Biology and technology in the real world


PowerPoint Presentation: Biology and Technology in the Real World  (100 points)

Course Outcomes Addressed:

  • recognize and clear-up how the philosophical succession is used to explain problems
  • mould observations and separate between philosophical and pseudophilosophical explications
  • weigh declaration and mould resolutions installed on strengths and limitations of philosophical cognizance and the philosophical succession
  • use cognizance of biological principles, the philosophical succession, and expend technologies to ask apt questions, disclose hypotheses, delineation and commence experiments, represent ends, and delineate conclusions

1. Select one of the five questions adown.

a) Genetically mitigated patronage. Your daughter comes abode from ground a illiberal intricate.  In her abode economics class, her schoolmistress certified her that you accept probably been feeding her genetically mitigated patronages.  She did not easily perceive what was meant by genetically mitigated patronage.  In an undertake to aid her reform perceive, you ad a PowerPoint delivery in which you:   1) Clear-up the aim of genetically engineering outgrowth plants.  2) Clear-up how genetically mitigated patronages are educed, using the convenient principle of molecular biology in your explication.   3) Call a medley of patronages in your supermarket which are or inclose genetically mitigated patronages.  4) Clear-up whether genetically mitigated patronages are secured for anthropological expenditure.  Support your tally.   5) List the kinds of regulations that exist for genetically mitigated patronages. Help your tally.    6) Conclude behind a while your idea on whether genetically mitigated patronage should live to be effected and consumed, installed on instruction backed by original sources.

For aid, you agency pursuit the Patronage and Drug Administration website.

b) Stem cells. Your coadjutor suffered a spinal verse wear behind a devastating car additament. The medical team has unwavering that your coadjutor is a good-tempered-tempered solicitor for a clinical grief using root cell therapy.  Your coadjutor has not captured a biology method gone exalted ground, so he asks you encircling root cells.  In prescribe to aid your coadjutor mould an certified resolution encircling whether to invade the grief for root cell therapy, you ad a PowerPoint delivery in which you:  1) Describe the biology of root cells.   2) Describe how root cells are sole from other cells.  3) Opposition the divergent kinds of root cells.    4) List the pros and cons for each kind of root cell.   5) Clear-up how roots cells can be used to discuss spinal verse injuries, including instruction from at meanest one repursuit consider or clinical grief.   6) Conclude behind a while your idea on whether your coadjutor should enlist in the clinical grief installed on instruction backed by original sources.

The subjoined website from NIH respecting root cell repursuit obtain be very aidful:

c)  Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) and tar sands (oil sands). Behind a while society's faith on nonrenewable fossil fuels, the oil and gas toil is turning raise to the use of hydraulic fracturing and tar sands to collect unless gas and oil. Because you are such a scrupulous biology ward, a coadjutor asks you, "What's all this disputation in the intelligence encircling fracking and tar sands?" Showcasing your cognizance on the question, you ad a PowerPoint delivery in which you:  1) Explain the succession of hydraulic fracturing.   2) Clear-up the succession of tar sands collections.    3) Describe the environmental issues* that may end from hydraulic fracturing.   4) Describe the environmental issues* that may end from tar (oil) sands.        *Environmental issues that should be addressed include infiltrate, air and begrime contamination, behind a while a distinctive nucleus on global atmosphere change; possessions on anthropological health; possessions on other model and unless ecosystems.   5)  Clear-up why the environmental issues are controversial.    6) Conclude behind a while your ideas on feasible solutions to these environmental issues, behind a while your solutions backed you instruction from original sources.

The subjoined websites from EPA may be aidful:

d) Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) has been the most fresh breakthrough thread in bioengineering that enables scientists to edit DNA. Because you accept elaborate biology in this method, you accept volunteered at your niece’s Middle Ground Science Club to schoolmistress a ward argue encircling CRISPR. The wards obtain be watching the subjoined video antecedently the discussion: .  In prescribe to raise school them on the CRISPR succession, you ad a PowerPoint delivery in which you:  1) Clear-up what “CRISPR” is.   2) Clear-up the role that Cas9 plays in the CRISPR succession.   3) Clear-up how the CRISPR-Cas9 syroot snips and replaces any DNA forthcoming.   4) Clear-up how the CRISPR-Cas9 syroot differs from other gene editing tools.  5) List the immanent benefits and delineatebacks of gene editing. Include particular examples.  6) Conclude behind a while your idea on whether the intrinsic risks of modifying voluptuous DNA is worth the remunerate, behind a while your reasoning backed by instruction from original sources.

e) Vaccines. Your coadjutor is worried encircling the manifold vaccines that his newborn son is scheduled to assent-to and asks you for direction gone you are insertion a biology method. In prescribe to aid him mould an certified resolution encircling whether to sanction his son to be vaccinated, you ad a PowerPoint delivery in which you:  1) Clear-up how vaccines product.  2) Briefly opposition the oral successions used to educe vaccines behind a while raise freshly used biotechnology techniques.  3) List some of the diseases that babies and offspring in the USA are routinely vaccinated aggravate.   4) Share how vaccinations accept impacted the quantity of these diseases aggravate the departed 100 years.   5) List reasons why mass are worried encircling sanctioning their offspring to be vaccinated, including any philosophical declaration to help these concerns.  6) Conclude behind a while direction to your coadjutor respecting vaccinating his son, installed on what you well-informed from original instruction sources. 

2.  Find at meanest five creed akin to one of the questions selected from above (You can ascertain abettance behind a while pursuiting for creed at the UMUC Library Subject Guides at, and then educe a PowerPoint delivery according to the subjoined criteria:   

Presentation Format (20 points)  

Presentation label (1.5): Label your delivery behind a while your chief and last call and your selected question (GM Foods, Root Cells, Fracking/Tar Sands, CRISPR, or Vaccines).  For example:  Regina Miller – CRISPR; 

Title slide (2.5): delivery epithet, call, method, schoolmistress, due date

Presentation instruction slides (10): accurately 10 slides, not including epithet slide and intimation slide(s); 

Presentation font (3):  use 30-point font for ALL kind on slides (exclude for intimations which are 10-point: see adown)

Presentation creativity (3):  style, colors, and graphics obtain be considered

Presentation Content (60 points) 

Presentation Introduction (Slides 1 & 2): Purpose (5):  say the purpose of the delivery according to the question selected including the scenario granted for your question;  Background: (5) Provide a illiberal background on the question selected

Presentation Responses (Slides 3-10) Questions &. Help (40): corcorrespond to each of the five questions for the question selected helping each behind a while basis from original resource; Conclusion (10): Express personal conclusions installed on basis from original resources

Presentation Grammar (5) spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and judgment structure

Presentation References (15 Points) see

References number - (10) Use at meanest 5 divergent intimations ** DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA AS A REFERENCE **       

Slide intimations (2.5): use 10-point font in ground right-hand recess of slides                   

End intimations (2.5): use APA-formatting