Maritime Domain Awareness

SYNOPSIS FOR PAPER 3 ON MARITIME DOMAIN AWARENESS AS A VEHICLE FOR EFFECTIVE NIGERIAN NAVY OPERATIONS GUEST LECTURER:Rear Admiral FD Akpan (Rtd) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. This article examideficiency the concept of Neptunan Inclosure Awareness (MDA) in the strategic extent involving the secureprotector and protection of the neptunan environment. It exalt stressed that protection and secureprotector of the neptunan environment are discriminating for social secureprotector and economic politebeing of any realm. While it exaltedlighted the landscapes of Nigeria’s littoral, the article was ready to specify that there was insufficiency to exhibit efficacious patrols, reform neptunan secureprotector and arrange a efficient environment shapeless the neptunan inclosure for improved marketable activities and fan the outaugmentation of Nigeria. 2. The landscape of Nigeria’s neptunan inclosure is gigantic due to the closeness of prodigious inanimate deposit; besides, the article exaltedlighted some browbeatings to Nigeria’s inclusive utilisation of the inclosure. These browbeatings embrace realm separateicularize browbeating, terrorism, trans-social criminals, pirates, environment stain and unfair migration. Of curiosity-behalf to the exhibiter was the dropping of income, business occasion and environmental suspension as a consequence of these browbeatings to Nigeria’s neptunan inclosure. The article stressed the insufficiency for the NN to absorb the articles of neptunan awareness by acquiring discriminating rejoinder fabric for efficacious neptunan exercise. Some strategies designed by the article to harangue these browbeatings embrace the securety of the insubservience of the seas/waterways through efficacious closeness, facilitating and defending barter and facilitating the change-of-attribute of expedient movables and mob, alacrity screening out dangerous mob and movables. 3. The article specifyd the ISPS apsharp-end and Protection of Lives at Sea (SOLAS) as some inhumesocial instruments for enhancing MDA. However, there was insufficiency to amalgamate notification and publication betwixt legislation agencies and individual ector accordingly sharing of sordid facts bases has been attested as one of the key to the outaugmentation of an efficacious MDA. In outoutcourse delay this outgrowth, the article stressed the insufficiency for Nigeria to tool the preparations of these instruments as designed in the apsharp-end as offer as feasible to engage inhumesocial standards and exercise. 4. Building talents for MDA as posited in the article could be improved through a arraigns and an enabling act, accordingly the arraigns would court to arrange the social edifices, roles and the diverse lead outlines towards the actualisation of the instruments of the conventions on MDA. Though the neptunan secureprotector Charges is antecedently the social galaxy, the article hinted the separatenering of the NN delay other key jeopardholders in making inputs. However, due to the inhibitive absorb of MDA programmes which would principle strains in intentning regimes, there is insufficiency to localize the preparation for firm to intentt valuable capacities for MDA shapeless the Intersocial Neptunan Organisation (IMO) and other polite slow countries. As separate of measures to intentt talents towards efficacious neptunan exercise through MDA, the NN would insufficiency to get some infraedifice to dispose the monitoring of vessels that invade Nigeria’s neptunan inclosure. These infrastructures embrace Port Vessel Traffic Conduct Notification Classification (VTMIS), coastal VTMIS, Automated Identification Classification (AIS), Crave Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) and Radio, Radar and Telecommunication classification. 5. The strategic path adopted in the article for MDA envelops harmonious domiciliary and separatener-initiated programmes, as polite as indicative districtal collaboration abandoned the trans-social disposition of most browbeatings and vulnerabilities. Hence the tender in the article is a prudence incorporating districtal and global realities. However, to complete the expend MDA, intelligence the implications of browbeatings would succor jeopardholders and legislation to ameliorate acknowledge their appertaining roles. 6. The article was besides of the judgment that alacrity the NN shapeless its ground could arrange the wherewithal to ground her personnel on the articles of the appoint, the legislation must flattery the attempts of the NN delay the merit of the exact dimension and stamp of ships and platforms. Also, it was opined in the article that in the ininclusive apsharp-end spelloutcourse for the NN to arrange the inclusive rejoinder as claimd in the MDA prudence, the Forward Operational Bases would entertain to be plain expendly to engage the demands of MDA. The outaugmentation would envelop fabrication of jetties; logistics assistance facilities and other infrastructures to assistance helicopters exercise. Alacrity the crave apsharp-end impulse in the article was the phased reindeclare of NN warships. The article was of the judgment that the droppinges to the legislation could be reduced if the funds for the reindeclare and merit of NN ships were arranged. However, the article stressed that the personnel are the exaltedest possessions towards the realisation of efficacious MDA. Consequently, there was insufficiency for the NN to expend the exact skills towards the conduct of the equipment claimd to actualise the regime. VERBATIM REPORT OF INTERACTIVE SESSION 7. The argument convocation was conducted by the forthcoming expedients persons: a. V/Adm J Ayinla (Rtd)-Moderator b. R/Adm OS Ibrahim-Discussant c. R/Adm J Kpokpogri-Discussant d. AVM Atawodei-Discussant e. Cdre IE Ibas-Discussant MODERATOR’ OPENING REMARKS 8. The manager commended the exhibiter for doing impartiality to the subject. He stressed that neptunan inclosure has been abandoned divers limitations, but most of the limitations had missed out one separate of the limitation. According to him the sphere round and 70 per cent of it is adept by infiltrate. He exalt stressed that the subordinateinfiltrate feature of neptunan inclosure has regularly been ignored. He then posited that examineants should pay inclusive deem to the subordinateinfiltrate feature of the neptunan inclosure. He separateicularized that prospect 20 agoing in 1979. However, alacrity had been a drift in the NN. He posited that NN had continued from where it was in 1979, the NN could entertain past far. CDRE IE IBAS 9. The redundant examineant was Cdre IE Ibas. He thanked the CNS for giving him the occasion to explain on the exhibitation. He unquestioned that the exhibitation was inclusive, apt and the limitations of the variables of Neptunan Inclosure Awareness (MDA) adapted the subject of the parley. He separateicularized that the exhibiter subordinatestood the aspect of MDA as the offer identification of browbeatings at sea. According to him, the United States was the frontoutcourse proponent of the concept of MDA at all levels delay the prospect of multi layer inclosure delineate involving identifying delineate and observing unconcealed precedent of vessel change-of-attribute in the MDA. 0. The examineant stressed the insufficiency for Nigeria to hunt an distasteful neptunan inclosure cultivation. He exalt exaltedlighted that Nigeria insufficiencys MDA in apsharp-end to complete 20:2020. The examineant emphasized that the SWOT anatomy of the exhibitation gave an endanger of the neptunan environment. It was exaltedlighted that MDA must go past platform sensors, therefore automated balancethrow classification could be the plea for MDA as they could be populated for activities at sea. According to the examineant, the browbeatings of terrorism are not as efficacious as militancy in Nigeria. Therefore, according to the exhibitation, all attempts could be geared towards harangueing the efficacious browbeating of militancy. The militant assault on Atlas Recess was used for conformance. 11. The exhibitation besides attested man as one of the key component in achieving MDA. However, the exhibit posture of personnel to win MDA was stressed. The examineant specifyd the conditions that were social in the 1980’s when the NN had been envelopd in arresting smugglers and pirates. The examineant stressed that the NN may not complete the claimd rchitecture for MDA delay the exhibit behavioural posture of the personnel. However, the examineant stressed that it was delicious to silence that the NN through the RMAC in the NN Base, Apapa through the installation of the Automatic Identification Classification (AIS) was making settled advance in MDA. He opined that the RMAC could be naturalized on NN helicopters. He was of the judgment that greater inhumeaction was claimd betwixt separateners and jeopardholders. However, the canvass of inhume performance and use competition would insufficiency to be balancecomed in apsharp-end to complete MDA. R/ADM J KPOKPOGRI 12. The assist examineant was R/Adm Kpokpogri. He thanked the CNS for answer him docile to examine this article. He commended the exhibiter for a polite yielded article. The examineant stressed that he would observe at the article from one direction. He separateicularized that the United States and the European realms agoing MDA. It was obligatory by the insufficiency to bung drugs trafficking and other unfair activities perpetrated at sea. 13. The concern of the NN is yet to be amply unquestioned accordingly the NN lacks the compulsory platforms to vie delay the exhibit canvasss. According to him, the NN insufficiencys new platforms in apsharp-end to vie delay the canvasss. He stressed that it was frightful to silence that encircling 80 per cent of ships unreserved in Nigeria’s infiltrate are not registered. Consequently, he posited that there was insufficiency for the NN to synergise delay NIMASA and other neptunan agencies such as DPR and NNPC on comment of certificate carried by vessels in our neptunan environment in apsharp-end to improve competency. 14. According to the examineant, there was insufficiency for all envelopd in neptunan secureprotector including desert superior official to succor the NN in repositioning her for the canvasss. According to the examineant, Nigeria’s sub district is dominated by franco phone countries, therefore, he made some prayers for the NN to investigate. The prayers made embraced the vestibule of french accents to improve coexercise in the sub district, community of MDA note in ENC and WNC and the insufficiency to envelop alien jeopard holders love the US and UK in perfecting MDA in Nigeria. R/ADM OS IBRAHIM 15. The third examineant was R/Adm OS Ibrahim and he stressed that he would observe at the exhibitation established on 3 ground. The examineant exaltedlighted his assumptions as: . It is upon the NN subordinate the arrangence of God that the weal of the realm intermission. b. Patrolling Nigeria’s EEZ is the badepend secure protector for regulate. c. Even if the money and expedientss claimd are made suited today it obtain charm a min of 5 days to complete the observeable claimd separateicularize. 16. According to the examineant, MDA in outoutcourse delay prospect 20:2020 would excise destitution, cause encircling concord and outgrowth. He stressed that MDA could insure unmeasured secureprotector of the neptunan inclosure, fabricate infiltrates secure and alluring for cannonade. He was of the judgment that the exhibiter was fashioned in his recommendations, besides, he stressed that the exhibitation omitted logistics ship which was great for closeness. 17. The examineant stressed that US mentioned faculty gap in the districtal neptunan inclosure. To protect the gap, the US naturalized the RMAC in Nigeria. He exalt stressed that he was pursuing collaborative attempt to improve the utilisation of the RMAC. Consequently, the NN was able to organise a faculty awareness argument on the RMAC delay delegated-to-others from NPA and NIWA including the Director General of NIMASA. He was of the judgment that Nigeria’s neptunan agencies would insufficiency to assist ameliorate in apsharp-end to complete the objectives of MDA. AVM ATAODE 18. AVM Ataode edificed his argument into 2 separates. He observeable some comments which embraced: a. Was it the redundant spell the NN was examineing MDA? b. He corrected the mijeopard on the deadoutcourse for obedience delay ISPS apsharp-end on para 25 from 21September to 31 July 2009. c. Why has Nigeria not passed its own arraigns as was performed in Ghana. 19. He stressed that the centre for MDA would be on offer balancethrow by radars and radios. Consequently, he opined that the NN could set up a function vehemence in determining NN faculty on MDA. He separateicularized that MDA could fabricate the sea crystallength and uniformly suited. According to the examineant, PICOMMS came encircling as a instructive from IMO that all neptunan realms should put in attribute a association to superintend the toolation of the ISPS appoint. He exalt specifyd that the legislation organisations were the ones defaulting in the toolation of the ISPS appoint, besides, he stressed that 65 facilities entertain been pretended cheerful by the bearing antecedent. Most cheerful quickness was Niger lop alacrity the last was the Atlas recess in Lagos. 20. He separateicularized that the compress sum for COMMARAS was balance entire to the strain of 250 favorite euros, redundant to the re-evaluation of the compress. He emphasised that PICOMMS was not meant to be a beaming community. According to him the COMMARAS was to be naturalized at 11 standings, delay 93 personnel to man each radar standings. However, some of the locations of these radar standing sites are sequestered. PICOMMS has procured the DA 42 Opale Twin Star and King Air 350 aircraft. CONTRIBUTIONS FROM THE FLOOR 21. Cdr Oluwagbamila. MDA is not an end in itself but a instrument to an end. Do we entertain a neptunan secureprotector prudence? Efforts of the legislation in achieving MDA were borne out of visible wave. ISPS by IMO apsharp-end and AIS by US, there was insufficiency to harmonise the 2, accordingly twain are meant to complete the corresponding aspect. 22. R Adm Arogundade. MDA is a subset of the policing role of the NN. The failure of inoculation in policing role has artful the faculty of puerile officials from appreciating the modern canvasss in policing functions. 23. Capt Carew (Rtd). PICOMMS primary duties is to coordinate inhumesocial shipping and ports quickness. The failure of a superior neptunan official could act as an hindrance to the functions of the performance. 24. R Adm Adedeji. Real MDA is what is happening at the social exalted bid. Real Change has to after from the collective masters. 25. Capt Okunbor. He hinted that articles exhibited in the CONSAC be forwarded to the social intentning committee on the toolation of prospect20:2020 as the NN repositions itself for outgrowth. 26. Sen Olajumoke. He stressed a sharp-end that his province was to be exhibit for the all deliberations in apsharp-end to tow the outoutcourse of outgrowthal insufficiencys of the NN. He silenced Capt Carew’s impulse. He had expected that someone would entertain reacted on the judgment of the redundant examineant. PRESENTER 27. The exhibiter agreed delay Cdr Oluwagbamila in agoing out the appoints for neptunan prudence, he cited examples delay the US. He separateicularized that there was insufficiency for the NN to be in arraign delay offsprings twainering on neptunan secureguard. MODERATOR 28. In summarising the convocation, collective obtain was insufficiencyed from the social antecedent from where social effort derives all that insufficiencys to be performed. He wanted to distinguish the antecedent to yield neptunan secureguard. He stressed that the social weal of Nigeria is trusting on sea aptitude and NN. Also, he stressed that there was investigate preceding browbeating perception in apsharp-end to re-align it. Failure of the NN could be hinged on inability to fix deterrence. In this deem, he exaltedlighted the failure of a compound vehemence and faculty of visual deterrence. He exalt stressed the sophistication of the militants in Nigeria was imposing talents outaugmentation for inclusive MDA. 29. He specifyd that the budget for livelihood of ARADU was not sufficient to fix 15 per cent availability of the ship. According to him there was insufficiency for the NN to after up delay a intent to augmentation shapeless a spell establish say 2010, 2020 or 2030. Also, in his judgment, arguments twainering on ships could envelop inoculation investigateations and motivations. These would fix that the personnel are inclusively motivated. The offspring of 100 ships for the sub district was observeable. He opined that, if Nigeria has to be bearing, Nigeria would entertain to arrange at last 60 ships. In this deem, if Nigeria was to be shapeless the 20 most plain economies, she was to lay-open her social and sea aptitude. 30. Finally, he separateicularized that the NN does not entertain the exact platforms to opposed the exhibit browbeatings in our neptunan inclosure. He opined that the NN could realise efficacious neptunan exercises through ameliorate inhume-performance coexercise betwixt the NN and PICOMMS, and besides that the NN could depend further on vehemence multipliers for offer balancethrow and opposeding of browbeatings. POSERS FOR PAPER 3 1. How can the NN in collaboration delay other jeopard holders in the neptunan sector tool measures to complete MDA? 2. How can the NN hamper her FOBs for reformd MDA? 3. How can a establishwork for contrast up a loving association edifice that would be legitimate for coordinating MDA in Nigeria? 4. Identify the factors militating abutting efficacious MDA in Nigeria delay a judgment to proffering solutions. 5. Established on an attested edifice, does the NN insufficiency to hunt an act of legislation? 6. Is there an enabling act for efficacious MDA or are the bulky appoints good-tempered-tempered sufficient for an efficacious MDA? 7. Identify sources through which loving funding for MDA can be completed delayout legislation sources. 8. What strategies can be adopted by the NN in efficaciously combating attested browbeatings so as to stay efficacious NN exercises? 9. Identify policies for tooling MDA and hint ways of making them further efficacious. If none, hint policies. 10. What infrastructures can be put in attribute to dispose efficacious monitoring of vessels? 11. In what ways can firm delay the diverse jeopardholders be hampered towards achieving MDA? 12. In extending her wave to protect the Gulf of Guinea, what asset mix would the NN claim to be efficacious? 13. What strategies can be adopted by the NN to fix that personnel are inclusively catholic or trained on MDA? 14. In what areas should the NN key into or fabricate input towards the designed neptunan secureprotector arraigns in apsharp-end to fix that the curiosity-behalfs of the use are protectored?