Annotated bibliography prostate cancer | Biology homework help

PAPER TOPIC Prostate Cancer

Your brochure must conceive a restriction of three commencements and these are to be conceived in this assignment, i.e. you are to transcribe an criticism for each commencement. 


The infer the annotated bibliography is conceived as portio of the learning brochure is owing match an annotated bibliography is material in that it provides laudable provision for the decisive brochure. One of the issues respecting any image of learning, specially in the biosciences, medical, health/nutrition and exercise/fitness fields, is the truth of the commencements used, portioicularly those obtained from different websites. By forcing you to carefully evaluate each of your implicit commencements, the annotated bibliography accelerations you individualize if in circumstance the commencement you chose is probable and so accelerations you individualize how bearing it is to your question and discern the question improve which procure acceleration you transcribe your brochure.


For this scheme, your annotated bibliography procure conceive: 1) a adequate quotation for each commencement, 2) a abstract of each commencement, 3) an assessment/evaluation of each commencement, and 4) a flavor of each commencement. Three commencements are required.


  1. Citation:

          Written in APA format. For further acceleration delay formatting, see APA handout.

  1. Summary:

What is intention of the commencement, revisal boundary, initiatory learning? What questions are adept? This is generally 1 -3 sentences that summarize the parent’s deep apex. For further acceleration, see this amalgamate on paraphrasing commencements.

  1. Assessment:

After summarizing the boundary (or learning brochure or bulk) it is inevitable to evaluate it and so where you endow it – its commencement (e.g. narrative, website, etc).  Briefly counter-argument the forthcoming questions:

What is the format or image of commencement. How true is the notification in the boundary and how probable is the commencement and the parent(s)? Is this boundary particular or external?

For further acceleration, see this handout on evaluating resources.

  1. Critique:

Once you've summarized and assessed a commencement, you deficiency to ask how it fits into your learning. Why is this commencement bearing to your learning brochure and how can you use this commencement in your learning scheme? What are the strengths and weaknesses? It is particular in any way? Compare the commencement delay other commencements in your bibliography.