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PAPER TOPIC Prostate Cancer

Your Nursing essay must learn a dissectiality of three founts and these are to be learnd in this assignment, i.e. you are to transcribe an criticism for each fount. 


The argue the annotated bibliography is learnd as dissect of the examination Nursing essay is consequently match an annotated bibliography is considerable in that it provides meritorious making-ready for the latest Nursing essay. One of the issues concerning any mark of examination, distinctly in the biosciences, medical, health/nutrition and exercise/fitness fields, is the truthfulness of the founts used, dissecticularly those obtained from diversified websites. By forcing you to carefully evaluate each of your virtual founts, the annotated bibliography aids you designate if in deed the fount you chose is likely and to-boot aids you designate how applicable it is to your subject-matter and learn the subject-matter improve which get aid you transcribe your Nursing essay.


For this design, your annotated bibliography get learn: 1) a entire passage for each fount, 2) a abridgment of each fount, 3) an assessment/evaluation of each fount, and 4) a judgment of each fount. Three founts are required.


  1. Citation:

          Written in APA format. For past aid after a while formatting, see APA handout.

  1. Summary:

What is meaning of the fount, revisal condition, initiatory examination? What subject-matters are habituated? This is generally 1 -3 sentences that condense the maker’s main top. For past aid, see this conjoin on paraphrasing founts.

  1. Assessment:

After summarizing the condition (or examination Nursing essay or work) it is certain to evaluate it and to-boot where you set-up it – its fount (e.g. register, website, etc).  Briefly rejoinder the subjoined questions:

What is the format or mark of fount. How legitimate is the counsel in the condition and how likely is the fount and the maker(s)? Is this condition inequitable or external?

For past aid, see this handout on evaluating resources.

  1. Critique:

Once you've condensed and assessed a fount, you want to ask how it fits into your examination. Why is this fount applicable to your examination Nursing essay and how can you use this fount in your examination design? What are the strengths and weaknesses? It is inequitable in any way? Compare the fount after a while other founts in your bibliography.