Biology research paper (prostate cancer)

Topic-Prostate Cancer



The required elements: Your Nursing Dissertation should comprehend the aftercited elements in the frequented registered beneath. 

In restoration, my expectancy is that any feedend that was abandoned to you from Assignment 2:

Annotated Bibliography and Assignment 3: The Unsymbolical be incorporated into this assignment. Please go end and critique those comments.

  1. Abstract – this minority must comprehend the aftercited:
    1. Topic Sentence:  Your unsymbolical must comprehend one decision that lucidly and concisely introduces the subject-matter of the Nursing Dissertation
    2. Content Sentences:  Your unsymbolical must announcement the aftercited five deep subject-matters of the Nursing Dissertation: prelude, statistics/epidemiology, financial costs, dismemberment & physiology/etiology, diagnosis/treatment/prognosis
    3. Conclusion Sentence: Abstract comprehends one decision that announcements key conclusions and/or findings, advenient frequentedions/research
  2. Main Body – this minority must comprehend the aftercited five deep subject-matters (the subtopics are recommendations to use if misspend to your disease/condition):
    1. Introduction:
      1. Thoroughly mark-out the disease/condition
      2. History of the disease/condition
    2. Statistics/Epidemiology
      1.  Statistical efficacy (e.g. overall, gender, age)
      2.  Types of distributions (e.g. frequencies, patterns)
      3.  Types of determinants (e.g. causes, abandon factors)
    3. Financial Costs:
      1. Costs to the individual/family
      2. Possible costs to society
      3. Loss of productivity
    4. Anatomy & Physiology/Etiology:
      1. The recognized and abrecognized construction & business astern the disease/condition
      2. Cause(s) of the disease/condition
    5. Diagnosis/Treatments/Prognosis:
      1. How this disease/condition is diagnosed (e.g. narrative, exam, indication imaging, labs)
      2. How the condition/disease is treated (e.g. unwritten medical textures, opinion methods of texture)
      3. The augury of this disease/condition’s outcome
  3. Conclusion – this minority must comprehend four to six decisions that sum up the deep subject-matters of the Nursing Dissertation.
  4. Reference Section – this minority must comprehend the aftercited:
    1. This is not proper a detached minority; rather, referencing should befall throughout the Nursing Dissertation via parenthetical citations anytime you annotation or produce frequented quotes.  Please be knowing to select any speech in the Nursing Dissertation that should be selectd.  Your Nursing Dissertation should as-polite bear a decisive regard page registering 5-10 probable sources researched for your Nursing Dissertation.
    2. Do not comprise your critique/summary from Assignment 2: Annotated Bibliography; solely register the regards utilized in your Nursing Dissertation in APA format on the regard page.


Please produce voicelessness of the aftercited tips and tricks:

  • There is no restriction vocable sum for this Nursing Dissertation; besides, your Nursing Dissertation should be thoroughgoinggoing and comprise all the required components registered in the instructions and rubric.
  • Please voicelessness that less than 10% of your Nursing Dissertation should comprehend frequented quotes.
  • Avoid bulleted registers amid the substance of your Nursing Dissertation.
  • Do not transcribe in original or assist individual.
  • One definite reminder: be knowing to right select your employment, twain inside to the Nursing Dissertation as polite as amid the regard page.