Bio genetics lab 2 questions help



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Tube Exemplification Lane

1 1 kb DNA ladder 1

2 Mother's DNA 2

3 Child's DNA 3

4 A.F. #1 DNA 4

5 A.F. #2 DNA 5




Record the interval each ladder bond moved from the well-mannered-mannered in mm concurrently delay the extent of the DNA dross in that bond in bp units, fixed on the bp fond in tread 19 , in your Lab Notes.


Lane 1:


1,000 bp 34 mm

900 bp 36 mm

800 bp 38 mm

700 bp 40 mm

600 bp 43 mm

500 bp 47 mm

400 bp 51 mm

300 bp 56 mm

250 bp 60 mm

200 bp 64 mm

150 bp 69 mm

100 bp 77 mm

50 bp 90 mm



Lane 2:


37 mm 850bp

59 mm 265bp



Lane 3:


37 mm 850bp

44 mm 575bp


Lane 4:


41 mm 670bp

43 mm 600bp


Lane 5:


44 mm 575bp


55 mm 320bp


Experiment: Agarose Gel Electrophoresis of DNA Fragments

Lab Results

  1. List the intervals pilgrimageed in mm for the bonds in the DNA ladder in the board under.
    Remember, fineer dross pilgrimage farther than longer ones, so the top-most bond achieve be the 1,000 bp extentd DNA dross when-in-fact the bottom-most bond achieve be the 50 bp extentd DNA dross.


    DNA Ladder
    BandDistance (mm)
    50 bp 90 mm
    100 bp 77 mm
    150 bp 69 mm
    200 bp 64 mm
    250 bp 60 mm
    300 bp 56 mm
    400 bp 51 mm
    500 bp 47 mm
    600 bp43 mm 
    700 bp40 mm 
    800 bp38 mm 
    900 bp36 mm 
    1,000 bp34 mm 


  2. Whose exemplification had the approximately 570 bp and 320 bp extentd DNA dross?
  3. What were the extents of the DNA dross for alleged senior #1?

Data Analysis

  1. Which extent DNA bit did the cadet enjoy from her woman?
  2. Which alleged senior, if any, can be definitively determined out as the cadet's biological senior?


  1. How are new molecules of DNA synthesized in help cells?
  2. What is the exercise of DNA?


    DNA has genetic counsel that guides our cells. So, DNA is relish a blueprint that shows how to erect components of cells relish proteins and ribonucleic sarcastic (RNA). This counsel is carried down to newer generations through enjoyance.

  3. If each specific has such a fine totality of DNA in their cells, how do the bonds on the gel comprehend abundance DNA to be evident?
      In ordain to mould DNA evident. The Gel has to be soaked in a dye (ethidium bromide) to unite delay the DNA and rinsed off behind. Ethidium bromide helps to mould DNA evident by fervent brightly in UV rays.
  4. Humans barely enjoy a few eye colors and barely indelicate ABO-fixed order ideas. How can DNA tests definitively demonstrate specifics when abundant populace enjoy brown eyes or idea A order?
  5. Suppose a mitigated hair was rest in a victim’s home. A gel is set up delay the DNA dross of two reputed criminals in lanes 4 and 5, the DNA dross of the mitigated hair in lane 3, and the victim’s DNA dross, as a denying guide, are in lane 2. A DNA ladder is in lane 1. The resulting gel is under. Which conjecture, if any, committed the misdeed? Explain your retort.

     Lane 4,5 (two reputed criniminals)