Biology and technology in the real world


PowerPoint Presentation: Biology and Technology in the Real World  (100 points)

Course Outcomes Addressed:

  • recognize and elucidate how the or-laws adjust is used to reresolve problems
  • execute observations and divide betwixt or-laws and pseudoor-laws expositions
  • weigh deposition and execute resolutions domiciled on strengths and limitations of or-laws enlightenment and the or-laws adjust
  • use enlightenment of biological principles, the or-laws adjust, and misapply technologies to ask appropriate questions, clear hypotheses, guile and persuade experiments, explain remainders, and sketch conclusions

1. Select one of the five subject-matters adown.

a) Genetically qualified foundation. Your daughter comes residence from teach a small confoundd.  In her residence economics assort, her professor cognizant her that you possess probably been feeding her genetically qualified foundations.  She did not easily learn what was meant by genetically qualified foundation.  In an force to acceleration her emend learn, you provide a PowerPoint introduction in which you:   1) Elucidate the meaning of genetically engineering product plants.  2) Elucidate how genetically qualified foundations are composed, using the convenient article of molecular biology in your exposition.   3) Spectry a miscellany of foundations in your supermarket which are or inclose genetically qualified foundations.  4) Elucidate whether genetically qualified foundations are secured for anthropological decline.  Support your retort.   5) List the ideas of regulations that exist for genetically qualified foundations. Prop your retort.    6) Conclude behind a while your idea on whether genetically qualified foundation should abide to be manufactured and consumed, domiciled on instruction backed by certain sources.

For acceleration, you agency exploration the Foundation and Drug Administration website.

b) Stem cells. Your coadjutor suffered a spinal route deterioration behind a devastating car surroundings. The medical team has determined that your coadjutor is a amiable applicant for a clinical gauge using root cell therapy.  Your coadjutor has not taken a biology route late violent teach, so he asks you encircling root cells.  In adjust to acceleration your coadjutor execute an cognizant resolution encircling whether to penetrate the gauge for root cell therapy, you provide a PowerPoint introduction in which you:  1) Describe the biology of root cells.   2) Describe how root cells are choice from other cells.  3) Opposition the unanalogous ideas of root cells.    4) List the pros and cons for each idea of root cell.   5) Elucidate how roots cells can be used to bargain spinal route injuries, including instruction from at smallest one reexploration examine or clinical gauge.   6) Conclude behind a while your idea on whether your coadjutor should enlist in the clinical gauge domiciled on instruction backed by certain sources.

The aftercited website from NIH respecting root cell reexploration procure be very accelerationful:

c)  Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) and tar sands (oil sands). Behind a while society's assurance on nonrenewable fossil fuels, the oil and gas activity is turning exalt to the use of hydraulic fracturing and tar sands to cite true gas and oil. Because you are such a highprincipled biology learner, a coadjutor asks you, "What's all this quarrel in the notification encircling fracking and tar sands?" Showcasing your enlightenment on the subject-matter, you provide a PowerPoint introduction in which you:  1) Explain the way of hydraulic fracturing.   2) Elucidate the way of tar sands citeions.    3) Describe the environmental issues* that may remainder from hydraulic fracturing.   4) Describe the environmental issues* that may remainder from tar (oil) sands.        *Environmental issues that should be addressed confound insinuate, air and stain stain, behind a while a ateional centre on global sphere change; effects on anthropological health; effects on other cast and true ecosystems.   5)  Elucidate why the environmental issues are controversial.    6) Conclude behind a while your ideas on practicable solutions to these environmental issues, behind a while your solutions backed you instruction from certain sources.

The aftercited websites from EPA may be accelerationful:

d) Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) has been the most modern breakthrough clue in bioengineering that enables scientists to edit DNA. Because you possess premeditated biology in this route, you possess volunteered at your niece’s Middle Teach Science Club to adviser a learner contest encircling CRISPR. The learners procure be watching the aftercited video antecedently the discussion: .  In adjust to exalt develop them on the CRISPR way, you provide a PowerPoint introduction in which you:  1) Elucidate what “CRISPR” is.   2) Elucidate the role that Cas9 plays in the CRISPR way.   3) Elucidate how the CRISPR-Cas9 syroot snips and replaces any DNA consequence.   4) Elucidate how the CRISPR-Cas9 syroot differs from other gene editing tools.  5) List the virtual benefits and sketchbacks of gene editing. Include biased examples.  6) Conclude behind a while your idea on whether the intrinsic risks of modifying fleshly DNA is worth the honor, behind a while your reasoning backed by instruction from certain sources.

e) Vaccines. Your coadjutor is worried encircling the divers vaccines that his newborn son is scheduled to admit and asks you for counsel late you are preliminary a biology route. In adjust to acceleration him execute an cognizant resolution encircling whether to concede his son to be vaccinated, you provide a PowerPoint introduction in which you:  1) Elucidate how vaccines exertion.  2) Briefly opposition the oral adjusts used to compose vaccines behind a while exalt modernly used biotechnology techniques.  3) List some of the diseases that babies and upshot in the USA are routinely vaccinated opposite.   4) Share how vaccinations possess impacted the quantity of these diseases balance the late 100 years.   5) List reasons why fellow-creatures are worried encircling concedeing their upshot to be vaccinated, including any or-laws deposition to prop these concerns.  6) Conclude behind a while counsel to your coadjutor respecting vaccinating his son, domiciled on what you erudite from certain instruction sources. 

2.  Find at smallest five catechism akin to one of the subject-matters separated from above (You can experience maintenance behind a while explorationing for catechism at the UMUC Library Subject Guides at, and then compose a PowerPoint introduction according to the aftercited criteria:   

Presentation Format (20 points)  

Presentation label (1.5): Label your introduction behind a while your highest and decisive spectry and your separated subject-matter (GM Foods, Root Cells, Fracking/Tar Sands, CRISPR, or Vaccines).  For example:  Regina Miller – CRISPR; 

Title slide (2.5): introduction inscription, spectry, route, educationist, due date

Presentation instruction slides (10): precisely 10 slides, not including inscription slide and relation slide(s); 

Presentation font (3):  use 30-point font for ALL idea on slides (ate for relations which are 10-point: see adown)

Presentation creativity (3):  style, colors, and graphics procure be considered

Presentation Content (60 points) 

Presentation Introduction (Slides 1 & 2): Purpose (5):  avow the purpose of the introduction according to the subject-matter separated including the scenario supposing for your subject-matter;  Background: (5) Provide a dwarf background on the subject-matter separated

Presentation Responses (Slides 3-10) Questions &. Prop (40): corcorrespond to each of the five questions for the subject-matter separated proping each behind a while axioms from certain resource; Conclusion (10): Express personal conclusions domiciled on axioms from certain resources

Presentation Grammar (5) spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and decree structure

Presentation References (15 Points) see

References number - (10) Use at smallest 5 unanalogous relations ** DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA AS A REFERENCE **       

Slide relations (2.5): use 10-point font in foot right-hand cavity of slides                   

End relations (2.5): use APA-formatting