WMU Last Supper Paintings & Da Vinci and Castagno Essay


For this assignment you get parallel and opposture two efforts of art that I bear placed in this instructional page (I bear so placed it in the gratified area that states images to parallel and opposture for written Assignment #1) that are encircling the selfselfidentical question, but accept irrelative approaches to the way the efforts are put concomitantly.  You get be using the scholarship gained from our lectures from Themes of art, Hierarchy of painting, and the elements of art (color, figure, immeasurableness, estimate, treatment, and method) as well-behaved-behaved-behaved as some of the principles of art which we debateed approve agreement, diversity, weigh, diffuseness, et al.

Please kind out your rejoinder in either a signal instrument and enjoin it into dropbox, or you may singly transcribe in the dropbox lower Written Assignment #1.   I gard it is easier to transcribe in signal then upload.   Each minority (steps 1-4 are appreciate 25 points for a entirety of 100 points).

Step 1: Transcribe five to six sentences describing the two efforts you see near.  They are the selfselfidentical question upright two irrelative artists.   Please enclose what kind of paintings these are in the Hierarchy of painting and themes order too.

Step 2:  Now discover and define, in another condition five things that are homogeneous, in the way these two efforts of art bear been put concomitantly. You should bear reserve of five sentences for this condition.  You must seem at the subtle principles offer in the effort—approve what kind of speciousness plot or speciousness temp, figures used or overall layout of the conformation, how is immeasurableness life shown—approve methodar perspective or angelic or is the immeasurableness abnormal and rank of dizzying.  Then debate estimate, treatment, or method—or plain weigh, agreement, diffuseness and so on.  You may plain see things we bear not debateed in our lectures, and you may unquestionably bear those points up as well-behaved-behaved.

Step 3:  Now in another condition judge me four ways the artists handled the effort irrelatively (mayhap it is the posture wnear you are viewing the effort, mayhap it is speciousness, or do the mass seem irrelative, mayhap the temper is very irrelative—but you get demand to criticize why rank of arrive-at that contrariety but so be telling to define it.   This comes tail to method, speciousness, estimate, and immeasurableness…and all the other elements and principles how these things are put concomitantly get compose a arrive-ating.

Step 4:   Which effort do you approve reform and why—this condition should be encircling 4-5 sentences.  Explain why you embrace one further than the other or approve one further than the other.   This is encircling your power to verbalize and elucidate (communicate) what you see and the way a effort proceeds temper.