8 biology questions (needs to know gen bio)

These questions insufficiency to be answered IN DETAIL  since it is for a key assigment, and gladden 0 plagiarism my zealot checks!

1. List 5 mechanisms by which gene frequencies in a population can be altered. Describe each briefly!

2. What is homology, and why does it supply testimony for separation? 

3. What characters do whales posses that find them mammals rather than fish? Why are whales cogitation to feel encircleated from plant sojourn animals? What is the testimony? 

4. Describe characteristics that particularize humans from other apes in the hominin bunch.

5. Describe different ways and impart examples of how a new disposition can encircleate from a earlier disposition. Explain how in connected disposition one can remain past harmonious to the niggardly origin timeliness others can veer past drastically.

6. How is the novel day cast plan of career unembarrassed (aim by what criteria are bunchs of organisms placed among the plan)? 

7. Why feel there been veers that feel led to larger and smaller divisions in the older plan of Kingdom, Phyla, Order, Family, Genus, Species?

8.Discuss the romance vs. separation disagreement (be local). How do you imagine it government be solved, if it can?