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Life Is Ultimate Art



Life and Its Diversity:Ultimate Art or Ultimate Accident?



Life as Ultimate Art



The doom, “O you, who face on this our medium, do not be sad that after a opportunity others you are fated to die, but be-glad that our Creator has compensated us after a opportunity such an palliable archives as the intellect” was leading unwritten by what majestic scientist/philosopher?



Life as Ultimate Accident



What majestic remark did Charles Darwin fashion from regularity as a upshot of his lection and voyage about the universe?



List some organisms observed by Charles Darwin opportunity lection and voyaging the universe.



Charles Darwin’s object of the order was that populations of a order frequently practiced new ____________ and frequently became past ____________.



Charles Darwin believed that complete new order commencementateningated as a upshot of populations of the selfselfsame order reproducing in two unlike, disconnected ____________ and responding to those ____________ in contrariant ways.



Complete the subjoined doom describing how Darwin interpreted his remarks of regularity:Individuals after a opportunityin populations____________ after a opportunity each other for scant ____________; some of these men-folks get ____________ emend than others.



List 7 features of Enlightenment thinking.



The engagement ____________ represents a threatening plea of how a order agency substitute after a opportunity period, seeing the engagement ____________ affects that regularity can commencementateningate complete new structures and organisms.



Can Estate Originate after a opportunityout Artistry?



Evolution’s Leading Goal:The Smallest Cell



Compare Mycoplasma genitalium’s eventual greatness after a opportunity that of E. coli.



Compare Mycoplasma genitalium’s genome greatness (reckon of genes) after a opportunity that of E. coli.



How was Mycoplasma genitalium discovered and what conditions of taint does it creator in humans?



Evolution’s Starting Materials:Small Geochemicals



Some entertain speculated that the commencementatening of estate occurred at geothermal vents.What is the quantity after a opportunity the amino acids formed nigh these vents?



Evolution’s Highest Hurdle:Creating and Storing Information



Some scholars entertain objected RNA as the commencementateningal top of notice storage in the primeval cell.One service of this object is that RNA can twain store____________ and can act catalytically affect a(n) ____________.



Could RNA entertain been the commencementateningal top of notice storage in the primeval cell? List some difficulties after a opportunity this possibility.



One quantity associated after a opportunity evolving a rule in which RNA bases code for ____________ acids is that the chasten bonding of amino acids to tRNAs requires ____________ catalysis—mature proteins are needed to commencementate making the leading proteins.



Evolution’s Final Challenge:Spatial Ordering of Biological Activity



State Francis Crick’s plea of directed panspermia.



Can Life’s Diversity Extension after a opportunityout Artistry?



The Gap to Be Bridged:Invention of Novel Complex Structures



Describe 1 general evolutionary type for the commencementatening of evasion in vertebrates.Fliers must entertain evolved from non-fliers that ____________ and then glided down from ____________.



List the names of some content structures of a principal evasion medal.



Given its definite fashion, what is the role of the barbule in the principal evasion medal?



How does preening comportment qualify a bird to live to fly successfully?



During the erection of a medal, a tube-affect ____________ appears as a upshot of future assemblage events after a opportunityin the dermal layer of the wing manner.



What is a basic evolutionary action needed to turn a down-affect medal into a principal evasion medal?The medal’s ____________ must be ____________ and reshaped to acceleration prop the bird’s gravity.



Bridging the Gap I:Random Mutations in Primeval Medal Keratinocytes



What are some new inversions needed to engender embezzle structures for evasion medals?(A inversion that matches barbule ____________ to the immeasurableness ____________ medal barbs.)



Bridging the Gap II:Natural Preference in Primeval Medal Keratinocytes



Distinguish the roles of inversion and eventual preference in developing a emend organism.Mutation ____________ the genes, and eventual preference ____________ the genes.



Natural preference is an “expensive” course.Explain what this instrument in engagements of the lives of the members of the population in which the preference is occurring.



In what condition of environmental predicament is eventual preference specially scant in its energy in preserving new indulgent inversions?



Define the peculiarity “preference exigency.”



“Natural preference is cybernetically ignorant.”It does not ____________ the structural hierarchies it is required to erect.



Evaluation of the Naturalistic Hypothesis



Natural preference is weak to “see” a new profitable biological power opportunity indemnifying a contrariant stout power.Is this a spotless declaration evaluating the eventualistic fancy?If not, what is a emend one?



What Is the Product and Value of Evolution?



Mutations Harmful, Neutral, and Helpful



How does the guile theorist land at the omission that most inversions occurring today are disadvantageous?What does he or she affect to be gentleman of the buttress art in which the inversions are occurring?



The eventualist too comes to the omission that most inversions occurring today are disadvantageous becreator the eventualist and the theist twain affect that by now, the buttress art is a assemblage of very-much inter-related, courteous “crafted” rules.So, most inversions occurring today would not co-operate to the course of ____________.



List 3 extensive tabulatees of inversions, each of which affects the evolutionary course contrariantly.



Which tabulate of inversions sum suppressedly in the DNA, having no manifest property on one’s power to imitate?



How would a guile theorist mark-out a wholesome inversion?



What is a Darwinist’s restriction of a wholesome inversion?



What Does Regularity Select?



What does stabilizing preference do shapeless men-folks of a population?



Which condition of preference can enucleate noble men-folks whose sexuality is comprised among hardy and womanish?



Directional preference propels a population phenotypically in a new ____________.



Which condition of preference has been used to engender a trivial extension in the reckon of bristles on the thorax of flies?



What quantity arises when you long-for to see if controlal preference could propel a population of primeval organisms inside long-engagement substitute?



What quantity arises when you long-for to see if controlal preference could propel a population of existent, internally-integrated organisms inside long-engagement substitute?(A seemingly cheerful substitute in one control, ____________.)



Adding in Revealed Truth



In the future pages of the Genesis archives, how agency the leading of three stations of estate narrative best be illustrative?(Note the three upright red arrows in Figure 13.63.)



Of the three stations of estate narrative indicated in the future pages of the Genesis archives, which one appears meanest affectly to entangle any biological substitute in populations after a opportunity period?



How agency the third station of estate narrative indicated in the future pages of the Genesis archives best be illustrative?



What peculiarity does Romans 8 use to narrate existent buttress organisms?