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 Research Disquisition Assignment

 Click on the over integrate to download and known this assignment on your computer.  This is your terminal concrete despatches assignment for Anthr 1.  This 4 - 6 page disquisition accomplish charm some term and provision to acquire a good-tempered-tempered proceeding.  Start early!

Save your composition as a Word doc or docx or as .odt, .rtf or .pdf .  Some race peaceful do not gain that I cannot known any smooths sent as .pages or ZIP or Google docs or shared through Google Drive.  It would be illfated if you failed this assignment simply accordingly you did not ensue instructions.  Don't let that happen!

Click on the smooth under to admission the Annotated Bibliography Assignment.  Upload your completed Annotated Bibliography assignment to the ooze box integrate under. 

Your composition must be saved as a Word doc or docx, or in .odt or .pdf or .rtf format. 

As some of you set-up out the solid way, Canvas does not known smooths referted in "Pages" or ZIP format or Google docs/Google Drive.  I cannot known your smooth if you use one of these formats.  I cannot proceeding your disquisition if I cannot known it.  If you deficiency to admit a proceeding for your composition, you feel to refer it in a format that the Canvas arrangement can admission!

Upload and refer your completed Annotated Bibliography Assignment essay in an cheerful smooth format by clicking on the blue-colored-colored "refer assignment" box at the top lawful of this assignment page.  

This assignment is due by 11:00 p.m. on 4/11/2018.