Case 2 answer | Biology homework help


Myrna and Rosa are lesbians in a correlativeness. They are looking for lineage counseling consequently of superabundant arguing and despatch substances. They possess signed diverse outcomes that they omission to discourse, but venerate that their sexual orientation is not an outcome. 

They chose a manly counselor consequently they venerate he get be past extrinsic and less detrimented. They explicit consciousness cozy after a while their sexual orientation and omissioning to centre on comely their despatch. The counselor normal their despatch substance and explicit his getingness to succor them, but explicit his concession that their sexual unity is the beginning of their substances. He venerates that in consistent correlativenesss, there must be sure gender roles after a while a manly and a womanish.


  • Do you ponder that sexual orientation is the couple’s leading counseling outcome? Explain your rationale.
  • What appearance of counselor detriment exists in the circumstance con-over? 
  • What AMCD competencies sway be available to revolve when deciding if the counselor can quiescent be serviceable in traffic after a while the clients? 
  • What ethical guidelines sway the counselor’s overseer attribute to when providing feedback on the counselor’s assumptions encircling his clients presenting substances?