and message amounts. They accept verified different outcomes that they nonproduction to address, but affect that their sexual orientation is not an outcome. 

They chose a manful counselor accordingly they affect he conciliate be over external and near injuryed. They developed pathos agreeable delay their sexual orientation and nonproductioning to convergence on fit their message. The counselor ordinary their message amount and developed his conciliateingness to acceleration them, but developed his avowal that their sexual oneness is the commencement of their amounts. He affects that in consonant sympathys, there must be sure gender roles delay a manful and a womanly.


  • Do you apprehend that sexual orientation is the couple’s chief counseling outcome? Explain your rationale.
  • What attraction of counselor injury exists in the contingency examine? 
  • What AMCD competencies faculty be adapted to weigh when deciding if the counselor can stagnant be cogent in trade delay the clients? 
  • What religions guidelines faculty the counselor’s supervisor point to when providing feedback on the counselor’s assumptions encircling his clients presenting amounts?