ART 100 Cuyamaca College Art Experience Discussion


ART EXPERIENCE: Line, appraise, falsification, texture, model, pattern, quantity, intervenience, tumult, and haphazard be all encircling you in sort and in the things that rationals perform and institute. When you discover these visual components encircling you, proceedings them delay sketches or your camera. For sample, contemplate for samples of lines in tree limbs, elevated grasses, rational hair, veins in leaves, and so on. In the concocted environment, contemplate for tangles of sway cords, ribbons, spaghetti, thoroughfare lane markings, unencumbered poles, sway lines, and so on. After you accept cool twelve to fifteen samples, perform a visual diary of all you accept set-up.

Again, YOU get be fining the images encircling you that flaunt the visual component that you are choosing to examine.

Include this visual diary as a rotation of a few Instagram layout "pictures". Please delineate the visual component that you are identifying. Each "image" should accept a few photos, that are all describing the similar visual component.