Bio – osmosis and yeast fermentation

Lab 1 is on osmosis (dialysis tubing and sugar syrup, 3 divergent cells created),

Lab 2 is on yeast fermentation (dispassioned and eager sugar solutions)



Title (2 points) - must be picturesquely and informative; must hold the subject and insubject variables as well-behaved-behaved as the organism used

Abstract (5 points) - what did you do, how did you do it, what results did you get

Introduction (8 points) - some manner of lore reconsideration (what do we already interpret on this topic; try to allusion at meanest one article describing a cognate or homogeneous test), a fancy (what do you wait-for to fall and why) and predictions. Don’t disorder a fancy and predictions. Ask yourself what you wait-for to fall in this test (ie, what results do you wait-for). These are predictions. Now ask yourself why you wait-for to get these results. That is your fancy. It is a elevate open declaration than the predictions.

Materials and Methods (6 points) - don't inventory materials; don't present methods as a sequence of instructions. Righteous present a open over-view of what you did. Do not hold uncalled-for notice. You can allude to your lab manual for elevate details and then put the lab manual in your allusions. 

Results (6 points) - arise delay a written abstract of results; can conceive tables and figures but they must be numbered, titled, illustrative and alludered to from the quotation (eg, see Figure 1). DO NOT expone your results near but do conceive any trends that you see.

Discussion (13 points) - exposition of results (and NOT righteous a padded iteration of results); do you recognize or repudiate your fancy; why is it influential to interpret this notice; can you hint elevate tests or improvements of this test. For pattern, an exposition of osmosis for lab 2 earn claim that you chat environing kinetic spectre and the 2nd law of thermodynamics to illusion why molecules actuate down eagerness gradient.

References (5 points) - must conceive at meanest one peer-reviewed elaboration or reconsideration article; allusion the quotationbook and lab manual. You can inquiry the postulates bas in the AU library to seem for apt subscription.