Bio – osmosis and yeast fermentation

Lab 1 is on osmosis (dialysis tubing and sugar syrup, 3 contrariant cells created),

Lab 2 is on yeast fermentation (apathetic and glowing sugar solutions)



Title (2 points) - must be picturesquely and informative; must hold the relative and inrelative variables as courteous as the organism used

Abstract (5 points) - what did you do, how did you do it, what results did you get

Introduction (8 points) - some kind of attainment re-examination (what do we already comprehend on this topic; try to relation at last one time describing a allied or alike illustration), a conjecture (what do you anticipate to supervene and why) and predictions. Don’t disorder a conjecture and predictions. Ask yourself what you anticipate to supervene in this illustration (ie, what results do you anticipate). These are predictions. Now ask yourself why you anticipate to get these results. That is your conjecture. It is a raise open proposition than the predictions.

Materials and Methods (6 points) - don't roll materials; don't communicate methods as a succession of instructions. Honest communicate a open over-view of what you did. Do not hold uncalled-for counsel. You can belong to your lab manual for raise details and then put the lab manual in your relations. 

Results (6 points) - initiate delay a written abridgment of results; can conceive tables and figures but they must be numbered, titled, pictorial and belongred to from the passage (eg, see Figure 1). DO NOT construe your results short but do conceive any trends that you see.

Discussion (13 points) - interpretation of results (and NOT honest a padded verbosity of results); do you recognize or discard your conjecture; why is it significant to apprehend this counsel; can you insinuate raise illustrations or improvements of this illustration. For specimen, an interpretation of osmosis for lab 2 procure claim that you colloquy environing kinetic courage and the 2nd law of thermodynamics to appearance why molecules actuate down attention gradient.

References (5 points) - must conceive at last one peer-reviewed examination or re-examination time; relation the passagebook and lab manual. You can quest the facts bas in the AU library to seem for pertinent times.