Bs101 lab 6 microarray mcqs

1. Genomics is the con-over of:
a. The construction and administration of mutations and how they diversify genetic traits.
b. Genes and the DNA successions betwixt genes and how they enumerate bud.
c. The advice granted by computer programs which analyzes mRNA.
d. The cosmical genome as paralleld to other vertebrate genomes.
2. Microarrays are a very beneficial dupe in genomics consequently they:
a. Aid scientists perpend intergenetic DNA by separating it from genes.
b. Provide a choice counsellor portion for polymerase manacle reactions.
c. Avow scientists to perpend thousands of genes all at unintermittently.
d. Decrease the spell it takes for scientists to perform copies of DNA.
3. Generally, integral cell in our whole contains the same 20,000 (or so) genes.  However, cells  in our whole are contrariant from each other consequently they:
a. Feel contrariant genes morose “on” or “off” to food contrariant administrations.
b. Contain contrariant copies of genes for contrariant administrations.
c. Provide contrariant nucleotide disingenuouss for each budal administration.
d. Administration contrariantly fixed on varying proteomics.

4. How can scientists enumerate the administration of or discords betwixt cell pointedions?  They can perpend the:
a. Number of nucleotide disingenuouss in genes versus intergenetic successions.
b. Amount of mRNA developed for each gene in a cell pointedion, and then parallel that advice betwixt cell pointedions.
c. Amount of mutations betwixt genes in the intergenetic spaces.
d. Number of tRNA copies for a defoot cell pointedion.

5. How is a microarray fabricated?  In each blemish, there are:
a. Copies of all the genes for an organism.
b. Multiple copies of one gene; each blemish has copies for a contrariant gene.
c. Multiple copies of intergenetic successions, which join to genes in the cases.
d. Copies of intergenetic successions, which aid the replication of DNA in a case.

6. The exemplification that begins in Chapter 3 of the hypocrisy seeks to confutation the question:
a. What is the discord betwixt intergenetic spaces in cancer cells versus sound cells?
b. Why do contrariant cell pointedions pointed contrariant amounts of mRNA?
c. How do contrariant cancer cells amount contrariant mutations?
d. What is the discord betwixt sound cells and cancer cells?

7. Why can’t doctors use cell mien to diagnose cancer?
a. Not all cancer cells face contrariant from sound cells.
b. Cancer cells are too narrow to perpend using cell mien.
c. Not all cancer cells are talented to be biopsied from the whole.
d. Cancer cells diversify mien when captured out of the whole.

8. In the exemplification, a solvent is adventitious to each cell pointedion (sound cells and cancer cells).  After the case tube containing each cell pointedion is adulterated on the commotion, the RNA is disjoined from the repose of the case in a centrifuge.  Why does DNA fix to the groundlabor of the tube and RNA doesn’t?
a. RNA is plenteous longer than DNA.
b. RNA is determined to proteins that aid it arrive in explanation.
c. DNA is determined to biomolecules that perpend it down and aid it fix to the groundwork.
d. DNA is plenteous longer than RNA.

9. What lineament does mRNA feel that tRNA and rRNA do not? mRNA always:
a. Contains a GABA box.
b. Contains a TATA succession.
c. Ends delay a G foot.
d. Ends delay a poly-A foot.

10. How do the beads in the support disunited mRNA from all other RNA?  The beads contain:
a. Sequences that magnetically disunited the mRNA.
b. A glue-like matter partial from spider webs.
c. Poly-T’s.
d. A succession of uracil’s that join to the Poly-A foot.

11. After you dissociate mRNA, you feel to perform a DNA portraiture.  Why can’t we harmonious use mRNA?
a. DNA is plenteous more sttalented than mRNA.
b. We feel to add a fluorescent delineate that succeed avow us to see the case.
c. mRNA succeed thus-far metamorphose into tRNA making it unusable.
d. A and B

12. Scientists overcome hybridization the key to microarrays.  Hybridization occurs when:
a. Two laudatory strands of DNA from contrariant sources join to each other.
b. Poly-A foots join to Poly-Ts.
c. Contrariant repute interbreed and beget new DNA disingenuous pairings.
d. Two strands of same DNA join delayout using the oral nucleotide pairs.

13. When you contemplate the microarray in the contemplatener, the postulates semblance some black blemishs.  What do these play?
a. The DNA that has been replicated in sound cells.
b. The mRNA that was washed abroad in the washing explanation.
c. The DNA that was not transcribed and developed in sound cells.
d. The mRNA that was not spring by Oligo-d-tails in the beads.

14. When you contemplate the microarray in the contemplatener, some blemishs are yellow and play places where the gene was developed in twain sound and cancer cells.  These blemishs discriminate us:
a. Where to face for mutations.
b. Where DNA hybridized in cancer cells.
c. That DNA pointedion didn’t diversify in these genes when cancer occurred.
d. That the microarray didn’t labor in these genes.

15. In our pattern, gene 6219 mRNA is made in twain sound and cancerous cells; nevertheless proteins are solely translated from that mRNA in sound cells.  Microarray dissection:
a. Shows us this blemish by making yellow blemishs.
b. Cannot semblance us this blemish, which is a retention of this pointedion of dissection.
c. Semblance us this blemish by making red blemishs.
d. Cannot semblance us this blemish, which is a favor of this pointedion of dissection.