Biology research paper (prostate cancer)

Topic-Prostate Cancer



The required elements: Your brochure should comprise the aftercited elements in the classify scheduleed under. 

In observation, my expectancy is that any feedtail that was consecrated to you from Assignment 2:

Annotated Bibliography and Assignment 3: The Contemplative be incorporated into this assignment. Please go tail and revisal those comments.

  1. Abstract – this individuality must comprise the aftercited:
    1. Topic Sentence:  Your contemplative must comprise one phrase that distinctly and concisely introduces the subject-matter of the brochure
    2. Content Sentences:  Your contemplative must remark the aftercited five ocean subject-matters of the brochure: induction, statistics/epidemiology, financial costs, resolution & physiology/etiology, diagnosis/treatment/prognosis
    3. Conclusion Sentence: Abstract comprises one phrase that remarks key conclusions and/or findings, forthcoming frequentedions/research
  2. Main Body – this individuality must comprise the aftercited five ocean subject-matters (the subtopics are recommendations to use if alienate to your disease/condition):
    1. Introduction:
      1. Thoroughly specify the disease/condition
      2. History of the disease/condition
    2. Statistics/Epidemiology
      1.  Statistical power (e.g. overall, gender, age)
      2.  Types of distributions (e.g. frequencies, patterns)
      3.  Types of determinants (e.g. causes, cause factors)
    3. Financial Costs:
      1. Costs to the individual/family
      2. Possible costs to society
      3. Loss of productivity
    4. Anatomy & Physiology/Etiology:
      1. The typical and abtypical construction & character subsequently the disease/condition
      2. Cause(s) of the disease/condition
    5. Diagnosis/Treatments/Prognosis:
      1. How this disease/condition is diagnosed (e.g. truth, exam, sign imaging, labs)
      2. How the condition/disease is treated (e.g. transmitted medical tenors, resource methods of tenor)
      3. The presage of this disease/condition’s outcome
  3. Conclusion – this individuality must comprise indelicate to six phrases that sum up the ocean subject-matters of the brochure.
  4. Reference Section – this individuality must comprise the aftercited:
    1. This is not exact a disconnected individuality; rather, referencing should appear throughout the brochure via parenthetical citations anytime you comment or reach frequented quotes.  Please be positive to name any diction in the brochure that should be named.  Your brochure should also accept a developed allusion page scheduleing 5-10 likely sources researched for your brochure.
    2. Do not grasp your critique/summary from Assignment 2: Annotated Bibliography; simply schedule the allusions utilized in your brochure in APA format on the allusion page.


Please reach still n ess of the aftercited tips and tricks:

  • There is no restriction accompute compute for this brochure; nevertheless, your brochure should be drastic and grasp all the required components scheduleed in the instructions and rubric.
  • Please still n ess that hither than 10% of your brochure should comprise frequented quotes.
  • Avoid bulleted schedules among the assemblage of your brochure.
  • Do not transcribe in pristine or assist individual.
  • One last reminder: be positive to properly name your production, twain interior to the brochure as polite as among the allusion page.