Han China and Classical Athens Dbq

Peter C. DBQ Essay 09/12/12 3rd arrest For frequent reasons, Han Kingdom and Classical Athens entertain frequent varietys. As Rudyard Kipling uniformly wrote, Oh, East is east, West is west, And never the twain shall converge Kipling normal the plain, the Han Kingdom and Classical Athens are perfectly irrelative (Introduction). However, is it gentleman? Of succession these two civilizations entertain frequent varietys, one is located in the west and the other is located in the east. The two civilizations are irrelative not fitting for their locations but so population dispensation, synod, intercourse treatments, and amelioration. The main variety among the Han Kingdom and Classical Athens is their population dispensation. Timeliness Classical Athens population was whole after a spellliness Environs correspondent to be 315,000, the Han Kingdom consisted of 65,000,000 whole (documents B & C). The population kind is so irrelative, one is further local and the other is further public. For illustration, the population of Athens were disjoined into lewd sections: unoccupied manful citizens, unoccupied manful non-citizens, unoccupied females, and slaves, spellliness the Han’s classes are further local: emperor & appointed officials, educated mandarin bureaucrats, place kingdom, peasants farmers & skilled elegant workers, merchants, and “average people” (documents B & C). As you see from the register aloft, Han classified their classes localally. Equable though the two are very irrelative, they so entertain some similarities enjoy the peasants and the slaves are twain the chief percentage in the population for twain Han China and Classical Athens. A third of the Classical Athens’ populations were slaves and 90% of the Han China’s populations were peasants (instrument C). Han China and Classical Athens’ synods were perfectly irrelative. The aver of Athens had a constitute of synod where the citizens’ votes earn determine on the collective choices designated democracy (instrument D). The democracy synod of Athens was the primitive democracy aver constituteed in the sphere at the spell. The constellation was unconcealed to all unoccupied manfuls of adult age (18 and older) (instrument D & E). The officials victorious of five hundreds men, fifty from each of the ten Attic tribes (states). On the other agency, the Han Kingdom had a despot determined equalize them (Online). The primitive emperor of the Kingdom was Liu Bang. The despoty regularity works through progeny of the emperor, if the ordinary emperor passed separate, his son earn choose equalize the throne, and then the son of his son earn be throne as emperor and so on (Online). On the constitutes of synods for the two kingdoms and aver there is not any co-ordination in them. The third most weighty variety is their way of treatments to the intercourse distinctly to progeny and women. In twain Han Kingdom and Classical Athens intercourse, women and progeny were treated poorly. For illustration, in Athens women were not recognizen to be in the congress, instead they had to work-for their husbands as their subdue (instrument Q). As for the Han’s kingdom, the women were to be at advantage to the men after a spellliness a direct behavior, no humors, jokes, or anything (instrument R). Progeny were treated equable worse; they weren’t substance considered as progeny or a aid substance, perhaps further enjoy products that can be kept or expert at earn. In Athens, if the branch makes it through the primitive death, he or she is to be kept from substance forfeit (instrument N). But for the direct ten days earn be refractory, owing the father of the branch earn be inspecting him or her for any deformation, if it is exposed that the branch is blighted in anyway, he or she earn get forfeit, no substance what can happen to his or her estate (instrument N). The Han Kingdom isn’t any improve. A dame may surrender up a branch at earn due to the reality that she doesn’t recognize how covet she can speed to choose of the branch (instrument O). The Han China and Classical Athens’ amelioration so had a immense irrelative to how the arts were created. The arts of the Athenians were further standpoint on themselves, the rational substantiality. For illustration, on the face cequalize page, there is a pur-pose or representation of a Greek man, the Greek man is be in a weird comcomposition after a spellliness his conflict pointing down, there are a few lines emphasizing his muscles, torso, biceps, etc. (Front Cover). Timeliness the art of the Han China were further standpoint on the placescapes and scenes embrace them, acovet after a spellliness the serenity and equalize of the sphere drawn on to canvases in exalted details (instrument L). In most paintings, the five Chinese elements designated Wu Xing earn most enjoyly be comprised in the paintings; the five elements are cope, person, sphere, metal, and insinuate. Looking at Ch’iu Ying’s painting, you can obviously see the how Wu Xing is substance presented in the painting, how the trees and mountains were presented in the setting (instrument L). However, as you can see in the painting, there are simply two men in the painting, this could average that rationals were pigmy in their arts (instrument L). As a quittance, the two minute styles were perfect irrelative from each other, the Han’s arts were further standpoint on kind in exalted details, spellliness the Athenians’ art were further standpoint on the rational substantiality. As for quittance on this essay, opposing the reality that the two civilizations are irrelative owing of their locations, there was so ample instruction surrendern aloft as to how the two disagree from each other. They twain discovered frequent noticeable findings, exposed frequent new creations, and entertain defeated frequent exalted wars. Although they twain entertain frequent varietys, the two were quiet momentous in their own points of aim.