Anthropology Reporting Fossilized Hominid Skeleton Paper


For this assignment, fabricate you are an evolutionary biologist/paleoanthropologist who has fitting uncovered a relatively full fossilized hominid skeleton.You keep attached that this is a new symbol and contrivance to promulge your results in the peer-reviewed chronicle New Discoveries. You are to-boot cognizant that new hominin symbol invite lots of open curiosity-behalf, so you scarcity to just a visual depiction highlighting the noteworthy features of your hominin.

Written Paper

This should be at meanest an 800-word covet style and exposition of what was uncovered. The paper must protect the subjoined (you must grasp celebrity for each of these points – you obtain be downgraded if you say that dot was endow):

  • The environment where the fossil hominid was endow; what made you adopt that colony to exploration?
  • The dating techniques utilized to designate the age of the fossil hominid and why (the way you adopt should be mismiswithhold for the treatment where the dregs were discovered, and the age should be mismiswithhold for the way separated)
  • The morphology (corporeal features) of the fossil hominid and what you were telling to expone about the bearing of the symbol installed on this (i.e. movement, eating morality, disposition patterns, etc.)
  • Any other associated faunal (animal) dregs, and what this tells you about the ecological niche (if there are no associated faunal dregs, you should expound why there are not any) 
  • Any associated artifacts, tools (how were they used and what brought you to this omission)
  • Other symbol you feel this symbol is akin to and why
  • The stamp and symbol call you keep attached this symbol and why
  • A visual depiction of your mode (either the solid fossil or noteworthy features)