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 Research Nursing essay Assignment

 Click on the over conjoin to download and disclosed this assignment on your computer.  This is your last external letter assignment for Anthr 1.  This 4 - 6 page Nursing essay accomplish procure some space and provision to gain a amiable progression.  Start early!

Save your effort as a Word doc or docx or as .odt, .rtf or .pdf .  Some mob quiescent do not gain that I cannot disclosed any improves sent as .pages or ZIP or Google docs or shared through Google Drive.  It would be calamitous if you failed this assignment merely consequently you did not ensue instructions.  Don't let that happen!

Click on the improve underneath to way the Annotated Bibliography Assignment.  Upload your completed Annotated Bibliography assignment to the decline box conjoin underneath. 

Your effort must be saved as a Word doc or docx, or in .odt or .pdf or .rtf format. 

As some of you build out the callous way, Canvas does not disclosed improves succumbted in "Pages" or ZIP format or Google docs/Google Drive.  I cannot disclosed your improve if you use one of these formats.  I cannot progression your Nursing essay if I cannot disclosed it.  If you lack to take a progression for your effort, you accept to succumb it in a format that the Canvas classification can way!

Upload and succumb your completed Annotated Bibliography Assignment essay in an acceptable improve format by clicking on the sky sky sky blue "succumb assignment" box at the top lawful of this assignment page.  

This assignment is due by 11:00 p.m. on 4/11/2018.