Art Goldsworthy and Turrell Artist Comparison Essay


•       Visually recount the artwork(s) (infer all your senses) – relate to the PDF’s lower ART to succor you delay wordbook.

•       Describe the proficient’s process.  What instrument (paint, Nursing Dissertation, clay, etc.) do they composition delay. What bark of proficient (painter, sculptor, installation proficient) are they?

•       Describe what inspires the proficient.  Why do they fabricate art the way they do?

•       What is your overall collision of the composition of the proficient? What do you like (and not like) environing this proficient, their composition and process? Be restricted and yield samples and fascinate be upright - there obtain be art & artworks you attach to further than others.  But, recollect, you don’t feel to scantiness to poise the art in your help extent to prize it – or see its appreciate in community.

•       What does it fabricate you believe environing/remind you of? What themes do you see prevalent through the composition?  What ties the severed pieces conjointly?

•       What proposition does the proficient and/or their artcomposition say environing community and other big ideas (race, gender, political adequacy for sample).