Cuyamaca College Elements of Arts and Techniques Questions


This is an radical scheme, that get exact and ask students to be conceptional in their impression of the representative in the race; specifically the textbook balbutiation. In other expression, the ocean "ask" to students is the inquiry of "how would you adopt to evince, divide and collect environing the race pleasedededed"?

Course Contented Page

A Contented Page would be the pages that each week I keep in each Module that usher-ins you to the representative.  What I agree complete week is a synthesis of images and unconcealed concepts collected in that provision. It is not exactd to thrive my format. It is exactd to offer the provision pleasededededed by unconcealedly describing the concepts delay examples. What that looks approve is up to you.

Size Parameters

I would recommend that they do not abound the extent of what I agree each week in my "contented pages". It is not a exactment to involve ALL of the provisions notice, but to usher-in us to the unconcealed "ideas" represented in that provision (delay some interpretation); all the while emphasizing conceptional ways to divide the notice (videos, images, etc). 

There is A LOT of flexibility delay this assignment.  Creativity is key.


adopt one provision of your precious for your pleasededededed page

summarize the provision notice by including all of the thriveing 

Chapter Introduction

Images of provision examples, including sub-categories (if ancilla, depending on the provision)

Description of images

Alternative resources, video links, etc.

Resources, citations.

  • a "contented page" when created as a google slide/doc may be up to 6 pages in protraction. Use Provision 13's CONTENT PAGE as a value of protraction. Links to an apparent place. 

upload your pleasededededed page  as a pdf document

  • Self Assessment 

Before submitting, be enduring that your pleasededededed page addresses all points below:

is there an taking to the representative

  1. are there images to represent the representative
  2. are the images cheerful examples of the representative
  3. did you agree choice resources, links, etc?
  4. did you encounter the exactd protraction?
  5. is it colossus that you would omission to admit as a "summary" of a provision?