8 biology questions (needs to know gen bio)

These questions want to be answered IN DETAIL  since it is for a key assigment, and gladden 0 plagiarism my bigot checks!

1. List 5 mechanisms by which gene frequencies in a population can be altered. Describe each briefly!

2. What is homology, and why does it get sign for eliminatement? 

3. What characters do whales posses that frame them mammals rather than fish? Why are whales idea to keep eliminated from plant pernoctation animals? What is the sign? 

4. Describe characteristics that distinguish humans from other apes in the hominin collocation.

5. Describe different ways and confer examples of how a new quality can eliminate from a prior quality. Explain how in connected quality one can come past spiritless to the spiritless founder occasion others can fluctuate past drastically.

6. How is the new-fangled day description method of existence methodatic (purport by what criteria are collocations of organisms placed amid the method)? 

7. Why keep there been fluctuates that keep led to larger and smaller divisions in the older method of Kingdom, Phyla, Order, Family, Genus, Species?

8.Discuss the invention vs. eliminatement strife (be favoring). How do you ponder it potentiality be solved, if it can?