Bio 220 week 2 assignment: ecosystems and trophic levels

In this assignment, you procure be creating a trophic pyramid, besides public as an "ecological pyramid," for a inequitable ecosystem. Your accomplishedd trophic pyramid procure be used to substantiate the trophic levels among the stay web, as courteous as their proceeds on the ecosystem. To accomplished this assignment go to to rescue the trophic pyramid worksheet. When completing the worksheet supervene the guidelines below:


  1. Select an ecosystem from an area of curiosity-behalf to you. When choosing an ecosystem, be inequitable. For acceleration differentiating between biomes and ecosystems, revisal "Biomes and Ecosystems."
  2. Utilize trustworthy sources to detachedd and elimination your detachedd ecosystem, including the passagebook and the Internet (specifically, you may discover the World Biomes page located at helpful).
  3. When eliminationing your detachedded ecosystem, present appropriate heed to the stock and animals nature that reside-in that ecosystem. This advice procure be used to artifice the ecological pyramid.
  4. Refer to the "Trophic Pyramid." You procure accomplished this template by entering the names of the nature that belong to the sundry trophic levels (Apex predator, tertiary assimilaters, unimportant assimilaters, earliest assimilaters, and earliest producers).
  5. Refer to the passage for elevate advice and an exposition of trophic levels.


Using your accomplishedd trophic pyramid, vindication the superveneing questions in a detached Word muniment of at last 250-500 words:


  1. Of the earliest producers you detachedded, which one do you meditate has the biggest contact on the ecosystem you eliminationed? Explain.
  2. What nature did you detachedd for the top predator? Explain the signification the top predator's contact on the other nature in your tropic pyramid.
  3. How did the quantity of air gained parallel to the quantity of air past as warmth at the 2nd–4th trophic levels?
  4. Referring to your accomplishedd trophic pyramid template, detachedd one nature. If this nature was removed from your trophic pyramid, what would be the contact on the other nature of the ecosystem?
  5. Can efforts to husband a nature from cessation be prosperous if the centre of security is barely on that nature? Explain your vindication
  6. Considering the quantity of air required in submissive animal-based stays and commodities, should humans exexchange their morality so they assimilate products closer to the foot of the trophic pyramid? Provide rationale for your response.


This assignment requires a minimum of two peer revisaled assignences to be included.


Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines endow in the GCU Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.


This assignment uses a grading rubric. Instructors procure be using the rubric to track the assignment; accordingly, students should revisal the rubric foregoing to preface the assignment to behove accustomed after a while the assignment criteria and expectations for prosperous collection of the assignment.



You are not required to comply this assignment to Turnitin, unless otherwise directed by your pedagogue. If so directed, assign to the Student Success Center for directions. Barely Word muniments can be complyted to Turnitin.